Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/21/12 ‘Cast Your Ballot for our Assistance’

What percentage of you that are here that do wish to accept our help is a figure we of the Galactic Federation of Light are attempting to comprise at this time. What our teams are doing is collecting data from throughout your online social communities and entering this data into a database where its input will allow us to come to some kind of understanding of how many of your world wish to accept our assistance and how many wish to decline our offers. This has been done before on other worlds as well, and we are not attempting to make this sort of conclusion here for the first time. We are experienced at the collection and the examination of just such data, and we are confident we will be able to collect the data we need in a suitable timeframe and make our decision based upon this data whether or not it is time to proceed with the next stage of our overall operation which entails the coming together of our people and your people in what we hope to be a very fruitful working and social cooperation.  


We ask for your input at this time. Please make your feelings known to us one way or the other if you wish for us to join you in your world so we can begin working with you on the many projects we see as a very important to your world, to your prosperity and to your safety in some areas of concern. We do not wish to alarm you and use this as some sort of tactic to persuade you to vote in favor of accepting our assistance, this is not what we do, and we do not wish to barter for your welcome mat this way. What we would like is for your honest feelings to be made known to us with the understanding that there would never be any reprisals from us on any level if you decline to work with us. There is no punishment, sanctions, boycott or trouble that would come your way from declining our assistance. This decision is your right, and as such, we will respect it, honor it and obey by it, and that is all.  


There would never be any problems or difficulties sent your way because you have chosen to exercise your right of free will and choice. This is an important decision for you to make and we ask you to think it over carefully before you respond by commenting underneath this message throughout your online communities. We will be monitoring the publicly accessible areas of these communities and counting the ballots, if you will, but we will not collect your private information and use this in any way, shape or form against you in any way. We do not do this, and any sort of behavior such as this is far beneath what we are and what we stand for as an alliance that offers their services in love and in peace in the name of their Creator and the Creator of all and everything that is this spectacular and brilliantly shining universe that we all call our homestead. 


Please give us your feedback and let us know why it is you would be willing to work with us and why it is you would not be willing to work with us, as the reasons for your vote are just as important as the vote itself as we feel it is necessary to understand better your motivations and your reasons for feeling the way you do about us and our offers of assistance. We have collected quite a sizable amount of data already through these methods we employ and we say to you at this time that we are encouraged by the amount of you that are not only willing to accept our help, but are eager to begin a working relationship with us and have made this known to us on several occasions. We find this encouraging and uplifting, and it further motivates us to make our presence known to more of you so more of you can make a decision based on the offer that will make itself known to those who inquire of about who we are and why we are here. This is what will lead them to an understanding and to their choice to accept our assistance or not.  


First, one must learn of our existence, who we are and our purpose for being here before they can make a qualified judgment as to whether they wish to trust us and work with us. To lead those to these answers who do not yet ponder these questions, we are making ourselves known in your skies all around your world to help facilitate these questions for a an individual, and as well we continue our program to share our communications with you through our channels. Please help us in this effort by continuing to share the footage that you may discover of our ships throughout your online communities, as we feel this is perhaps the method with the greatest potential to reach the most members of your societies and inform them of our presence here in your world.  


The messages we share through our channels we feel would have a far less impact in this regard, as one would have to read these communications with an open mind and is not an open mind that we feel a large percentage of the people of your planet maintain. This is not a judgment or a condemnation; please do not see it in that way. We are simply sharing with you what the collection of much data has determined, and this determination is not based on opinion, but it is based on facts and figures that can be accumulated and calculated to within a reasonable degree of accuracy. Your mathematicians, statisticians and researchers use this same technique of collecting data from a smaller percentage of a populace to conclude with in an acceptable degree of accuracy the opinions and feelings of a larger percentage of a population, and this is precisely the technique we are using at this time. When we collect data throughout your online social networks dealing with a question we ask you or an offer given you, we collect thousands of responses, and based on this small number we can determine how a larger percentage of your population will have also voted.  


At this time, we are very pleased to share with you that our findings so far are what we consider extremely promising, and if these trends continue you can be assured that there will come a day and it will not be far off now that we will land on your soil and begin working with you on the many projects we deem as necessary for your advancement here in your world. We look as forward to this day as many of you do, we wish you to understand this. We wish you to understand that we have also tired, if you will, of the current status of our mission and we wish nothing more than to throw the gears into high and move fast and move forward and help you, our brothers and sisters, begin to make the changes that will lift this world out of its current state of confusion, complication and difficulty, into a new state beyond anything many of you have ever dreamed of. This is all very possible and this is all right at your fingertips, and we wait for your reply to our offer today.  


