Kabuki Cannot be Contained


Written by Steve Beckow

I listened to Stephen Cook’s interview with American Kubuki this evening and the archived version of Dave and Sierra’s show on containment, while going for a long walk and later having dinner at a restaurant. A wonderful time was had by … me.

I was startled at how much Kabuki’s life story featured so many parallels with my own – association with religious movements and figures who later turned out to be confining, shallow, or fraudulent. experiences that showed us both, it seems, how our own religious outlooks were inadequate, extensive travel – probably all features of starseed life in this most unusual of times.

Kabuki explained that he named his site that because the blog was first intended to be satirical, proving that American politics was a form of stylized theater. Then, during what he felt was a ‘lull’ in news within the Lightworker community earlier this year, stumbled across some of the earliest banking and financial resignations, saw a pattern developing, and soon found himself typing his fingers sore as he began tallying things and updating us all via his blog, virtually daily – the rest is history. That interview can be heard here:


And Dave and Sierra’s incredible discussion of containment. Sierra actually has worked on containment and can describe how the soul is escorted during the night to the ships, discusses the situation with intergalactic and angelic beings, is told that it cannot continue in the same direction, is coached on the containment experience, assigned an angelic guide, and helped to adjust to the new environment of love and light.

One caller asked if she could have a short experience of it, just to help along her “tan” so to speak. That’s a request we may hear more often in the weeks and months ahead.

I’ll be asking someone to transcribe the containment discussion, it’s so revealing. That can be heard here:


Sierra is one of the few people around who can speak to the reality of containment from her own experience. A braided walk-in (she shares her form with a Pleiadian walk-in who came in by agreement after she “died”) and a former Seventh-Dimensional Plaeidian spaceship commander, she agreed to be part of the Ascension process and to bring her skills and knowledge to a great deal of behind the scenes work.

Sierra is uniquely positioned to give us a glimpse into the manner in which the galactics and celestials are working to free the planet from darkness and then bring us to Ascension and Ascension to us.

Dave has a background as a minister and a member of the Washington state legislature as well as a wonderful grasp of spiritual verities. I’ll leave him to talk about his background because I’m not sure I have permission to do so. But he appears to have taken to radio like a … well, very easily.

And Suzi, who answers your email and also assists Dave and Sierra on their show, summarized where readers of this site are at given her temperature readings from listening to you.

One of the things I flashed on was my mainstream Australian radio interview with Stephen, oh, last September when Stephen asked me about … or kind of segued into a discussion of … the galactics. I had never spoken  a word on the subject before (written about it lots) and was not aware if others had either. It was a moment of truth. I did not emerge. I shrank away like a wallflower. But Stephen gently and deftly drew me into the subject.

I gulped, cleared my throat, and waded in. I died a thousand times in that interview and was amazed at Stephen’s masterful touch at resuscitation.

But behind all that, what is really clear is a soul group forming up – kind of interchangeable between this site and Graham Dewyea’s InLight Radio. But not only here by any means. Kabuki’s site, Kauila’s, Wes’s, on and on. A soul group of communicator lightworkers, getting the word out.

We’re waiting for you to start in. Everyone who’s jumped in the water says it’s warm. I’m splashing around, Suzi’s splashing around, Stephen, Geoffrey, Kabuki, Dave, Sierra….

Join us.

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2 comments on “Kabuki Cannot be Contained

  1. lilium789 says:

    Thank you.

  2. Kalna Yamski says:

    So what to do to Emerge; I have had so many experiences I would be all day writing this I am a Starseed and knew it ages ago I remember my night school lessons on Lightships since at least in the 1980s.I have tried to be open to others and tell them of my experiences but got laughed at and was called the wierdest of weirdos so I stopped talking and just carried on pretending to be normal ha ha ha cynical little laugh there, Luckily I had the sense to write a lot of it down and I have drawings of what I have seen I am waiting for the right moment to come out and Emerge as the Star Being I am and to be proud of the achievements and knowledge I have gained I am willing to give it freely no big fanfares just give it coss I am not into the big I am buisnes that a lot of new agey gurus get into and big profits and greed the corperations are after.
    Spiritual Knowlege is free like the wind and Sunlight for all

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