Connections by Suzi

I wonder if I’m experiencing my own version of “Absorption” these days.  Apologies for not posting this earlier but my motivation to do very much has been fairly low.  From reading all your emails I know that a great many of us are also experiencing a similar process.

It occurs to me that many of the symptoms of ascension match what could be diagnosed as depression in traditional Western medicine. I’m far from depressed and simply celebrating the permission I gave myself to be what I would formerly have referred to as a slug.

A reader writes that she was deeply touched by reading about Farrah, the young lady that Sierra Neblina told us about in Colorado.

She asks, with so many of the dark energies in containment, how could this shooting have happened? Surely the Galactic Federation of Light knows who the dark energies are all over the globe, and she wonders why they couldn’t have put the shooter in containment or stopped this from happening?

She asks if not being able to interfere with a person’s free will means dark free will, too. Why was this allowed to happen is this reader’s question.

My feeling is that every single thing the cabal puts their hand to will turn out to be not at all what they planned.  This is an unfolding, and there’s a great deal that I don’t know, nor do many humans know, about what’s being done on our behalf already.  I trust in the Divine Plan. I also feel that our Star Family is doing all they can to help humanity have a clear path to Ascension within the confines of our free will.

As far as I can see it, things are “allowed” to happen because this also serves the light in many ways. Take a look at the compassion, love and support that humans are showing. Unity is what is happening as a result of this event, and it was fear and separation that the cabal was banking on.

We humans are growing up and, the way I see it, every soul taking part in this event agreed on some level to participate.  I feel that those doing work for the dark are ultimately serving the Divine Plan. This is, after all, Schoolroom Earth. What matters most in my opinion is what we each choose to do with what is put before us.

Love and Light…


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