Are you now ready to meet us and to begin working with us on the many projects we have lined up to knock over like dominoes strategically placed according to necessity? If you are ready, please leave your comment below, and if you are not ready for this please leave your comment also, as your input is just as important and just as valid as anyone else’s, and the collection of this data is necessary for us to reach a conclusion as to whether your people are ready or not for the next stage of your evolution which will take you far beyond what many of you have ever imagined you would experience in this lifetime.  


We are your friends and family from the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look so forward to our reunion with you, our brothers and sisters of Earth. 


As channeled through Greg Giles – Spanish – Brazil – Bulgarian – Croatian – Dutch -German – Greek – Hebrew – Polish – Japanese Portugal – Romanian – Russian – Slovenian -Swedish – Traditional Chinese – Hungarian French Turkish



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93 comments on “Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/21/12 ‘Cast Your Ballot for our Assistance’

  1. Susan kelber says:

    I am definitely ready to not only meet my star brothers and sisters, but to work alongside you in helping to heal Gaia and all the living creatures we share her with. I know I am a light worker, and chose to come back to 3D to help at this time of ascension .. I cannot wait for the cabal to be removed so we can start !!!!

    Love and light-

  2. Brucedehaan says:

    I welcome the help of our Galactic brothers and sisters. We are all one.

  3. Chad E. Barnick says:

    I (and my 10 year old daughter) am very happy to know the GFL are here to work with us and assist us in this process. We look forward to the many changes and blessings our star brothers/sisters will be blessing us with. We are ready to get Gaia cleaned up!

    We (my daughter and myself) sit outside on the clear weekend nights looking at the stars and hoping to see one of the many ships fly by and show themselves to us. We are very excited for your arrival!

    Much love to you!


  4. Wayne Kotaski says:

    Yes….I would Love for you to immediately start to help us restart this planet and all willing people. This has taken way to long and keeps dragging on…….Lets start this now and please begin working with us on all projects that we need to start or prosperity, love, happiness and spiritual growth…Completely free of any negative, dark influences!

  5. shanamcguire says:

    Yes come forward now

  6. Deb says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! We want your assistance as soon as possible. We would like assistance in the relms of prosperity, earth’s clean up and the release of technologies as well as the cabal to be arrested. In all that was talked about. Thank you for all you do. We have full confidence we deserve to be released from our chains and will be in the Golden Age soon and look forward to our long awaited reunion. We look forward to working with you. We miss and love you all so dearly!!!

  7. says:

    Words fail to describe my desire to lovingly work with my Galactic Family to restore Mother Gaia to her Glory. Namaste.

  8. kim says:

    “Ballot for Assistance” um yes!!!….For reasons that are very evident on this earth ie.(Mass suffering!) Our technologies cannot help rid this planet of the toxic garbage that was deliberatly put and dumped on it, hense the sickness and dis-ease that it has cause so many unfortunate humans to suffer…not to mention a whole mountain of other deliberate actions from our governments and this so called “cabaL” I beleive enough time has passed and more than enough evidence have been given to the peoples that we are not alone..thank god!! So bring on the assistance and what ever needs to be done….you know where I live.

  9. Kenny says:

    I am ready to meet them, and start working with them.

  10. Anna Mothershed says:

    YES, I am ready… :)

  11. shifro says:

    Well you seem to have been pretty consistent over the last 4 years that I have been tracking you and I am willing to give you some leeway to prove your integrity in Light and Love as you claim but will reserve the right to back off should anything amiss occur. Basically I have had it with things as they are which is taking us down a road to annhilation unless some kind of drastic event intervenes.

  12. Robin says:

    Yes I am ready and the reason I feel ready is because my intuition tells me to trust you and I am interested in improving life on the planet for all. I understand that you can help us with this, so it makes sense for us to work together in service to ALL.

