Melchizedek ~~ Answer everything in Love

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Melchizedek ~~ Answer everything in Love ~~ 04/07/2012  by GLR Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,

The start signal for your freedom and your unlimited abilities has been given quite literally on this Independence Day. Freedom will soon become a concept that will be genuinely tangible for you. The darkness has been affected by Love and can no longer manifest in the same way like it has always done before. We have put a stop on their heinous practices ; from now on freedom will reign supremely once again. Contribute your part in this whole process, roll up your sleeves for cooperation will become important in the days ahead.
The coming times will not only be important but intense as well, as many profound changes are in store for you and lots of things will come to pass. We strive for cooperation not only because of its importance but also because it lies at the core of our harmonious existence, in this and other galaxies and in Higher Dimensions. Respect and Love are also integral parts of our harmonious existence. That’s why we ask of you to always be Love and to share it gracefully with one another. There’s a little light even in the dark ones although it is covered with a thick black veil. It doesn’t matter, they too deserve your Love and ours.
Despicable deed have been done throughout your history by the dark ones; those deeds can not be approved of neither tolerated ; that’s the reason why they have been stopped in their tracks. Nevertheless, even the dark ones will always be granted opportunities to surrender to Light and Love. As this is a world of duality, you too have had incarnations where you worked for the dark ; you too were responsible for horrific deeds. Thanks to the opportunities granted to you and to the Love bestowed upon you, you have arrived at this present point in your soul evolution.
What I really want to clarify is this : to never ever respond in a negative way, in actions or thoughts, when confronted with dastardly deeds. It helps no one when you react that way : quite the contrary, it can only worsen the situation at hand and make it even more complex. The best course of action is always to respond with Love, with unconditional Love thereby leaving anger and judgment far behind. As you know by now, Love is the strongest force in the Universe, it is the Source of All. Arm yourself with this Love when confronted with darkness, the latter will fade away sooner or later under such circumstances. To react to negativity with anger and resentment will only lead to strengthening the darkness. Don’t be judgmental and act solely from Love, respect each other’s soul path as you can’t possibly know its purpose or its evolution.
Freedom has to do with soul contracts ; each soul choses its own experiences, be they of the dark or of the Light. Ultimately evey soul will find its way back to the Light, no matter how. Only the cycle, the duration involved, can vary considerably. Just remember, no matter how inhumanely you have been treated by the dark, don’t reciprocate by lashing out in anger. Just answer in Love.
I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for sharing this message. Namaste.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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2 comments on “Melchizedek ~~ Answer everything in Love

  1. lilium789 says:

    Thank you ,sharing.

  2. SageStar says:

    Love dissolves everything in it’s wake. Love is the most powerful energy in the cosmos. Go team world; we are ONE! I don’t worry so much the form this transition is going to take. My main focus is living the golden rule in my regular daily life & creating + out of every situation. An F18 flew over my house today as part of an independence day parade. Instead of thinking oh this is a plane made for war….I thought instead peace plane & how fun it would be to fly in such a spectacular craft. In my world anyone who wants gets to ride along with the Blue Angels! In my world my patients don’t have pain in their diagnosis they have abdominal love & left flank love. Laceration becomes illumination!

    We can do it. We can change our thoughts. Truth rules….lies be gone. Forgiveness to yourself & others melts the veils away. My main focus is loving God. I yearn so for Him/Her & cry tears of longing so that God must come comfort me & reveal Him/Herself to me. It works…The Higher Beings can not ignore the yearnings of a pure heart loving Them & serving Them! Machiventa Melchizedek came to me too. He said for us to join in love & look for that which unites. Love this post & pray for the love & light in each & every soul. Bring as many into the Light as you can.
    In His Eternal Service,

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