Did the Caterpillar who Became a Butterfly Mourn the Caterpillar?


Written by Steve Beckow

I have to tell you what a joy it was Monday, July 16, 2012, to be released from active employment.  Not quite fired, but made technologically obsolete.

In the course of his lecture on An Hour with an Angel, I asked Archangel Raphael:

Steve Beckow: The rising energies on the planet at the moment appear to be bringing up all our incompletions, all our unfinished business, which I call vasanas. And a lot of people are going through a tremendous amount of discomfort.

Many people don’t understand how vasanas work, and so they project them outwards, as Jesus said, or they swallow them, they take them inside, suppress them.

Can you help us, since there’s such a general experience of these unpleasant, unwanted conditions coming up, can you advise us on the best way to handle their rising so that we complete them, please?

In his response, AAR confirmed that “if there is anything that is not of love and not of completion within you, it is coming to the surface. And you are absolutely correct, it is causing all kinds of discomfort — mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual, for we are observing many with crisis of faith, with spiritual desolation, isolation.”

Then came the remark that sounded the death knell for my “profession”:

AAR: Maybe you think, and I use the word “think” or believe or feel that in order to clear your vasana that you need to walk through it and act it out and engage in the drama. And, my beloved ones, this is why I am here: I am telling you that is unnecessary. …

I am here because we want rapidity and we want completion. We are here in our divine desire to assist and to eliminate.

So, invoke me, call me. Place your hands on your heart, breathe emerald green and ask that it be done, gone, eliminated, consciously, not that “I am going to go and I am going to sit in a room for a month or a year or a day and process this.” Your process is as simple as turning to me and my legions and saying, “Please,” with the emerald ray. But let me say, if you call Michael, if you call the violet flame, we are all going to answer.

OK, all psychologists, counsellors, and workshop leaders, go over to the far side of the room and get out your membership cards, ready to hand over to the man at the door. (Just kidding!)

This is just one example of how new techniques, new potentialities, and new ways of healing are going to come at us from here to the end of the year. Be prepared to let go of some but also to learn new ways of healing.

Raphael informed us of what was the truest and most obvious form of proof that all we hear about is indeed happening. I enjoyed his description:

AAR: What it feels like is a heart opening as if the outer shell is crumbling away, as if someone has placed a key and unlocked your heart, and that you can breathe more deeply and feel the love and joy and the sense of wonder, not only of everything that is around you, and begin to see everything that is around you, not just the drama, but the shift which is so delicately underway.

How it feels is you feel happier. It is a very simple litmus test. When you turn and you simply say yes, you open the floodgates. And if you think that you have been doing your work up to now, sweet angels, of course you have, but it has just begun. But it will not be arduous, it will be sweet and delightful. That is the offering that I have asked this wondrous program and channel and platform to bring forward this night.

So get ready to see many, many of our prized ways of doing things fall by the wayside. You thought you knew what technological obsolescence felt like? We ain’t seen nothing yet. But at the same time, we stand to grow, to flower, and to excel in new skills and new ways of doing things.

Yes, nothing will ever be the same, And thank heavens for that, because that very transformational process which began sometime not too long ago is going to see the caterpillar turn into a butterfly, the bud turn into a rose. And we can see it and feel it happening in ourselves.

Did the caterpillar who became a butterfly mourn the caterpillar? Undoubtedly not.

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2 comments on “Did the Caterpillar who Became a Butterfly Mourn the Caterpillar?

  1. I am glad to hear, soon is now. No need to carry, process, dissect, view, play with, engage all the various programs anymore. The need to individually engage or deal with the multitude of old programs floating around is entertaining as an observer, but, not necessary. Release to your higher self, responsibility for clearing, processing, guiding, assisting, and….get out of the way. Maybe the angels are called by you through your higher self, maybe not, but either way….allow them to do what they know by loosing this to flow through you by…stepping out of linear time…meditating…day dreaming…imagining…releasing the need to judge…allowing the process to engage you in a joyous and blissful fashion.

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