  13. Andreea says:

    Please come to our earth and help us. :)

  14. As I’ve said before in another channel, I think it was last week maybe (so it’s already tabulated I’m sure), my answer could only be Yes, b/c it’s why I”m here – to serve The Divine in anyway necessary. Yes, yes, yes :)

  15. rick says:

    If you arrived yesterday to me you’d be late.I’m quite sure what roll i am to serve in, we can speak tonite as we always do.The only one on the whole who visit these sites are light workers who you know are ready,want find many practicing southern babtist here, but i may be wrong, i hope i am. namaste

  16. Imeria says:

    I am ready to work with you because you are my beloved brothers and sisters and I need you and love you. I trust you and look forwards to meet you soon.

  17. Robin Pettit says:

    To my dearest friends, I welcome you with open arms into my life. I very much look forward to our meeting and I would be honored to work along your sides in service to the healing and assenscion of this beautiful planet. I didn’t realize it until recently, but I have been waiting all my life for these moments. I find myself standing in two worlds, one foot in the 3rd and one in the 4th-5th?? There is no turning back now and I want nothing more than to take this great leap into this other new world that dreams are made of. I am so greatful to be a part of this experience and as my heart expands each day, my longing for our reunion and the unfoldment of this Great Transformation intensifies. Thank you for all you do and please accept my invitation into my life. Love, robin

  18. I have a couple of questions
    1) What happened to the computer on the Mothership we were told monitors every thought on Earth. and

    2) Why don’t the ships show themselves a whole lot more so everyone just sees them?

    With love. :)

  19. NANCY says:



  20. Diana says:

    Yes, I am ready to meet and work with you. It just feels right!

  21. Bernice warren says:

    I welcome all members of the Galactic Federation with open arms. It is abundantly clear that our planet and our world wide civilization needs all the help it can get to raise up a new and sane world. I am grateful beyond words that you are willing to show us how and share your wonderful technologies. Zenna

  22. Sam says:

    Same answer as always, yes,yes yes!!

  23. Debbie says:

    I am ready for you to come and work with us.

  24. Sue says:

    I so hope you would join our earth family and help us with the many tasks that lie ahead in repairing the damage done to our beautiful Gaia. Not only would this bring unity to our relationship but the guidance we need for making quicker recovery for our planet. Our people have suffered so from neglect and poverty. The tools you have for feeding the masses would be a miracle come true. Your advance technical abilities would bring about the relief we have been praying for, especially in areas like Japan , where radioactivity threatens so many. I hold you i my heart. Sat Nam

  25. Gavin Hodges says:

    I look forward to meeting my brothers and sister with open arms and an open heart

  26. kim w. says:

    All I can say is – WELCOME and bring yourselves ASAP. As far as I’m concerned it has been far too long that we have been able to be together. And I want to do all I can to be of help to you, Gaia and everyone. The time is NOW! I’m so grateful you’re here. ALL my love and Light. Namaste.

  27. corey says:

    I wish to work in the greatest capacity i possibly can. I will be sorely disappointed if I can not rapidly begin interacting with the galactic community, as there is so much confusion and corruption here.

  28. Fred and Alice Zengel says:

    We would be pleased to work with you on projects to restore our world. We feel the need is great to do this and we trust that you have knowledge and technology that will make this possible.

  29. rhoda says:

    I am ready. I have been ready for a long time.

  30. Shaun says:


  31. Al says:

    I am willing to accept your offer. It is because I seek truth. Thank you in advance for your gratuity.


  32. gracenlight says:

    i am very interested in working with u in the best way u feel i could be of service. i look forward to the positive changes in my spiritual life from the honor of………. “loving , serving and remembering”. SENDING ALL UNIVERSAL BEINGS MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT

  33. Marc Barker says:

    Thank you for your offer of help at this time, but I must decline. Now let me show you why:

    We have come a long way and survived the old energy paradigm with flying colors and I have no doubt we have been supported and loved by you our cosmic family and for that I give you my unconditional gratitude and love in return. But please, we have come this far; let us keep our sovereignty in these times and as lightworkers continue to shine light upon the darkness that has blanketed this planet for so long.

    Gaia is not worried in the least bit; her children are finally growing up! And in the next few generations we will graduate in global consciousness and be ready to embrace you our galactic brothers and sisters in love, respect, and gratitude.

    This is not to say I do not appreciate your love and concern, I indeed welcome it! But have faith dear family, we are far better off than you think. It is easy to get pulled into the drama of this 3D and 4D Earth and want to act quickly and globally to “solve” these issues. But we have been working these puzzles, these dramas, for lifetimes and I can happily say we are doing GRAND :D! This is a sacred task we have all agreed to participate in throughout all of humanity’s lifetimes on this planet, we know what we are doing. Please trust me, trust in us to complete this task.

