Our Divine Commission




Why are Angelic Humans and Indigo Children on Earth at this time?

We have been commissioned by the Guardian Races of the original Souls of Tara to become the
“Frequency Transducers” for the Star Gate Frequencies brought into Earth’s planetary shields during the Stellar Activation Cycles.

The Universal Life Force Currents send forth Star Gate Frequencies into our Earth via our DNA templates. The frequency codes in our DNA templates must be corrected and reset by the Star Gate Frequencies before our frequency codes are sent into the Earth’s planetary shields. When a critical mass of Angelic Human’s corrected DNA codes are received into our Earth’s grids, our Planetary Shields will be able to synthesize the Star Gate Frequencies NORMALLY.

Why is this Stellar Activation Cycle happening now?

Every 26,556 years there is a Stellar Activation.

There were a few times in history when the Star Gates were in correct alignment to allow our Earth to rise back out of this planetary, harmonic universe one into harmonic universe two of Tara. However, our Guardian Families were forced to put that probability on hold because there was not enough frequency codes activated in our DNA at that time. Invader Races knew of this reality and attempted to force an activation that would make the Earth explode. The Earth would explode if all twelve Star Gates open into the Planetary Shields when there is not enough quantum from Angelic Human DNA in Earth’s Grids.

We would be in this same case scenario come December 21, 2012 if our Guardian Races did not come to our rescue at this time. Our loving creators of the Souls of Tara planted 4 strands of DNA into the Grids of Earth prior to the year 2000. Next, they arranged the births of Souls from harmonic universe four to be born into enough Indigo Children on Earth to raise the DNA level that is resetting the Earth’s Grids. Our Guardians knew exactly how much DNA would be needed to be activated in order to allow the critical mass of Angelic Human’s corrected DNA codes to be received into Earth’s Grids.

Each and every Human Angelic on Earth must continue to correct their DNA and raise their DNA level to 5 DNA and 6 DNA in order for our corrected morphogentic field of energy within Earth’s Grids to successfully synthesize all 12 Stellar Activations by December 21, 2012. The harder Human Angelics work on correcting their DNA and raising their DNA, the more harmonious our alignment into harmonic universe two will be in December.

The codes within our DNA must be corrected by creating a continuous dream stream or portal between Inner Earth and Source. We must create our Ascension Portals from Source through the crystal spheres of crystal liquid light, crystal gel and crystal dust in order to correct and transform our DNA codes. We must create a portal from the point within Inner Earth where our Seeding of our Divine Blue Print is waiting to become awakened up into and through our temple (body) and out beyond harmonic universe one, two, three and four, and into harmonic universe five through the outer band of dimensions 13, 14 and 15 of the Cosmic Sphere. We must pop through the outer band of the 15th dimensional crystal sphere into the Source Field of the Divine Creative Energy or our original creation.

Once we rise through that outer band of Cosmic Frequencies into the Source Frequencies, we are dwelling in the cloud of energy of pure Divine Love, Life, Intelligence, the Infinite Unknown of all that has ever been and all that ever will be. We return to that place in Source where we dream the reality of whatever we want to create. Through these frequencies of Source we can know anything into reality. As we sit in a cloud up above the Cosmic Realm in the Source Field, we place the memory of the original perfect, divine, immortal angelic human that we always were and that we ever will be into our Consciousness of our higher self resting in our Cloud Body before we step back down into the Cosmic Realm.

When we step back down into the Frequency Band of the Cosmic crystal liquid light, an explosion of Ultra Violet Blue Energy appears like fireworks around the new cloud body. Next the crystal sphere of liquid light combines with the white light of the Source Frequency and pours down in streams of liquid light energy holding the corrected, original frequency codes of the Divine Blue Print of our original creation. The ultra violet blue rain is filled with codes that perfect the DNA of our original immortal selfhood. We ride in our new cloud body, floating within the ultra violet blue rain, as it streams down like a sheet of liquid light energy. We see our higher self riding down in a water fall from Source into the physical body.

This activation of the Source frequency field holding the Idea of the Perfect Man is exhaled or breathed into the spark in order to ignite the spark in the band of zero point energy between Source and the Cosmic Idea. The idea is ignited into a Cosmic spark in the Cosmic Creation Crystal Light. This crystal liquid light created from Source Consciousness breathing the idea into the Cosmic Idea Creation field contains the creation codes of the corrected DNA. These perfected codes of the Divine Creation are now flowing into Birthing Stream of the new idea.

The Birthing Stream or Dream Stream is made of Crystal Liquid Light of the ultra violet blue rain combined together with the Crystal Dust of the gold and silver Cosmic Frequencies and the Crystal Gel of the Gelaisic Transformational Frequencies of the 13th dimension. The dream stream chamber flows all the way from Source through the Cosmic Realm and down the harmonic universes and into the body.

Next, the body of the perfect man rides the stream down into the Earth’s Core. Within the Hollow Earth that is deep within Earth’s Core is another layer of crystal liquid light, the star dust area and the area where gelaisic energy of our transformation is stored.

