The Body has a Longing to Create Happiness in You

Dear One

Your body longs to have the permission to express the beauty of your soul.

Yes, it longs.

And yes, it has emotions and feelings, dreams and beliefs just like you. Though even so, they are in many ways more advanced than the emotions and feelings, dreams and fears your mind has (your mind has far more fears than your body actually).

It wishes for you to communicate with it in a more loving way, as well as in a more honest and open way. It wants you to ask, with love and faith, what do you want from me? What do you want from your body? How do you wish it to function, how do you wish it to change and grow?

Because Dear One – it is so that your body, just as the heavenly mother, does NOT fear change, it does not fear to change shape or size or constitution, it does not fear to heal itself in the countless, fantastic and imaginable ways that it has the ability and power to do(for you).

But it longs to express you in a way that will bring you joy and happiness. And it sees, feels and knows that this is not the case within the present.

And it says that it is not it (the body) who is not permitting this, holding this off – the change on not just a level of physical appearance but also on a cellular level – but it is you.
Your body is not fearing change, it is you who fears the change.

And when you fear, you are inevitably in pain and suffering, as this is one of the states where you are the farthest from your source, your true being on earth, your home, the body of Gaia.

Your body is no different from the body of the mother, the Gaia. She also greatly, longingly with great Heart and Compassion wishes for you to commune with her and she wishes for you to Love an respect the creation that she is, which is ultimately Loving and respecting yourself, your embodiment of source, of Gaia. Your body also longs for you to respect yourself, so that she can have the permission and the force to create whatever embodiment you find the most joyful and thriving.

Just as this, the mother longs to create and sustain a world for the humanbeings where she has the permission and force to create a world that feeds, nourishes, pleases and brings joy and satisfaction to ALL humanbeings. She wishes for this and as your body in the greatest of communion with your higher self and the soul of the Gaia is more and more released from the grip and bondage of the fear you hold your mind in.. Then the unfolding of the right path for you will unfold effortlessly and joufully. Where your body is the ultimate embodiment of the Glory, Grace, Beauty and Love that you as a Soul are.

So ask, Dear Children, ask your body what it can do for you, what it wants to do for you, what healing you want it to facilitate. Ask and let go of fear for the Light and Awesome power of being that this communion will uncover. It is your birthright, it is what you are striving for and it is what will bring you ultimate peace and belonging.

With Great Love for Humanity, The council of Five.

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