Konstantinos: Iltheos-’Good Morning’

  You find yourselves in a dream world. You think that you are awake, but essentially, you are asleep. When you say that you have dreams, it is THAT period of your life, where you are awake. It is THAT time that you return to your true selves and have a taste of  the realities and dimensions you left behind.

  Many of you now, have grown your capabilities, regarding your communication with beings and places of  higher vibration on the Astral Plane. And the number of the awakened persons grows even more. You start to remember that part of yours, which resembles, in a lot of ways, the Galactic Beings who serve the Light.

  But even if this doesn’t happen to all,  you/all of you are ALWAYS  that part, that infinite God piece of yours, which you accepted to forget for some ‘time’ and for a specific amount of  lives, by being incarnated here or to other worlds of Duality.

  As the days pass, you begin to show more the Wisdom and the Teacher, that characterize you, through your thoughts and actions. And when you see that you need more improvements, you realize that it is not SO difficult, as it was on the previous decades, to make big leaps of progress in a short amount of time.

  And that is so, because in the previous years, it had to be in stages, the knowing and reminding, to you, of the tools that were offered with great Love by enlightened entities of Teachers and Galactics. For some time now, you are more open to accept all these, mentally and energetically.

  As much as it is possible for you, try also to plant seeds of  remembrance to the people around you who are asleep, but they think that they are awake. How realistic is this dream that you experience.But the time comes closer, for the cosmic clock to ring louder than ever and as it is expected, there will be some upheavals, while you realize the dawn of a new day….and to be exact, the dawn of a New Era.

  And then, you will find us all in front of you again, ready to say ‘good morning’ to you and willing to hear from you whatever you wish to share from that dream of centuries you had. Your personal experiences is a real treasure of Wisdom that will be useful for the growth of other worlds.

  And with this, I end this message by wishing you all a great GOOD MORNING!…An as possible smooth and sweet awakening…and a peaceful and happy return to your true selves.

All my Love and Respect to you dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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