Lisa Gawlas – The Master Electricians (Which Is You) Are Hard At Work

Every single day the energy of the field, of life, of YOU seems to be intensifying and becoming more pliable.  The readings are kicking me in the energetic butt!  Don’t think for a moment I am complaining, actually quite the opposite.  Something is becoming more alive, which is why I keep saying the energy is getting thick, but electric too.  Phew.

As soon as my last reading was finished yesterday, I had to go to sleep.  I was non-functional to the hilt!  But I also know, we are exchanging some amazing energy thru our connections.  Adding and enhancing each other every day, but we are also changing the energy of life thru it all.

Talk about changing the energy.  I so didn’t get this connection until now.  Yesterday morning as I was writing my sharing on my Electric Indian whatever… something so odd happened.  My phone, which receives all 4 of my email accounts and notifies me of new mail by the AOL guy saying “You’ve got mail,” I think he choked on lightning.  He started his familiar phrase, then a super buzz happened, he uttered another word, then another super crackly buzz and stopped.  I checked my phone… all four of my email accounts became disconnected from my phone.  I thought it was a fluke so I rebooted my phone, while writing and talking about my new adventure… my lights were flickering off and on.  Once my phone rebooted, no emails were associated with my phone at all.  I had to register each and everyone one from the beginning.  Yet… I still was able to get the email notification that I had mail, and could read it… but where I was reading it I have no clue because when I went back to where my email icons should be, there were no accounts associated with it.

Strange… and telling.

The sun is just spewing out magnetic radiation consistently since July 1st.  We are all being super concentrated in our magnetic field of life.  Energizing our lives from the core of creation that will soon flow outward as our manifested deep desires.

No wonder why so many of us are sleeping to beat the band these days.  We have some serious master electricians hard at work 24/7.  (Whisper, WE are the master electricians.)

Thru all the readings tho, I can (almost) understand and see what is happening with us, thru us and all around us.  It’s finding the words of description that is becoming more and more difficult.

For many people, I am witnessing a beautiful co-creative space of creation within the readings.  I am watching as what I will call your higher aspect bringing down all kinds of new energy and you the human bringing it all to life.  In these days that are playing out, it may not feel that way, but it is!!

There are those still skimming the outside life for what they seek and the readings are pulling them into their center… quite literally.

But today, I want to pay attention to a void area I experienced thru a reading yesterday.  It really caught me off guard to the point I thought I lost my connection in mid-reading.

My beautiful lady showed up, not in her center circle or outer circle, instead, she was standing on the very edge of the Mesa Cliff.  Today, I can put more understanding to that “edge” the edge of total transformation.

She was throwing handfuls of…. stuff…. over the edge in a consistent, repetitive motion.  I eventually understood that this was energy fertilizer.  By her placement on the top of the cliff, I knew she was out in the perceived future a couple of weeks, obviously fertilizing her new life.

So I did what I have been doing for several days now, I shifted her from the top of the Mesa Cliff to the ground, really, I was attempting to put her in the place I call the inner Field, which unfolds much closer to my house and not near the mesa cliff.

Not happening.

Instead, she showed up directly at the base of the Mesa Cliff.  It was kind of exciting really.  I love a new learning curve, imagery in readings!

I soon realized that the image on the top of the cliff was her higher aspect, that which showed up on the ground is the human I am reading for.  Both working in tandem together, one did not leave the reading because I shifted my focus.

Her appearance on the ground was in what I would call “now.”  I had to ask why on earth is she unfolding here in this place.  I kept feeling this “rock solid relationship with her life and her higher aspect.  She may not feel like that…. but I know the truth of what I see and feel in a reading (smile, wink.)

I didn’t know what to do with her, so I just looked at the ground around.  There was this amazing image I will just refer to as an artery unfolding at her feet, growing itself outward towards the image of her higher aspect throwing energy fertilizer at a place in her near future.

I could see the small little off-shoots of this thick artery that was a brilliant red, the red of August, of what this very energy we are integrating this month will turn into Being.  I was so excited… and there is nothing she had to do but wake up every day, go to sleep every night, and trust her inner guidance forward.

She obviously has a rock solid support system I call the Guardians.  So can you imagine my surprise when the artery took her to the very ground her higher aspect was fertilizing a couple of weeks down the road and there was not a single energetic vibration I could pick up.  The energy just ceased to exist in this reading.  All I could think is ohhhh shit… my battery died!!  I have had my battery completely die in a hands of light massage without warning, but never in a reading!

I kept trying to push my antenna into that space… nuttin.

So I backed up, once again the full on energy zone of the artery, of her, of her higher self.  I thought, what the hell?  I felt the field, and all that allows us to see and hear what unfolds in the readings say… you do not get even the slightest hint at whats coming up there.  …Dammit!!

I have decided, more now than ever… the universe is a big tease!!!

After I got off of skype with her, I started to realize that since July started, there has been a sort of “black out” consistent with mid-July.  They have put a cloak of energy over that so we could not see what was happening at all… but I have a feeling, due to her close proximity of the mesa, they went beyond a black out to a total energy void.  Secrets of the unfolding universe!!

My last reading of the day just toasted me!!   A powerful Being (man) beyond even his own realization!  I watched him as his higher aspect was picking what looked like peaches from an upper atmosphere tree that had no end to it and sending it down a shoot to the center of his Being, where his human was catching all these fruits of his spiritual labor (harvest) and aligning it all in a grid work within his core energy.

I also seen something that surprised me as well.  At what will (soon)  be the doorway from his inner Being to created matter, he had these two thingies that formed a V shape at his eventual doorway.  What surprised me was the right side of his V it was made of silver.  Silver being the highest vibration of earth energy and right side being your spiritual presence in life and the left side of his V was gold – the highest vibration of spiritual energy, left in the presence of his physical life.  Talk about a fully powered, fully balanced man!!

I watched at what was happening in the days to come… with his alignment of the fruits from the Tree of Harvest within his soul, an actual electrical pulse started to move outward to his V.  I could see and FEEL the energy of ingiting…whatever this really represents… as I watched the electrical field spread and hold stead from left to right sides of the V at the base and we watched as 4 fields were placed within this V, which I understood only took him to fully activating this energy.  I think we had to hold out at the mid-way point or I would have melted right then and there!!  (smile)

Right here and right now, we are firing up the grid of all our collective choices to Here, heightening with our choices and willingness thru June.  Now, you are being pushed to the energy flow of your choices.

I know my personal choice has always been to usher in the high energies of Spirit that I call Shambhala and will do whatever it takes, however it takes to do it, to bring it on.  There are many of us in that position right now and it is sooooooo exciting… and even more than that.

To have all this go from a potential, then to a concept, to now so Real that my day-to-day life feels less real and the energy and images appearing beyond my (physical) reality feel so incredibly Real.  Phew!!

We are turning inside out… from the dance of illusion to the anchor of the Real.

Who the hell cares what anyone else is seeing or not seeing/feeling… We know, and that is all that matters for the story to play out!!  ….and it is playing out!!  We are hard-wiring the Real and dissolving the Illusion inn our personal stories!

Ohhhhh, something else I didn’t think to notice.  The energy of our higher-selfs in readings have actually taken on the embodiment of You.  Showing us the solid connection between both aspects.  You have truly allowed your soul to come into your human and LIVE AS ONE!!  How exciting is that!!!!

With a love flowing from my heart that I have not felt in all this lifetime… I LOVE YOU-REAL-ly REAL-ly LOVE YOU!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Rock Solid Life Blood to ALL with an added ZAP!!

Lisa Gawlas link to original article

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