    I know you are on the edge of your seats, and I know that no-one can really predict the outcome of this Earth (only see the potentials) but look at the site I posted… and look at the potentials again.

    Let us make this ascension process take place in our own way, in our own time, BE PATIENT. This is a sacred duty we have all come to this planet to achieve and I say with the utmost faith and certainty that we have already achieved it :)

    I AM THAT I AM and have begun the process of claiming it in all aspects of myself, I AM eternal, I AM love, I AM Peace, I AM a piece of the creator and hold within me the entire multi-dimensional cosmos. I call my human brothers and sisters to do the same. Please don’t make a decision out of Fear and Anxiousness and Impatience. All will be well, you are ETERNAL, and GOD makes no judgement of you in whatever decision you make. We are all God (yes… even the Cabal), experiencing ourselves within God (which we call our different realities or dimensions) so therefore there can be no “wrong” way to reach God… we are ALREADY THERE :)

    In the utmost remember this: “ALL IS WELL IN ALL OF CREATION”

    I write these words in unconditional LOVE

    Be at Peace

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


    Love & Light,

    -Marc Christopher Barker

  34. Palkó says:

    Brothers… what took yo so long? :o)

  35. k9 says:

    I’ve been telling a lot of this information to people years before any of these web sites appeared… I feel I am overdue for a meeting. I will soon be in the mountains where I grew up working on the land and that would be the perfect opportunity … I’ve also known the results of your survey about the closed and open minded individuals. I strongly believe that the amount of closed minded individuals is at least 75% to 90% of the world population. I find it extremely difficult to introduce any of these ideas to anyone… No matter how much solid proof I give or how subtle I put it. It would be a lot easier if I could just summon one of your ships to appear. That would wake their ASS UP and be OPEN to these ideas… Love to all… My greatest inspiration was Billy Eduard Meiers…

  36. Martin Bliss says:

    I have always worked with you, for as long as I can remember. So be it!

  37. Maggie says:

    I have always been ready to work with you…you are my family. Its one of the biggest reasons I came here at this time and its an honor to be a part of this process…as difficult as it has been to wait…wait …wait. I KNOW all is as it should be and everything will be in its perfection at the proper time.
    You live in my heart…always.

  38. Bonnie says:

    I am soooooo ready for an assignment to assist in whatever capacity where I would be of service.

  39. Lazaro Sanchez says:

    Would love to work with you.

  40. im ready more then ever ;0)!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX i have wated for this all my life and have ben sprading the news and razing averenes to and can be of even more help if you includ me in any tascs nesessary for this emazing reunion to happend es soooooon as poseble I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MY DEAR STAR FAMILLY AND I CANT WAYT FOR OUR REUNYON

  41. Carlos Brolo says:


  42. William Kolinski says:

    Hello,OK to the point at hand.I am very anxious to meet and work with our galactic family from the stars, as I’m sure we will all benifit from each other.Love all there is. By for now, Love and Light William Kolinski

  43. ongvision says:

    Yes!! Please come and assist us regain the balance necessary to heal Mother Earth and all hern passengers. I am ready to assist and work with you to accomplish this intention.


  44. Spanish Dancer says:

    From my heart to yours I welcome you with arms wide open and I thank you for your love and willingness to assist us and dear Gaia in our healing.

    What a day it will be when we can all roll up our sleeves together and get The Greatest Show On Earth finally on the road!

    Wishing you all a safe landing . .

    P.S. There’s a great spot in the bay a stone’s throw from where I live. Coordinates available!

  45. ongvision says:

    I vote YES! I’m ready to assist and work with you.

  46. Amy says:

    I’m ready willing and able! Bring it on :)

  47. dadi says:

    yes plz, more then ever we need aid…

  48. Jacquelyn Reynoso says:


  49. walking the path in service of the light. ern

  50. belle says:

    ready, willing and able to join my family in love, trust and unity….

