The Transition to Peace

Written by Steve Beckow

I’ve had quite a few discussions with people since writing the article on peace descending. (1) And a common theme that’s emerging is that people are having difficulty adjusting to the lack of apparent action around us.

When Archangel Michael told us that the celestials preferred to use containment to mass arrests, a lot of us were irritated. It’s as if we wanted the ritual, drama, and completion that mass arrests might have brought us.

We didn’t seem to care much about the risks of loosing a genie that we might have difficulty putting back in the bottle. We seemed to want action.

But we may not be getting mass arrests and so again we find ourselves in peace – without action or drama. And a lack of action may prove difficult for people who’ve been so accustomed to action through fighting pandemics, protesting chemtrails, overthrowing the financial elite, reacting to oil spills, rushing to assist the people of Japan or the people of Haiti.

At least that’s my take on it. We’re in an interval between warring with the cabal and building with the galactics and we seem to be finding it difficult.

We’re told the cabal has been defeated and is being forced out of the picture. But they’re not entirely gone. To be sure, fighting rages in some sectors of the globe and in others leaders still flex their muscles and posture. But the galactics have told us repeatedly that they are now in charge and won’t permit any battle to go too far.

Syria presents a glaring exception, but we’re told that karma is being cleansed there and that the Middle East may be the last place on Earth to settle down. Apart from the Middle East, the world appears to be approaching quiet. Things certainly are much more settled than they’ve ever been.

We say that nothing’s happening although you can see from so many sources that many things are happening. The LIBOR scandal is bringing fresh arrests. Everywhere bankers are resigning. We hear rumors that leading cabalists are seeking hiding places. Their underground bunkers are destroyed. Not much of the cabal’s weather-warfare or other machinery appears to be functioning. All over the world the net is tightening on the cabal and they’re in retreat.

The Company of Light has defeated them but they’re not here yet either. The abundance program, the temporary governments, and Disclosure have not yet been introduced.

We have neither the cabal to worry about nor the Company of Heaven to applaud. And I think this seeming balance point is getting to us.

We’re not used to peace and we may become bored when peaceful. We haven’t had peace for decades and we may not know what to make of it or do with it. We were weaned on sensationalism and consumerism. Peace isn’t what we expected.

Once the cabal is gone or the Company of Light is here, we won’t be facing this situation. But we do at this moment. How do we weather this period of adjustment?

Yesterday I made a suggestion from one vantage point. I suggested that we begin planning our global work as lightworkers.

Today I’d like to make a different suggestion – from a spiritual vantage point. If you’ll permit me.

In everything that I’m doing these days, the common factor seems to be that I’m emerging – and I would imagine the same is happening for you. I’m feeling more love than I ever have. I’m valuing integrity more. I’m feeling bliss. I’m sinking more deeply into my heart. I’m seeing things more clearly, such as the fact that the heart has no fear or that integrity, love and truth are connected; one cannot be violated without the other being violated, etc.

In every way I’m emerging. A larger and livelier me is coming out and is increasingly able to take care of itself.

And that larger me only comes out in the fertile ground of my own internal peace. The peacefulness that’s descending on our outer society is an opportunity, along with the cleansing of our vasanas internally, for me, for us to blossom. Instead of looking for things to do, fresh ideas, racy feelings, and exciting sensations, what I choose to do is be the container for ever-expanding moments of love to emerge from me.

I’m moving away from drama, kicking the habit, perhaps two steps forward and one step back, but making progress. I choose to be the soil in which the rose of love grows. This “activity” is done in stillness and silence. It’s done by opening and allowing. It’s done by being and observing.

Yes, the drama has subsided and the transition from drama to life or drama to peace can be troublesome. But we can do it. We can make the difficult decisions. We can come of age as a human race.

We can alter our course and become vessels for the expression of love out into the world. We can shed our habituation to sensationalism and discover what awaits us – the bliss, the love and the other divine qualities – that can only be found in the restfulness of peace.

It does mean getting through this awkward period in which one side has not completely left and the other side hasn’t completely arrived. But, whether we knew this would happen or not, it’s just one more barrier we have to move through.

Yes, we’re handling a lot at this time, all our old business coming up and our past trauma exploding. But we know we’re not far from beginning the quick and steady upward climb. To leave off now because the quiet seems to suggest we’ve been abandoned is to ignore all the careful work the Company of Light has done to prepare us for this time. Let’s not throw matters over when we’re so close to a decisive turn of events.


(1) “Peace Descends and You Can Hear a Pin Drop,” at

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