SophiaLove: The Voice of One

SophiaLove The Voice of One




It is hot here, beastly hot.  The thermometer has held steady at 100 plus degrees for days now, with no relief in sight.  Our sun seems to be making a statement.  It occurs for me that our sun is the force for all life here.  We depend on and are at the mercy of this star.  We are beginning to harness its energy with solar cells and panels.  Take a look at the image of the sun on this blog.  It is dated July 2nd, and you can’t help but notice someone or something “parked” there who must be much further along with solar power than we are. This puts things in perspective.

Whatever this time may be, by whatever name you call it or whose prophecy you listen to – it is happening to all of us; as One.  There can be no escaping the fact that we are all under one sun.  Its rays land on every one of us without bias.

Everyone gets sunshine; ornamentals and weeds alike.  We are One.  There are some of us who have moved out into the open and they are taking a beating.  They have come to help us grow.  They go by many names; truth tellers, whistleblowers, freelance journalists, Resistance Movement members, David Wilcock, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, Bill Brockbrader, Cobra, Drake – to name a few.  These brave members of our human family are providing us with an immeasurable service.  They are helping to open our eyes.  Yes, they are biased; as humans, they can’t help but be.  So are you and I.  The difference is they are sharing what they know, bias included, so we can make an informed choice about our life and our world.

They could use our support.  We are One.  Let’s act like it.  Let’s support them all.  The gifts they bring are changing our world.  They have responded to an internal call and their response is helping to enlighten us. Without them, we’d all be in a completely different place right now.

Let’s speak as One and support our brothers and sisters, regardless of whether we agree with them or not. Our beauty exists in our diversity.  We are different by design.  These light workers are putting their names and lives on the line for all of us. In principle we want the same things; freedom, love, prosperity and growth.

As One, we can show we support them with a donation of any amount, we can buy one of their books, and we can attend one of their seminars.  We can intentionally hold them in the light of our love and empower them.  We can thank them.  They are not paid to do this.  They are called to do this.  They are doing this for love.  They are the parts of One that chose in these times to risk it all for the benefit of the whole.

We are the One that benefit by their actions.  Let us offer only help.

The voice of One spoke when Bill Brockbrader was able to make bail.  The voice of One is speaking with every war and every protest, each healing meditation and consciousness seminar.  You are that voice.  Resist the urge to hold back your love because of an opinion or a need to be right.  Everyone is right.  Everyone is light.  Some of us are beacons right now.  Let’s give them some juice so they can keep going.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

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