The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~7~15~12 Everyone is Getting an Upgrade, Love has Entered~

The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~7~15~12

Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update

Everyone is Getting an Upgrade, Love has Entered~


July 14th, 2012 X Class Solar Flare


Greetings Love Beings, Yesterday Our Sun Sent Very Powerful Energy to the Planet and All on her. This ignited an intense Upgrade for everyone. For the Next 48 Hours you will be processing this energy upgrade which entered into Everyone’s DNA Successfully. During this Process all which is not in alignment with the Higher Energies will be moving out~ We are in some massive clearing which will energetically open up space for the Higher Love Energies to Enter. Let GO AND JUST JUMP!


Solar Flare


Quoted from Lucas2012 today “Oh my God.  What is going on? There is so much love energy pouring from our Sun down on us and mother earth we have difficulties to get it integrated. You feel disturbed and some even act like the angry birds.


We see the clearing energies doing their business and that seems to result in storms, flash floods, sinkholes, small quakes and foremost people disturbed in their normal ways. I bet you felt the still in waves coming in energies. You felt the headaches or pressure on your body at several points, you felt the tinkling sensations, the feeling like being statically charged, the feeling of you burning up, you having no good or a restless  night sleep, feeling sick or overly tired or awakened, being fighting or having conflicts pop up everywhere, being judging, accusing  and pouring extra coals on a heated fiery situation or debate, or did you have lucid and strange dreams. Yep than you have experienced the energy cleansing that is going on still will go on for a couple of days to come.You have been warned and did not listen.


Visualize the love coming in that is sent and see it replacing all that you have to get rid off and have to let go. Feel the removed being filled by love and light of the highest order leaving no place empty. End of Quote


When Love Finds You


Daily Sun: 15 Jul 12

Sunspot 1520 poses a continued threat for X-class solar flares. As the sunspot turns away from Earth, however, the chances of a geoeffective eruption are decreasing. Credit: SDO/HMI

Solar Wind Speed 515

Brad Goldpaint sends this picture of the auroras reflecting from Sparks Lake in central Oregon:


We are currently still inside a Geomagnetic Storm.


Thanks to SolarIMG Current Magnetosphere Storm in Progress


Small Solar Flares have been active in the last 24 Hours with Still a Possibility of an X Class Flare. This would not be earth directed, but still might be powerful enough to glance by us. We have Small Earthquakes occurring all over the Planet, but really not alot of movement is happening here. The Flooding In Japan is worsening, and many floods have been occurring all over the Planet. This is because emotional baggage being clinged to, and must be cleared Now.


Galactic Truth Report:


Open Letter to the Cabal from The Company of Heaven:


Contact us for An Amazing One On One Awakening Session


 The Inner changes everyone has been working through for many months Now and years, is getting ready to manifest through to the outer. We are in many process’s of change right now, Multi-dimensionally. The Pressure for change now increases as many More awaken into the Truth of what has happened and is happening on this Planet. There will be no way to deny what is happening, not unless they put really thick blinders on and completly ignore everything around them.


 Quoted from Laura C. Gorgo “Lastly we would say to you…take heed.  There is a change happening in your world that will serve to nearly turn it right-side up… from our perspective. On a personal level, you are coming out of a very long and very intensive phase of self-discovery, purification and initiation. We are so delighted at what awaits you here, and for those who are finding it difficult to be birthed through this passage, we implore you to have faith in these words, trust in your divine plan, and the knowing that all is perfect and well.  There is no need to wonder any longer, you are home free now.”  -PHC


Everyone has certain expectations about how everything is to unfold, however, this is not up to each of you. This Energy belongs to the Unknown, where Love and Creation Create for the Highest Good of all, In All Ways. Love has Entered! Each of Your Choice is to Completely Surrender Into Love. The past no longer exists, this means past memories do not exist. Let go and Be Free To Experience the Incoming Miracles. These Miracles  can only occur in the Present Moment Of Now.


If You believe


These miracles cannot unfold in the past, only the Present Moment of NOW.


Each and Everyone one of Humanity came to Accomplish a Mission. To Be Love and Be In Service to Love on this Planet, this is each and everyone’s Birth Plan.


The Creator and the Divine Plan is Well Underway and in process. This is Energetically Moving at an Unstoppable Rate. Let go of all your expectations and Trust Love. We understand trusting Love is a foreign concept for Many, however, if you would like to Experience these Incoming Energies this is a Requirement. Let go and Trust Love.


 The removals are happening if you are paying attention, we are posting these on the Press.’ve-never-heard-mortgage-meltdown#comment-17987


The Message from Montague Keen today is also A Validation for You.


Quote from montague Keen through Veronica today :You are now entering the final stages of the removal of all that is dark in your world. Many more of you are emerging from the programmed control state. You are removing the block that was placed on humanity. You are, at last, enjoying the freedom that was denied you…


The corrupt are floundering as time is running out for them. They will be given an opportunity to redeem themselves, to change their ways. Some will accept, others will refuse, and will be removed from the Earth. Revenge is NOT what we are about. It is is a product of the Cabal. It is third-dimensional thinking. You need to rise above all that is third-dimensional. Please do not waste your valuable time and energy demanding arrests…


There are many good and honest people who are stepping forward to share their truth and experiences with you in an effort to bring all the good people of the Earth together. This has not happened for thousands of years. This is what you came on Earth to do. We can see it all coming together nicely…


Look to the future. You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Forgive those of a lower vibration who have created havoc in your lives. They are to be pitied as they have never experienced the joy of love or the wonderful sense of belonging that love, alone, brings to your life. “Make love, not war” should be our motto!


