The Dolphin Collective ~~ Play your game

The Dolphin Collective ~~ Play your game ~~ 29/07/2012  by GLR Méline Lafont

Lovely Ones,
When the changes, quietely moving on,  become more and more visible and noticeable, your real essence too becomes more visible to us. Your lights sparkle more brilliantly than ever before, your hearts are more loving and pure and they long to express themselves. This is great news, my lovely ones, as with these intentions everything can be achieved ; all your heart’s desires. And all of this starting from Love and from a purety of Being. Nothing can withstand the power of Love, nothing even comes close.
It is this purity of Being as well as your Divine Spark within that implies the power of you. This power is limitless and has creative abilities : it is the power of creation that abides deep within yourself. This power is something to be very grateful for, just as you may be grateful for who you really are. We too are grateful for your powers, for your love-filled hearts, for your being, for the Love and Light that you are in essence. Love is an inexhaustible source, moving unstoppably throughout every form of existence on Earth as well as in Heaven. Love is the drive behind all that exists. Know, my lovely ones, that your essence is pure Love, it is what you are made of.
The New World will, by the same token, sprout out forth from this illusion. Love is so powerful that it can, as a manner of speaking, grow on the most toxic or negative soil and continue on blooming. Despite all veils and all illusions, Love has always found a way on Earth. It has touched many souls and has again flared up the Divine Spark within them.
We, the Dolphin Collective, are always in perfect Harmony with ourselves and with others. We glide along on the sea of Love and Light surrounding us and we bathe daily in it. We too possess energy streams of Love and Light in the oceans in which we dwell, just as you now receive all incoming energies from the sky. Just as you bask in the sunlight, so too do we bathe playfully along the streams of energies within the oceans.
By the way, water is a very pure and useful element on your planet Earth. It can cleanse a lot and stir much in your bodies. It takes on energies and releases them again. It cleanses your cells on the inner as well as on the outer physical plane ; furthermore, water cleanses your aura and helps you to ground yourself. All in all, water is a highly important element for life on Earth ; nothing can exist without it. We too bathe in the sun once in a while by jumping up and down in the water. We so enjoy the jumping and playing, for we are what you might call an “exuberant” species as you know. We look at life through a playful, rose coloured glasses. All is wel and will remain so, no exceptions! This is our drive and is what motivates us, it is what we expect.
Consider your life as if it were just a game in which the end result always remains the same no matter what path you choose … and the end result is Ascension, my lovely ones!  No matter when it occurs or how long it will take you to experience it, the end result remains the same. As you can compare life to a game, you might just as well enjoy it and make the best of it by playing the game knowing full well that it is just 1 big illusion. Remain brave and unwavering for soon the game will get pretty thrilling and exciting as it is all included in the game plan. Play well!
With lots of love from the Dolphin Collective!  We love you!
Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
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