Our Olympic Galactic Friends Now Appearing in Mainstream Media

UFO Appearing in Olympics Opening Ceremony Now in Mainstream Media


Written by Dave Schmidt

My first thought when I saw the YouTube video of the UFO appearance was astonishment.  It looked like the classic “flying saucer” UFO.

But, as so many of us have experienced disappointments, I began to think it was just a blimp with the light reflecting off the stadium.  How could this be so obvious, so out in the open. Yet no news coverage, no videos from cell phone cameras and no twitter tweets flying around the world.

Last night I talked with Stephen Cook who, as we remember, was PR Manager for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.  He explained why none of those reportings from individuals could have happened in London on Friday… the only people at the Olympic venue were insidethe stadium, due to strict security procedures. So there were no crowds of people wandering around outside. The only people allowed into the Olympic Park would have been official ticketholders, Games staff and volunteers working that night. As well, the TV broadcast is heavily controlled; only those images that the Olympic broadcaster wants to go out to the public end up as part of the official telecast…and every image is copyrighted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

After our conversation another thought came my way.  If it was a blimp reflecting the light from the stadium, it would have also reflected the massive lights from the fireworks.  I then went back and watched the videos.  There was no reflection change from the fireworks.  The light on the starship remains fairly constant during the massive fireworks display.  That was my ‘ah ah’ moment.  This could be for real.

I started to become a believer.  Then, later, I received an email that it was reported in the Huffington Post, it was mentioned in SaLuSa’s post today and now it’s appearing on my personal MSN web site in main stream media.

Disclosure is on it’s way folks, I’m now in the ‘believer’ camp.

Here’s the link to the article appearing on MSN’s news page: http://now.msn.com/ufo-spotted-at-opening-ceremonies

To see the Huffington Post story go here.


On Friday’s InLight Radio’s version of Cosmic Vision News had a special news breaking program regarding the disclosure announcements.  Our program was live and being broadcast at the same time of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  We had a live caller from London named Carl Rodrigues describe his impressions of the Olympics as he lives less than 1/2 hour from the stadium.

He is now posting on the 2012 Scenario Yahoo Discussion Group that he observed the UFO in person and the YouTube videos are the same as what he viewed.

Here’s a quote from Carl on the Yahoo Discussion Group”

“Just went to view the video again and seen it’s been taken down by the Olympics committee! The video that queenvictrola has posted is interesting as I did see this object – I got excited as I saw that side view when it looks like a saucer, but when I saw it – it didn’t move much at all.”

Here’s a link to another YouTube video that Carl says is a closer siting.


It’s getting to be interesting folks!!!

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5 comments on “Our Olympic Galactic Friends Now Appearing in Mainstream Media

  1. The way I read SaLuSa it hinted at something more dramatic and memorable than that. After all a big flyby would be seen by a few million people.

  2. jenxter says:

    reptilian ship, they are not harmful

  3. C says:

    Some people believe that it was a special camera for filming from above… It is funny how far do skeptics go in order to prove that we’re alone in the Universe. I’m happy for everyone, believer or disbeliever. Peace!

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