  51. Mimi says:

    I am ready to work with positive beings of light and love…. :)

  52. Vincent Holt says:

    Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm….. YES PLEASE. Ok well it is just me but I am bored of the old ways now and Im 19. Nothing seems to fulfill any desire. I dear say I learnt pretty quickly over the last couple of years as to whats been happening. I would love to start on projects that all entities not of this world have planned for us, as you are in a position which has no veils covering any truths or limited ways of doing tasks that can help our planet. As you have also done this times before and have all these advanced technologies, it would seem silly to right you off and say na go home but thats just my opinion. The wait is over I think. Lets start on the road of unlimited potential and happiness for our race. I cannot wait to talk to anyone of the galactic federation of light or whoever I work with or whatever. Im sure some great conversations are going to happen haha. Please make a prescence over Christchurch, New Zealand aswell if this gets seen haha. I think it would open some more people up. Anyhow exciting times ahead.

    Peace, love and unity :)

  53. Tony says:

    I am totally ready, feels so right :-) extremely gratefull for the help to remove the dark cabal, though its our own responsibility to do it our selves, we cant do it alone and time is running way to short.
    There has been to much darkness in our lives… enough is enough !
    When it comes to putting the very dark ones through the central sun and such, I put my faith in god creator to be all loving.

    Hope that people dont send too much anger and negativity out when they find out what the cabal has done, and hope the anger will stop as quickly as it came. Its all things positive that we really want to be. lets forgive and choose LOVE :-)
    Let’s help those that have a bit hard to understand what is happening, to understand the bigger picture of what’s its all about. And help them removing any fear of “aliens”, instead you are star people just like us and our so called “Missing Link” is not the apes.
    It’s a very good thing that pleiadians look very much like us, so some people dont get too upset.
    Other ET’s looks different and can be introduced later. I believe I am ready myself to meet those who might look a bit different,- I choose to see with the heart and not eyes only :-)

    As I wrote in another response, I give you all the green lights and thumbs up you ever need, because I trust in your intensions of being and doing only of the light !

    I am delighted to be and work with you :-)
    You are missed and loved beyond anything.

  54. Gavin Alexa says:

    me >>> WE!!!!

    Welcome :)

  55. Ken McCormick says:

    I am ready and willing to meet and work with you on any task or project where you need me. I love mother earth and it is painful to see her suffer. I have been aware of injustice and crimes against my ancestors and humanity for a very long time, and I want to do something about it. I believe in my heart that we can trust you, and I’m looking forward to meeting and having a relationship with you. Please let me know of how I can be of service. I also ask for your assistance in saving humanity in the event we fail to save our selves in time. Thank you for all you have done for humanity.

  56. kian says:

    of course i am ready to assist you in anyway i can, but i wonder why you don’t monitor our feelings and thoughts about this specific question… .. .

  57. Urael says:

    Dear GFoL, I am greatly anticipating working with our Star Families and various Ascended brethren around/inside this planet – and throughout the solar system and beyond – in order that the work of purifying and cleansing this much-maligned world can begin in earnest. While I do love my human brothers and sisters I also ache deeply to interact with those of our family most of us currently cannot see. I yearn to work within a paradigm of life that is vastly different from the current state of ‘the illusion’ here on 3D earth (after 13000 years of darkness on Earth I am also profoundly frustrated by the current delays in moving towards the glorious future I see so VERY clearly!); working with yourselves would be one way of achieving that.

    Besides, who wouldn’t want a culture of beings around who like nothing more than to express joy, delight and love??? You are most cordially invited to getcher space-butts down here and join what I firmly believe will be the biggest, grandest party this universe might ever see! :)

  58. steve says:

    I am ready when you are, thanks

  59. triggerlee says:

    It´s one of the reasons why I incarnated this time count me in.

  60. Inger G says:

    This is truly a good morning! I look forward to continue helping people discover the spiritual beauty of nature by building gardens and support nature temples in love and light :)

  61. triggerlee says:

    It´s one of the reasons why I incarnated this time. Count me in.

  62. wolfke74 says:

    Yes, yes, yesssss!!!! 1million times. Get on with it :D I love to work with nature, to get it back to health and the animals.

    Love and Light

  63. bashi says:

    Dear Wes, Love to All..

    Can I know how are the activities of these various organisations ( galactic federation, hathors,ashtar command,ascended hosts and all) co-ordinated? Who co-ordinates them and from where?


  64. Chris McDermott says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful help in assisting Gaia and Us. You proved to me, and many others, that God exists. Thank you, again. Your unconditional Love is magnificent. Truly magnificent. I, and many others, cannot wait to return home, and spending an eternity breathing nothing but pure Love. Wow. I invite you to land. I volunteer to help. Providing I get three coffee breaks a day, time-and-a-half after eight hours, and double-time on Sundays. Namaste.

