Visionkeeper – Reach Out To Others – 6 July 2012


Between the continuous bombardment of solar flares these days and feeling the different reactions we are all having to shifting and changing and moving forward with ascension, I think we all may get caught up in ourselves and what is going on, understandably so. I think it is so important to not lose sight of others on the journey who may need help in adjusting to everything being asked of them. It is important to reach out and offer guidance and support to all those in need, especially those who have not yet disconnected from the pitfalls of 3D such as television and its propaganda. These people haven’t got a clue as to what is going on. I cannot imagine going through this journey without any prior knowledge of what is taking place!

It is time to start dropping ascension bombs wherever we are. We need not hesitate or worry about what people will think of us, just do it! Some will not respond and look away but there is always one listening and taking it in to ponder about later. We need these souls to start to understand there is something going on! Someone I was with the other day was saying how tired she had been and off-balance and I said it was probably the solar flares or us reacting to ascension. She grabbed onto the solar flares and asked about them, but let the ascension slide on by. If they hear it enough they will become curious and eventually ask!

This is not the time to worry about how people will think about you or what they will say about you. We have no time left to waste on matters of ego. We have a job to do and waking others up as quickly as we can is one of those jobs. They may think you are a whack job now but somewhere down the road the puzzle pieces will begin falling into place for them and they will realize what you were saying was correct, or they may always see you as a nut case because they have no immediate plans to leave 3D. That is fine. Whatever you chose to do, just do it! We have a little over five months left and time is of the essence.

I find I don’t go out in big crowds anymore, like parades or fireworks type agendas. Too many out of balanced beings moving about. I  stick to small groups where you can talk one on one and hopefully make an impact every now and then. Things are pretty unpredictable out there in the world right now. Perhaps that is exactly where we are needed most but I just can’t bring myself to be out there. I am hoping the more social amongst us will take that job on and relieve us hermits from that duty. We all have an area of expertise as I always say so we need to dole ourselves out accordingly. If we make a supreme effort to do this we will make a difference wherever we are.

I think there are a great many unsure and often scared people out there in this crazy world right now, totally unaware and unsure who to trust. It is because of this we need to reach out to them, offer new ways of looking at the world and what is going on, explain to them that television is nothing but lies and most important that there is so much more to life than what they are being told. Offer them hope and reassurance that there is sanity in the world, things are working, and there is hope for a new world for them to look forward to. They need to hear a positive spin on things to detract from the constant negative hype they are being fed. We can and must do this to help speed the process along and not wait for someone else to do it for us. Each and every one of us are needed and I hope we can all rise to the occasion and do we can to do our part.

Blessings to you all,

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