Sad News… John Machaffie (of NESARA News) had a Heart Attack Today

Thanks to Mr. Ed. 

Sad News…John HacHaffie had a heart attack today! (pray for him folks) Sunday July 1, 2012

This is his son posting:  john machaffie my dad (the duke) had a heart attack today at 2:00 am Eastern time it was very traumatizing for the family and he is currently receiving care at bayfront hospital St Petersburg the doctors are very kind and professional and are currently doing tests to determine the root of the problem he is speaking but is being kept under nitroglycerine we wish that you all will pray for him and wish him well I will post daily updates on his well being.

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3 comments on “Sad News… John Machaffie (of NESARA News) had a Heart Attack Today

  1. Julia says:

    My prayers are with him and his family…sending love and light for a fast recovery !!!!!

  2. theo says:

    hope you know cia is masterfully causing heart attacks in good people…

  3. Teresa says:

    I am sending forth my love from within me to John machaffie at bayfront hospital St. Peterburg as I type this. I am sending forth the Mushaba Force, the Mushaba Light and the Mushaba Energy into each one of your cells to revive you, to enlight you, to bring you back to life!
    My freedom from within is reaching you at this moment. Mushaba Blessings!

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