Laura Ads on to SaLuSa’ s Message of the 25 June.

After the channelled message of today, I remain in telepathic contact with SaLuSa for some time. He said they have been really busy, and that events are seriously speeding up for all of us now.

I “popped” onboard his ship for a short few seconds, I am not sure is it some kind of astral travel, bi-location or remote viewing that these things happen to me some times.. I just end up on a ship, while being wide awake.. I am suddenly receiving all these images, and sometimes I did end up on the adverse party’s ship, leading an attack on our underwater worlds.

Anyway, I went up, and I was shown the view of our wonderful planet. There were many flying orbs coming onboard the space ship, and others going back down on Earth. I understand these orbs are our souls, perhaps even souls whose bodies are no longer functioning on Earth, or our higher selves travelling and communicating with our Galactic Family. In other words, we are always in contact with what goes on in the higher spheres.

I hope we all realize that when it is said we are one… it MEANS WE ARE ONE!! Including off worlders.. who are our family.. when kids graduate, mum, dad and friends always come to witness your day…  right? It was said by SaLuSa in our private telepathic exchangesthat once we graduate, all students move on, and learn new things, get new opportunities and new knowledge from their new work. By graduation he means our ascension.

They are very aware of our “human condition” imposed on us.. so no judgement on our impatience and blaming GF for their patience. He also added he and others do not get upset over this at all, so no need to worry, this is routine job for them, he himself has been here since the beginning of this divine enterprise of disclosure.. so he KNOWS how we feel in a way concerning the waiting game, but time is different for them and from space.

He also said to me that once we go through the Ascension process, it would be like… we (who are part of the ground crew) would recall all, and we would feel like removing our human uniforms… by that he means once we awake or decide it is time for some of us to leave our human shell back on Earth and return “home”, whatever and wherever home is for us at that point.


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