Message from the Elders in the Intergalactic Council for Supervising Waves and Frequencies


Readjusting / Harmonizing our frequencies

Published June 20, 2012

Friends Brothers and Sisters of Earth here is approaching a
procession of 3 + 2 disturbances and changes in notorious frequencies
of your life systems and geo-cosmic interrelationships (deployed to
seven states of this Universe).

These changes, some temporary and others everlasting, will bring the
need for you to readjust your frequencies many times, which is not
familiar to you, neither learned in advance… This will imply your
full and complete participation in the probable cohort of bio-
electric modifications that will occur inevitably in your bodies -
whether at the cellular, blood or neuro-vegetative level, etc.,
etc. … There are many assumptions and this not an exhaustive list.
But it is important your responses to these changes be in harmony
with current processes, without congesting them, for example with
inappropriate pharmaceuticals (which usually distort frequencies with
inharmonious forms, or even break them into pieces); and without
either reacting with “crisis” behaviors where personal stress might
lead you to overdraw your vital “reserves”, instead of surrendering
in rest and / or sleep – which are still most favorable for the
efficient flow of all these processes of vibrational changes,
physiological as much as mental / emotional, etc. … Which is
obvious, but still good to reformulate.

In other words, stress is not the response which in terms of
frequencies will align you harmonically on what you are becoming
through these changes… There is a better response which is to sing
a little bit – with pleasure, it’s important ! – whenever you want
when you are in live action (or also when you are at rest, if you
wish to).

The small harmonic constellation of sounds sung by your voice and
vibrating in your body has the power to “clean” and revitalize your
own frequencies, and so they can realign themselves on what is, at
that instant, the right frequency. A few musical phrases are
sufficient and, whether this is learned or improvised : have fun and
healthy joy doing it, for yourself or among the ones surrounding
you … This advice has already been delivered some time ago but is
more than ever to update.

This way, the frequency changes or jumps that do arise so often in
you will be much more fluid, and without inopportune stress for you.

This post has been developed taking into account your current
physiology and its bio-vibrational modification process, taking into
account the frequency ranges currently installed (or passing through)
in your bio-physical and mental / emotional system and environment.

With our warm brother/sistership. Alleluiah.

channeled via Christine Anne K. June 20, 2012
These messages are meant to be shared, however, and we thank you for
that, so far as their content and form are fully maintained and their
source duly mentioned :

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