~The Galactic Free Press Short Update~ Intense Energy has Been Released~


Greetings Love Beings, We come with a short update to share with you what is Currently Unfolding. We now have a Huge Energetic Wave of an intense Energy which was released over the past 72 Hours. This Energy will be bursting forth in a very High Vibrational Rate into Your DNA. Like Red Energy bursting forth from within You.



Through Synchronostic Events in these Last 72 Hours we were guided to be in nature as this Energy was released. During these Moments, We also Had an Amazing Event With Musician Ben Harper, whose Synchronostic Music we have shared many times in Our Updates and Love Parties. He was playing at a nearby Festival. During hearing him play, 3 of our craft appeared in the sky directly ahead of US. Giving a Thumbs Up. These next 8 Days will Be Very Powerful for those Awake In the Light.


A Picture of our Campground V= Victory



We would Like to Reheart you, all the events we have been sharing will and are occurring Synchronostically, which means in the Present Moment of Now. If you are not present you will not be experiencing what is unfolding. Our Roles are to report to you The Present Moment as this is the Real Galactic Center and The Complete Alignment of Humanity’s Destiny for 2012. All of Humanity is Moving together into The Present Moment of Now.



Ben Harper High Sierra Festival 2012 Diamonds On the Inside


We Will have more to share about what is Now unfolding in our Next Regular Update.


~Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies~



Ben Harper Better Way


Central Stargate~Portal of Light Has Formed and Stabilized…



by ÉirePort
This Stargate-Portal is named such as it connects Galactic Center to Sol center to Gaia center. Direct connection of these energy centers enables direct communication of each, for each, as well as direction communication of Galactic Sol with Hue-man Soul. For those that receive this direct communication, those shall be beams of Light for all within their locales. No effort is needed and none is requested. Only receptivity at Higher Levels.

The close-minded of all types are being removed to their next house of containment. The close minded are no longer permitted to distribute lower energies to Hue-manity. The Central Stargate Portal has sealed the fate of those limited ones, and they shall be repaired elsewhere.

The Central Stargate Portal may be called on by all those with open minds and hearts and desire to attune with, assist, and ascend with Gaia. All requests with such alignment are honored, and manifest as needed for each individual, group, and planetary body.

We thank those who have continued on in the face of what has been termed “delays”. None of those exist in truth. Timing is in perfection, and Central Stargate Portal assures all Light from Cosmic Central supports ascension.


Evaluations Complete. Channels Selected. Preparations for next phase have been completed. Awaiting signal to proceed.


Montague Keen through Veronica Keen “The movement towards the Light is gathering momentum. Please do your utmost to spread the Light to those who have not, as yet, embraced it.”


Conversation on July 9th, 2012 [2:55:48 PM] Denize Sarikoz: felt the portal opening and had a blast this weekend…it was like so fluid energy when you guys were up there and hold that love energy…saturday morning around 5am i saw the pink energy on the nature…and felt the highest healing energy…Mother Earth is so happy and I was flying like a kite


 July 9th [6:23:00 PM] Denize Sarikoz message to Mother and Father God: “there is cloud shape like a lion sitting and chin up…and across from it there is another cloud shape like an eagle…my heart says this is the sign for the completion…balance harmonics…energies are balancing and the Love Everywhere Present has been achieved & anchored in Planet Mother Earth…yessssssssss Finally!!!”

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One comment on “~The Galactic Free Press Short Update~ Intense Energy has Been Released~

  1. Beautiful words,Thank you .Thank you Earth spirit and all of the angels. Love and Light to all Honestangel.

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