Italian Five Star Movement on the Rise

Wikepedia mentions about the Five Star Movement:

The Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S), originally known as Movement of National Liberation (Movimento di Liberazione Nazionale), is a populist,[1][2][3]Eurosceptic,[4] ecologist,[5] and anti-corruption political party in Italylaunched by Beppe Grillo, a popular comedian and blogger, on 4 October 2009.[6][7]

At the 2010 regional elections the M5S obtained notable results in the five regions where it run a candidate for President: Giovanni Favia gained 7.0% of the vote in Emilia-Romagna (6.0% for the list, 2 regional councillors elected),Davide Bono 4.1% in Piedmont (3.7%, 2 councillors), David Borrelli 3.2% inVeneto (2.6%, no councillors), Vito Crimi 3.0% in Lombardy (2.3%, no councillors) and Roberto Fico 1.3% in Campania (1.3%, no councillors).[8]

At the 2012 local elections the M5S did well in several cities of the North, notably in Genoa (14.1%),[9] Verona (9.5%),[10] Parma (19.9%),[11] Monza(10.2%),[12] and Piacenza (10.0%).[13] In the small Venetian town of Sarego, the M5S’s candidate was elected mayor with 35.2% of the vote (there is no run-off in towns with less than 15,000 inhabitants).[14] In the run-offs the party won the mayorships of Parma (60.2%),[11] Mira (52.5%),[15] and Comacchio (69.2%).[16]

After the election, the party has consistently scored around 15-20% nationally in opinion polls, frequently ahead of The People of Freedom and second just to the Democratic Party (see next Italian general election).

Now follows the latest news article I could find:


We’ve got a piece in City AM today, looking at the potential spillover from Spain to Italy, particularly in light of the increasingly worrying political situation there. By all accounts it seems that technocratic Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has slightly lost touch with domestic issues in search of a grand eurozone solution.

Read the whole article at :

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