Weekly Energy Updates ~ July 16th to 22nd, 2012 Solar Flares


Weekly Energy Updates ~ July 16th to 22nd, 2012 SOLAR FLARES

by Kathy Roseborough


Hi everyone ! okay….I’m a day late !…..yesterday was still showing the effects of Solar energy shifting as we continued to experience the effects of the waves or impulses from our parent Sun. If you ask anyone how they are doing these days you will find that the answer is commonly, “well…it is very erratic and unusual”. There are many swift changes and experiences that are popping up out of no where ! You may be going along nicely and then suddenly you are involved with a crisis or you find yourself responding emotionally to situations. Some people are getting “weird” physical symptoms that seem to come right out of left field ! What is this all about?


The Solar energy flares that we are experiencing do have an impact on us and the earth. You see we are all connected to planetary and stellar influences and our own Sun is the closest star in proximity to us. The big ball of fire in the sky is very important to us…the Sun is like our loving parent…making sure we are getting enough energy to ensure life here on earth PLUS sending us major signals of parental reminders to get into line and find your heart chakra. That’s right…the heart chakra. The SUN is the loving centre of our solar system…it represents the HEART..which is LOVE. Now the Earth is in need of love and attention as well as the human race therefore, the Sun is in full power these days.


Thought to ponder, when you hear the words, “Hi…how are you?”….is it more commonly etiquette to be asked or is the person asking genuinely interested? Does anyone ask the earth, “Mother Earth, how are you?” I would venture to say not….and also…if asked…what do you think you may hear from her as a response? I did reflect on this question…and this is what I am finding in answer.


Mother earth has been neglected and quite abused for some time now by the human race though she generously continues to gives us all of her resources with the greatest love a mother could give. However…Mother is not feeling well. You can ask her yourself. Her family of planets and stellar forces are coming to her aid. They are responding with love and with the energy waves carrying love and intelligence from distant systems. These waves of Light and Solar power are not just for her though…as we, the human race are also involved. These waves of energy are to awaken the human race to LOVE too !


So..getting back to the weird week you had last week and still now…these Solar waves are shaking up the circuits and pathways from your heart chakra down into the formative/manifest worlds of your intellectual, intuitive, emotional and physical self. These waves are Aligning you and in turn, the human race is to come into alignment with Divine Love as well. We cannot continue to neglect/abuse ourselves or the earth any longer. Love, as the 1st principle of Creation will prevail.


Now…the other very important part of this is the earth’s magnetic field or aura…that protects us. If it is weak due to the poor behaviour of the human race which disturbs it with pollution, excessive digging, etc…then we learn the hard way. No different than you as an individual…if your aura is weak..you are going to find it more difficult to stabilize the energies that continually emanate from the subtle worlds especially during solar flares. Therefore…we can come to a logical conclusion that the STRENGTH of your AURA is very important during these times as is the STRENGTH of the EARTH”s AURA. We must work together.


                                  1. The human race must stop polluting and disturbing the energy field of the earth and absolutely
do not go digging for oil and resources all over the globe.

                                  2. The human individual MUST start a spiritual path towards alignment with their own heart chakra
and the higher subtle worlds immediately PLUS do energy balancing and chakra work to strengthen
their aura.


These are just 2 topics to explore.  More on this as we go.


Conclusion..in order to minimize the reactions you are having…strengthen your aura…increase your alignment and open up to your heart… Oh..and by the way…blessings and gratitude for the earth are a daily MUST. Blessings and gratitude to the Sun for his life giving energy is equally important.

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough


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One comment on “Weekly Energy Updates ~ July 16th to 22nd, 2012 Solar Flares

  1. This beautiful article brings to my mind a prayer that I wrote for my children about five years ago. We say it every night before we drift off into our dreams.
    Now I lay me down to sleep
    Mother Earth you are so sweet
    Heavenly Stars that shine so bright
    Won’t you be my guiding Light
    Thank you for letting me share it with you!

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