The 2012 Scenario: Memo

There are reports from numerous sites and channelers that the mass arrests may or will (as the case may be) take place in the next 24 hours (Drake says before July 4). But speaking personally and not for the rest of the editors, I’m not going to go all out reporting the rumors. You already know that the reports published so far say that this may be so so we’re not adding anything by publishing more, except to create a climate of excitement.

But I, and perhaps we here, regard it as more important to remain calm and balanced than to get excited and lose our balance.

As soon as action does start happening, we’ll report it and so will everyone else.

A second reason for going slow is that, if these predictions prove unreliable, the snapback effect can really take people out. So perhaps why don’t we take it one step at a time, go slow, and listen next for some actual events.

Note from Wes: I’ve reposted this memo from the 2012 Scenario because I feel the exact same way about this issue. Dates have come and went to be met with vast disappointment, but of course that doesn’t mean that the possibility of this happening before or on July 4th isn’t possible. I just wouldn’t hang on the date. 

Channeled sources via yours truly and via many, many others have been very careful not to give out dates or create unneeded anticipation over a timeframe and a date. Also, Drake has been the only insider to ‘confirm’ this greenlight and some think that he could be being manipulated. 

Only time will tell. 


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One comment on “The 2012 Scenario: Memo

  1. lilium789 says:

    Thank you.

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