Jamie Dimon Before Congress | The 2012 Scenario


For those wanting to watch people said to be in containment operating, here is Jamie Dimon before Congress, apologizing and saying he made mistakes. I can’t tell you what to watch for because I don’t know myself. Does a light container have any physical manifestations? Probably not.

Is he saying anything here that might be different from what he said earlier? Well, yes, he has moved from calling JP Morgan’s failures a “tempest in a teapot” to being “dead wrong” about that characterization of them.

He did say we had to get rid of “too big to fail,” which was part of what’s wrong with the system. That’s a pretty radical statement. Salaries including his own could be cut back…. Hmmmm…  Not enough to stake an estimate on … yet.  We’re looking for evidence of a wholesale about-face. Not to somehow “get behind” Jamie Dimon but to evaluate containment.



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2 comments on “Jamie Dimon Before Congress | The 2012 Scenario

  1. Jane says:

    It is too easy to say sorry when you are caught red handed, crocodile tears, it really hope that all the dark is completely removed, do they really deserve to live in a society where had they not been caught, they would happily seen the world starving , poor, ill, imprisoned, while they ate the fat of the land? Easy to make out you are sorry when you know you have lost!! I am not baying for blood, just think that it would be better if they had to go to another planet and learn lessons.

  2. lilium789 says:

    thank you.

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