A Special Message from Blossom Goodchild – July 30, 2012

A Special Message from Blossom Goodchild – July 30, 2012

Stephen Cook: Blossom has just sent this message out.

It appropriately follows on from Steve Beckow’s earlier article (http://the2012scenario.com/2012/07/please-watch-for-snake-oil/) regarding the fact that none of us here at The 2012 Scenario –  nor for that matter any one of us at InLight Radio – has said that things will happen on August 4.

What we have simply reported is that this date is understood to be a date by which the Galactics have said they will be able to move forward towards Disclosure. SaLuSa has also mentioned this in his message today (July 30) – http://the2012scenario.com/2012/07/salusa-july-30-2012/

So please, we know we all want things to move forward, but let’s all retain and regain some balance here…

Please Read

By Blossom Goodchild – July 30, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman … whose hearts are so eager to have something fool proof taking place …

I am driven to send out this letter just to remind you of a few things that The Federation Of Light have been speaking to us about … because I FEEL it is important.

There are a few channellings going around at the moment that rang alarm bells for me the minute my heart clapped eyes on them.


Before reading … take some deep breaths and ask your soul to let you know whether or not a particular message is coming from LOVE … ONLY LOVE.

If a message carries judgement of another or belittles another … regardless of intensity of dark deeds performed … then the message DOES NOT come from the Light. Higher Light Beings do not speak harshly about anyone. They cannot … for they are of a Higher understanding and come only from LOVE.

If you place yourself in a state of deep Love before you commence reading , your BEING will soon tell you whether or not the message carries that same energy.

How quickly one is ready to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ before even checking out where the band wagon is going … let alone where it has been!

My inbox has been inundated with hope filled emails regarding a predicted date of Aug 4th for First Contact… asking me what I think about it. Basically … in me feeling the need to write this letter I think you have your/my answer. The said message also states that it shall be confirmed by many other sources . Heard of any?

May I pass on this in the hope it may assist in these confusing times:

Extract from Blossom’s Channelling  – The Federation of Light – July 14, 2012

Yet we ask you to acknowledge also the KNOWN fact that there are some messages out there that ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE descended from Higher realms . There are messages sent out whose purpose is to deliberately confuse and dupe. They are encoded in order to make one FEEL in certain moments that their hearts are being Divinely touched … and yet they are encoded also with fear and darkness that leads ones thoughts directly to the place in which the message was intended. DOOM and GLOOM!

These are easily detectable … for if one is feeling Love in one moment of the connection when reading and then the heart begins to race at a pace that is uncomfortable …then this dearest souls …. is when the ‘delete’ button should be instantly pressed. It is not a matter of ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ … there is no baby … just dirty water in the guise of a baby!

However ……….. should my feelings be wrong in all of this ……. not only will I hold on to my hat … I shall EAT IT!

Be aware of how you FEEL … if you have even the slightest discomfort … question it … and find your answer within.

May I finish, however, by saying again that visualisation is our most powerful tool . Let us visualise a world where THERE IS ONLY TRUTH. SO BE IT.

Many thanks everyone .

Draw the Golden Light from above/around/ within into your focus so you can BE ONLY OF IT … AT ALL TIMES.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Blossom G. xxx

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  1. briliantbird says:

    Thank you
    Love bb

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