Onward and upward we go, my love, on the most exciting journey in the history of the universe.”End of Quote




Crop Circle about Current Events From June 17th 2012 Containment into LOVE


 As a Result of this Recent Upgrade, Love has wrapped Everyone in a Huge Bubble of Love. Love Now has the Opportunity On this Planet to Arrive in ways you never thought Possible. Love is utilizing these Incoming Huge Powerful Energy waves from all Directions, setting up the Stage for Many Miracles. Miracles In Love’s Way, Comes through Surprises and Synchronostic Events, this is How You Know Love is Real.  Just Be Present In the Moment of Now, and You Will Experience a Joy Ride Beyond your Wildest Imaginations. Love doth provide in Many ways for those Ready and Open to Receive this Energy.


Jason Mraz Living In the Present Moment


Embrace The Present Moment, Embrace the Miracle’s!


Decreed by Heaven, Love has Entered Successfully for the Upgrade. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


~Thank You for Spreading These Message’s to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~


We will Be Given Up to The Moment Events as They Unfold


 ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~



 If You missed our Last 2 Updates here are the Links:


We Love You Unconditionally~ Love The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity’s Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


Everyone we are at the Halfway Point and about 2000$ Behind in Our Funding Goal. We have now over 3700 Members, if everyone shares a simple dollar, we would make our funding goal.


Total Love Shares for July: $1044.44

Love Fund Goal 3000$ 


Thank You for Keeping Us Going



Thank you Everyone for Honoring US, Supporting Us, and SHARING WITH THOSE Who Are In Daily 24 Hour Divine Service to the Love and Truth On this Planet! Thank you for allowing us to Be Here.


Join us Live Every Saturday for the Internet Love Party.  At 1:30pm Pacific.To Help Bring in the Higher Energies. This will Be Announced On the Press Every Saturday. These Will Continue until Our Craft Decloak~

Every Wednesday we are Now Having our Council Meetings~Love Parties for the Transitionary Government. We will now announce these meetings on the Press at 10:30am Pacific time zone every Wednesday with a link for everyone to listen in.

 If You Would Like to Submit Your Artwork and Photo’s You can Download them on Our New Site Here:
If You would Like to connect with us via an amazing Awakening Session, to answer a question Contact Us Here:



~ We are Stationed In Mt Shasta~



 Artwork Thanks to


(Yojman Chase), Mt. Shasta is~of all Power Points here in the Northern Hemisphere~what could truly be called “Headquarters”,  Mt. Shasta is many things to this planets protection and service into the Light. She is also known as Ascension Mountain.



 ~WE are Going Home~



~We Are the Real National Treasure. We Are not only The Heart of this Country, the United States, but Also the Very Heart of This Planet, Mother Earth=Heart. We Are The Love of the Planet, as well as the Universe Personified. We chose the United States to reside in, because We prepared this Part of the Planet, with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for the Protection of The Truth and The Light for the Entire Planet. With this we Ensured Humanity’s Complete Freedom from the illuminati minions control ~




~We Love You Unconditionally, Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra

 WE are Here~ Its US and Your Stuck With US!! Eternity here we come~


Angel Numbers Through Doreene Virtue~444 ~ The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.


Cobra Code:R13/5 complete. L0 radius: 4.4 m.


Nancy B. Detweiler Now, in 2012, we are remembering ourtrue selves.  Memories of our true home, where the roses have no thorns, trickle into our conscious awareness.  If we listen with our heart, it leaps with anticipation.  Soon we will be reunited with our Star family—our real family.  If we listen with our heart, we can sense their loving presence already with us.


Gaia, the Great Being on whose physical body—Earth—we presently dwell, is preparing to ascend back to 5thdimension.  She has invited all of us who choose to do so to ascend with her and be reunited with our true Star families.


Listen with your heart!  Do you hear the Call from your Star family to ascend … to be reunited within a cosmic village where all are loved unconditionally … where all are valued for the unique Star beings that we are?


Even though many will choose to remain with Gaia on 5th dimension, travel throughout the cosmos is rapid and free for everyone.  Never again will we be separated from anyone we love!  For once more, we will know ourselves to be members of the One Cosmic Family of God!


Posted By Nasa Traffic Jam Around the Sun



Yojman Chase ~


Street~Wise Ascension

From the Joy of Mt. Shasta




On this planet, a new type of human has arisen
and the Sun in our heavens is a new person(s).
This is a literal, scientific statement.
Medical science is aware of the first, and most
of the world of astronomy is aware of the latter.
Isn’t it glorious that we are seeing the inevitable
on all fronts,
including the frontline science
and spiritual doers converging?
This is one major facet of the gem
called “zero point.”
My adopted vision is,
when the cover
of Popular Mechanics magazine
is showing us the same
as New Age or Nexus magazine,
it must be coming from everywhere!

Regarding the “Convergence,”
what is the “thing”
that allows and matters most,
to assure that the inter-celestial experience
will unfold?
You know it – happy, peaceful Harmony.
If there is a day when I am out of Harmony
and upset – No worries!
We Are/I AM, our True Identity,
here as individual and as group.

The group is holding the Harmony for you – the One.
This scientific/spiritual Truth/Law
could very well be a useable or important piece
to have and to hold.

So, as an individual,
I have chosen the Ascension (Peace),
and as a group,
I have chosen the Ascension.
How it works is by the Law of One.
At times of great converging cycles,
the womb energies as well as the outer realities
reflect the Hologram/Whole
as individual time and space collapse.
Solo becomes collective…

Our I Am is everything.

I Am empty of the affairs of the little ego.
I Am the Harmony of my total True Being.
Thank God for God.


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