  65. Anastasios says:

    I am all in and ready…I want now my gallactics family…

  66. DanaLove says:

    I am ready! :D

  67. mblawrence says:

    The I AM dwells within me. The Spirit of Christ! So, yes, I want every angel or being of like Spirit to assist me. I understand that the angels of the Lord hearken to the voice of His Word. That Word is continually in my mouth.

  68. I believe that humanity is truly ready to take the next steps towards our Divinity within the hearts more then in the minds. The Earths people cry out for salvation and Heavenly assistance to bring into fruition Peace on Earth in many religions and cultures across this beautiful Globe. We as humans have been programmed by the few to fear our Galactic Family or that you have been nothing more than fairytails. I may be 32 years old but I believe in you and my heart sings out to you. My pure childlike essence knows of your existence. In my own observations some humans need to see in order to believe because they forgot how to use their heart space. I am at your service to spead the Love and knowledge that We are All One!

  69. Massimo says:

    I’m ready :)

  70. Ian says:

    Yes yes yes and yes!!!! I want to work with the GFL! Since the beginning of this year I’m on a mission to spread Love and Light and its very difficult down here. I ask for your help many times in my prayers and I know you answer. I can feel it. But to be honest, sometimes I loose my focus and I’m wondering “Is it my imagination all this stories with good ETs and dark Cabal”, “I’m I naive?!”… So PLEASE I beg that you move on with your plans to work with us. If you want to meet me personaly before the disclosure, it would be an honor. Namaste.

  71. Wesner says:

    I am ready to work with my space brothers and sisters to lift Gaia and humanity out
    of this mess and into a bright future.


  72. Michael St Ange says:

    In the service of the law of one, I state my commitment to work along side with my elder brothers and sisters whose mandate it is to serve the creator source.There surely must be a way I could lend my contribution with your help and assessment. For far too long have I waited for action against the wanton affront of the creator’s gift;Gaia to us, as well as against all her wonderous life forms through greed and unloving kindness.I can feel your committed love to creator source “God” and all his creation, and this is sufficient for me to say count me in, even though my eyes have not seen you. My sincere humble greetings, Michael.

  73. Susanne says:

    I am looking forward to meet you my brothers and sisters from the stars :-) I would like so much to work with you so that Gaia can get her beauty back. :-)
    Much love :-)

  74. To the person who said everything’s great and we are doing fine and can ascend in our own time without the help of the Galactics I say: Go ask some animals in laboratories what they think. Just because we have a voice it does not mean that our voices are the most worth listening to. Indeed if we don’t use those voices to speak for those who have a point of view but have no voices of their own we are a waste of space.

  75. Yessica says:

    I understand that there are infinite realities and within those realities, there are infinite Earth(s) that are unpolluted? therefore, I understand that you are offering your help to come down to MY reality where the Earth is detrimentally polluted? I do not know how you could clean the earth in so many realities, but you are most welcome to my reality any time if not now. ^_^. Help us!

  76. Jade says:

    I am so ready and I’m not alone. Everything that I have read or heard all just feels so right. I’ve never had anything make as much sense as everything that I have received from channeled messages and videos and the dreams I’ve had and books that I’ve read. I’m ready for the new age and I’m ready for a change. The way things are now are not working and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this transition.

  77. Harry says:

    I am so ready for contact with my benevolent brothers and sisters.

  78. karen says:

    Ummm..let’s see meet the very souls that want the best for us and love us and have sacrificed so much to be of service to earth at this time??– NO BRAINER!! I already love these souls and would want to do anything to be of service!! Sign me up!!

  79. Suzanne says:

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light, I spend my nights when the sky’s are clear looking toward the stars asking always for a sign that you are watching over us all. In my dreams You have given me signs which I hold dearly. I must apologise to the two who came to visit me that I showed some fear and you backed away I was so surprised to see you feeling am I worthy of this visit. Since I was a child In dream state UFO were always present, but due to the programs back then I became fearful as Know one was around who could explain these things.
    Now I have the answers I have been looking for and the sense of finally knowing that what I have always sensed was true. It is with deep love for our creator and my brothers and sisters I can with a full heart say Yes please I am ready to fulfil my role in what ever way I can to the best of my ability and your guidance to bring this beautiful Earth and all that live breath and grow to there full potential within the light and love of this great and wonderful Universe we all call home.
    Mush love and light always your sister.

