Spiral Seen Over Israel June 8, 2012

Another spiral was seen over Israel, this one on June 8, 2012.

SaLuSa and Matthew Ward described the Norway Spiral as a galactic-crafted event:

SaLuSa: “We are fascinated by your many interpretations of the blue beam over Norway. It has certainly become a good talking point, and your perception is sufficiently open to consider that it originated in space and that it has been beamed down to you. The connection with the presence of President Obama is also interesting, and shows that you see it as some indication of attempts to contact you.

“Millions of people accept the existence of Space Beings, and now many more believe that they have a place in the lives of Mankind. With a sudden surge of interest in us, and a desire to know us you have created the opportunity for contact to manifest. There are many factors involved, not least of all our role in ensuring that the plan for your conscious upliftment and Ascension takes place as decreed by the Creator.” (SaLuSa, Dec. 21, 2009.

Matthew Ward: “Now then, some of you are questioning the conflicting information about the origin of the phenomenon in the skies over Norway some weeks ago: Was it created by another civilization, as we and other off-planet sources told you, or by the nearby HAARP installation from which a power surge was detected? We would say that this is a matter of different conclusions due to observations from greatly different vantage points.

“Remembering that everything is energy, therefore everything is connected, makes it easier to understand that when the enormous power generated by your space family’s technology caused a comparatively mild reaction from your manmade technology, some attributed to the latter that magnificent display. However logical that interpretation may seem, it misses the profound symbolism of the spiral design and its timing and location.” (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 11, 2010.)

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