The same Cosmic Frequencies exist within the Etheric Core of Earth that exist in the outer spheres of the Cosmic Realm. The Source Field of Zero point energy also exists within the Etheric Core of Earth beyond the 15th dimensional Cosmic Sphere.

Creating that dream stream of energy between the point of our original souls within the Heart of Mother Earth and connecting that stream into our Hearts in our physical temple, and connecting that stream up into the Fifth Sphere of the Cosmic Realm and out into the Creation Portal into Source Consciousness is the Divine Commission of every Angelic Human. The reason each and every person standing on this Earth is here at this time is to help ourselves and our entire family of the past 5.5 million years be reborn back into the Divine Blue Print of our original creation. The cataclysm that destroyed TARA 5.5 million years ago can be completely healed, restored and reborn through Earth’s Planetary Shields as we merge into Tara on December 21, 2012.

In order to understand our Divine Commission on Earth at this time, it is helpful to gain an understanding of our relationship to Tara. It is helpful to gain an understanding of what and where harmonic universe two, three, four, and five are in relationship to our planetary harmonic universe one. It is helpful to gain an understanding of the history of Tara, her creation, her cataclysm, the history of her creators guiding her re-birth, the thousands of years of invader races that have prevented her re-birth, and her creators and guardians final decision to complete the rebirth of Tara in 2012.

The infusion of the correct codes of our Divine Blue Print – our 12 DNA of the original souls of Tara must be implanted within Earth in order to retain the natural electromagnetic balance and axis alignment that will allow Earth to pass into the morphogenetic filed of Tara on December 21, 2012 without creating a pole shift that is catastrophic.

Our perfect selfhood has always existed, exists now, and will always exist. We must return to the frequency field of Source Consciousness to make this rebirth of the perfect self appear. The original creation of the perfect immortal angelic human will take place once more as Earth morphs back into Tara. This is going to happen. This will happen. Our Earth in Harmonic Universe One will rise into and become Tara in Harmonic Universe Two. Harmonic Universe Two is the Solar Sphere of dimensions 4, 5 and 6. In order for any dimensional reality to appear or manifest in our reality field of perception, we must rise into one reality field higher. We must actually rise into the reality field of Gaia in Harmonic Universe three in order to participate in the manifest reality of Tara in Harmonic Universe Two.

So, this morphing process that allows energy fields of one level to be pulled into alignment with another reality field requires the participation of all five harmonic universes. Our Universal 12 DNA Immortal Templates will be reborn as the morphogenetic fields of 12th dimension in harmonic universe four aligns with the 8th dimension where Sun Alcyone lives in harmonic universe three. This means our ascension into Tara also requires our ascension into Gaia in harmonic universe three as we pass through Sun Alcyone’s Consciousness Field that aligns us into our 12 Universal Star Gates. Those Universal Star Gates can’t exist without the consciousness of creation from the Fifth Harmonic Universe of the Cosmic Realm which carries the harmonic frequencies of crystal liquid light, crystal gel and crystal dust. These are the crystal energy or prana that creates the morphogenetic fields of our creation. We flow through the streams or chambers of these fields of energy to reconnect from the Source Field of our the original idea of our creation back into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth deep within her Core where the Inner Earth carrying our Divine Blue Print that is waiting to be reawakened.

This shows how our transformation takes on the flavor of multidimensionality. Once we have realigned our consciousness into and through all five harmonic universes we have completed the harmonic convergence of oneness. We can be reborn into the new multidimensional, immortal angelic human who has become a citizen of Tara with a passport to Gaia and Sun Alcyone and beyond into the omniverses of our families. We become an omniversal citizen as a result of this transformation.

The twelve sets of universal consciousness flow through the twelve stargates in order to morph our DNA templates in the divine blue print that contains the codes and the maps that allow the new angelic human to have access to universal travel through the star gates. The twelve universal star gates are governed by twelve cosmic matrixes. Our rebirth requires the regrouping of all of the twelve cosmic matrixes into one template containing the complete consciousness to flow through our planetary shields to align us into the Source Idea of our new identity. Our rebirth will require our Cosmic Template to be aligned into Source for a new idea of a new perfect angelic human that always has been and always will be perfect to be created as the Spark of Source ignites the Ultra Violet Blue Crystal Light Water fall to recode our entire new Omniverse into a brand new reality.

In order for this ascension of Earth into Tara to be harmonious, everyone on Earth must clear their DNA of the karma and crystal seals that do not reflect the Divine Template of our original creation. Our Universal Ancestors have no intentions of this project of our re-birth failing. Everyone will graduate to Tara one way or another. The DNA will get perfected the easy way – that would be us doing it ourselves. Or, the DNA will get perfected the hard way – the Sun will burn it out of us by making the memories of karma come out in dreams, memories, illness in the body. If a person holds so much karma that it makes them continuously ill and they die, their soul will be moved to Tara and they will be born into a wonderful family on Tara next year.

If you do loose a loved one during this transition you can ask anyone on Tara how to contact the family that they will be born into. All of our loved ones who have ever died will appear with us on Tara.



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