  80. Pamela Hambleton says:

    Hello and welcome dear friends, Thank you for your love and service to Earth and her people!! I am thrilled to begin the work of healing our people and planet with your assistance. I am grateful for the gifts you bring us so lets get this party started! Love and Light to all!! Your friend, Pam P.S. I got a new license plate for my car that reads – RIDE UFO , meant as a subliminal message to awaken the masses here in Va. Beach, but I really do visualize going for a ride! Take care and see you soon!

  81. Marilyn, aka Grammy M says:

    To the GFL: I would consider it my highest honor to be of service to you, in any way that I am able .I will welcome you to our dear Gaia with open arms. Thank you for all you have done, and are doing for humanity.

  82. gre says:

    first of all thank you all for all the help you already gave to us. yes we would like to work to gether, with all the people of the earth and with all of you, it would be beautiful challenging and wow to work together with all the different help from the universe, to make it a beautiful earth, all respecting each other,having fun and making it a beautiful place in freedom,love and in respect of each other, which makes it exciting .we would love to see you helping us and we need it, because we never succeed in this, one on our own. we admit it and we would love to see and meet everybody, so we can become friends and work together, you re more than welcome, our thanks and appreciations for what you already have accomplished. we would love a beautiful,healthy, peaceful earth with respect for the earth, animals and nature and we would love some help ,you are very welcome. we need your help in this one. all together we can do it! save the earth,clean water,beautiful forests,respect for nature,freedom for people ,being openminded and respectfull to all and everything!it would be exciting and callenging!lets make it a beautiful planet in the universe,where everybody is welcome!lets make it a multiculture and intergagalactic beautiful home for everybody from the universe to enjoy earth!please stay. all living in harmony in paradise, lets start! lets set the example!thank you and welcome back [of course i know its a giant task,if the people over here fight,because of different skincolours or different beliefs and kill each other for that,you must think they are crazy, if they destroy their own planet and let people die for having no food or water and seeing others waste it, i understand that you think,
    this is crazy.but you know what,there are so much good people helping each other,doing what they can,wanting to help,wanting to change all this,to achieve a better world and much more than perhaps you think are openminded] [yes i know about ascension,different realities,dimentions options] ps; i see all beings as equal,respectfull, loving and compassionate,having fun and enjoying this beautiful planet all together in total freedom,
    with respect for each others personal choices and beliefs.

  83. rick says:

    I am so ready for the EVENT to begin.You know i really think the people are ready.Have a look at the awake and aware here in san marcos tx and ask would your help be welcomed and it would be yes we are so ready.The powers that were know it thats why we get chemtrailed so bad,like no sun for you today,the people here know what they are,anyway thats my take as well as lot more here.namaste

  84. Marc Barker says:

    I have done much thinking about this since my last response. After talking with my good friend and guide, I happily accept your assistance :) Any road to the creator is a great road!

    Love & Light to you all!

  85. Ana says:

    I came here to do a job – and that is to help this earth and its’ habitants. That is my mission and sole purpose for being here. So let’s get this show on the road! :)

  86. Anna says:

    Dear Galactic Federation of light, PLeeeeeeeease come soon! we need you so badly! Thank you sooo very much for coming to help us!! I cannot wait to meet you-very excited!! I would love to help you in any way I can…. I Love you!!

    • Marilyn McGonigal says:

      Anna. and the GFL…..Yes, I am one who is pleading for all the help that I ( we all ) can get from you. There is not enough time to live our lives, and concentrate on meditating and raising our vibrations as we strive for ascension. I would love to help others in any way that I can, also. I do appreciate your love and concern for all of us here on Mother Earth. Marilyn, aka Grammy M

  87. Andreea says:

    I love you all with all my heart. I wish for you all peace, happiness and harmony. And i do wish that the galactics and inner earth beings and actually all beings of love come and join us to be one in peace and love, creating positivity and healing gaia and making the universe happy and full of love. God bless you and wait for all your arrivals. And i send all my love to all you beautiful light workers, because of you i and my family are on the right path towards ascension and became a even more aware and loving soul. I send all my love to everybody that is reading these posts and all comentators and their loved ones. God bless you all

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