Please Watch Out for Snake Oil

Written by Steve Beckow

Folks, I continue to get email attributing to me the statement that Disclosure will take place on August 4.

Please hear me that I’ve never made that statement and don’t consider it to be likely.

Micah (1) has made that statement but surely you can see that doing so is one more tactic of those who wish to cause havoc among lightworkers.  One of the tactics the dark uses to cause turmoil and chaos is to make predictions which then fail to come true and have lightworkers lay down their tools in disgust.

It may be that August 4 is the divine deadline beyond which the galactics need not take the free will of world leaders into account. But, even if it were, it does not say that Disclosure itself would happen on August 4.

If you believe Micah, I’m afraid you’re buying Snake Oil.  The likeliest possibility is that you’re headed for disappointment and the experience of discouragement.

And that is, I believe, the very mission that Micah has taken on so he will have been successful. I’ve received Micah’s message from several lightworkers, all of them having swallowed the bait, but I do hope that you can use your discernment to see where that message is loaded with disinformation, aimed at deceiving lightworkers, and intended to drive a wedge between us.

Remember that it was Micah not so long ago who recommended that everyone watchIndependence Day, in which galactics are portrayed as marauding parasites.  Given how transparent that ploy was, why would we fall for a second from the same source?

Please, we must use more discernment than we are when we fall for messages like Micah’s. Our pattern of imbibing the deceptive and then turning around and blaming the galactics for having misled us, when it is the dark who misled us and we who have failed to see through it, has to lift now.

I think it very unlikely that there will be Disclosure on August 4. Of course there could be but I see no evidence to date that makes it appear likely.

I see myself watching us set ourselves up for disappointment and feel powerless to stop it.


(1)  I hate to create a larger readership for a deceptive message, but I can’t see how to avid it. Micah’s message appears at a number of websites. Here is one:

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One comment on “Please Watch Out for Snake Oil

  1. Dan says:

    We do not know the time. We have to stay calm and be the torch spreading light and love the best we can. “keep on Shining, keep on Loving”, be faithful and do not miss the vision. <3

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