Newsletter Update

Just a bit of an update and further explanation on the possible paid newsletter. I wanted to express that this newsletter is in no way going to take away any facet of the work I am doing now. It is completely its own project and the channeling/writing/updating this site which I do every day is not going to change and will still be free. Nobody will be forced to pay and subscribe to this newsletter to be able to access Aquarius or my channelings, as that would only be self-serving.

Steve Beckow wrote an interesting article today which made me ponder heavily whether the starting of this newsletter and asking for money for the dissemination of it, was acting in a self-serving manner or was somehow dimming the work I am doing. It was said that putting all on the line and ‘living on the edge’ (I’m strongly paraphrasing) so to speak for the Divine and asking for nothing in return, signaled a true, undistorted commitment to serving the Mother/Father Creator.

I have been ‘living on this edge’ for over a year now, happily serving the Divine in any way I can while living with other people and worrying about getting kicked out because of not having an income. By starting a paid newsletter in which I perform and disseminate aspects of my work while still publicly and freely channeling, I am able to perform this work for the Light while at least developing a bit of a steady income.

So, along with seeing the support this idea has been given, I am going ahead with this project. The newsletter will feature channeled material via yours truly as well as a discussion of the material, along with articles from yours truly and perhaps other things as well. I have just began putting the first possible newsletter together and I have to say that it is coming together quite nicely.

I have tried to make the monthly subscription as cheap as possible, and am asking for $11.11 a month, for four issues a month (weekly). This would roughly translate to around $3.00 an issue (rough estimate).

The Newsletter will be received via email and will be in email format. 

Upon expressing subscription, one will shortly receive an email from yours truly or from PocahontasBrandy letting you know that you have been added to the list of subscribers. Whenever a new issue is sent off, you will receive a copy in your email.

Thank you to everybody who has been and will continue to express support for and interest in this Newsletter. Below is the button to subscribe.

A basic Paypal account may be required (it is free to sign up) to subscribe.


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9 comments on “Newsletter Update

  1. george says:

    oh i thought you ment it was going to be a pay site.

  2. Wes, I want to thank you so much for the most exciting updates I have ever read! Everything about your work resonates deep to my core. This website has opened a new doorway into my perception and I am gratefully blessed! Keep up the good work! Much love to you, Brandy and your little one.

  3. Rosy says:

    I would be happy to support your newsletter. You deserve to be paid for all your wonderful efforts that bring such joy and wisdom to us all.

    • pocahontasbrandy says:

      Thank you, dear friend! If you are interested in subscribing, a page has been made on this website and there is a subscribe button as well at the bottom of this post.

      Thank you so much for your support. :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

  4. Lia says:

    I think you are totally right! This your work and you need the money. You are doing a great job.
    I do live in Holland, and am going on a holiday but will be following you.
    Keep on doing this great job. Greetings Lia

  5. Nancy E. says:

    Hi Wes–

    When I subscribe, will it be set up that $11.11 will be automatically charged every month to my PayPal account? Or will I need to manually pay each month? Thanks! Good luck with this. I totally support you in taking care of yourself and your family.

    • pocahontasbrandy says:

      Hello Nancy,

      The subscription is set up to where it will withdrawl the 11.11 monthly until the subscription is canceled. :)

      Thank you dearly for your interest and support. :) :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

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