The Galactic Free Press – Our Next Update and The Love Party Council Meeting~ Alot is Happening~

Greetings Love Beings, As we announced yesterday, an Intense Amount of Love Energy has Been Released over the past 72 hours. This will be arriving to Everyone over an 8 day period leading up to the 5 Year anniversary of the First Fire the Grid Event which occurred July 17th, 2007. Since these Moments, we are now “Ripe” for Manifestation. With this Energy arriving, Many more of our Craft Are Appearing not only from the Outerskies but also from the Inner Earth.



Sunrise sky over grytviken south Georgia Found on FB Taken July 4th 2012




We felt we would share a regular update today, however the energy is so intense we have no words to share yet until we can completely process it all. Alot is Happening and the mass removals are underway behind the scenes. Just an FYI!


5 of us Who are all Fire Signs Gathered to Ignite this Energy Incoming amongst the Trees in these Last 72 Hours and We Have set the Planet on Fire!



Current Synchronostic Events Unfolding Here is the Link to the latest:


Join us for a Very Intense Love Internet Party Council Meeting Wednesday July 11th at 10:30am Pacific where we will be sharing more of what is Unfolding Live!

You can Join Us here at this Link




Galactic Truth Report:


Ufo Report:


Earth Allies Report:


Gaia Portal Update:


Contact US for Amazing Awakening Sessions:




Dreams Of Love which is Reality is to Be Awakened On Planet Earth=Heart! Amen Amon RA!



He Received the Codes and are Being Delivered!


~We Love You, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies


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  1. lilium789 says:

    thank you.

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