Visionkeeper: Creator leaves Messages of Love Everywhere

Creator leaves messages of love everywhere

Posted on July 30, 2012

This spring when I moved to my new house I had to build a garage, as I couldn’t make it through a long, snowy winter without one. When I was younger maybe, but shoveling my car out of snow banks everyday now  seemed a bit overwhelming to me. Just before the builders left, the white stone was delivered to go down in the ditch for the excess water to run through into the drain. As I stood there looking at this big pile of small white stones I couldn’t help but notice there on the very top of the pile lay a perfect heart-shaped stone. A good sign in my book. Of course I saved it as a remembrance. Creator leaves us little messages everywhere if we just look. Like the picture above, even nature’s flowers speak to us of hearts and love and how to live the perfect life of harmony.

Creator thought of everything when creating earth. Even the weeds when blowing about in the fields were made beautiful in all their shades of colors and shapes. They sway in the wind, splashes of yellows and whites and blues against the green. Look at the magnificent colors of the birds and butterflies and even those bothersome bugs. Beautiful shades of blues and reds, yellows and oranges. We even have a fly type bug that is a beautiful metallic emerald-green.  Creator put so many things of beauty on the earth to show us love.

We need to ask ourselves how we have shown creator our appreciation. We haven’t. We have abused the earth, the water, the air, the wildlife, the vegetation. We have polluted and plundered wherever we go to the point it has become almost impossible to find clean water or clean air. The fish are filled with chemicals and now the radiation from Fukushima to where in many areas they have become inedible. We have cut down the worlds forests seriously lessening the world’s supply of oxygen so needed by everyone, destroying precious habitat the wildlife needs and heating up the earth . Not much gratitude shown.

To be honest and fair, it has mostly been the dark ones and corporations who have plundered and polluted the planet with abandon, but we as inhabitants of earth have done our fair share of the damage as well by insisting on fertilizing our lawns,cutting down trees for views, becoming consumers of a throw away nation where we buy and throw away into landfills never thinking about recycling until recently. As a whole, humanity has not shown appreciation for all we are given, we have shown no respect for the planet or for each other, we have shown no respect for anything. That is one word (respect)that should be at the top of our vocabulary list and will definitely be a huge part of establishing our new world!

It is time at long last to face our abuses and begin to show our appreciation to creator for all we have been given  to enjoy on this glorious planet. We need to begin demanding respect for the planet, not settling for anything less. I know it can seem impossible to make change when it is the dark ones doing a majority of the destruction, but we can help by showing appreciation in our own small worlds by stopping our use of pesticide laden lawn products, recycle our wastes, monitor our use of water and electricity, work hard to get fluoride removed from our towns water supplies, insist our towns become respectful and being leaders to encourage others to follow suit. We can do our part, we just have to do it!

It is time for humanity to begin showing respect to the earth and respecting each other as well. We need to pay attention to the messages creator has left for us all, to show love to the world, to each other and to ourselves. It is time to set aside the talking and move ourselves into action! We have come to this planet with one main purpose, to learn how to love again and become reconnected with our souls and become authentic beings. We are not truly who we see ourselves to be today, we are empty shells of what we COULD be if we were not so lost and consumed by the fear of becoming more. Let us begin to find the courage to love ourselves, love each other and in doing so create a loving world.

Blessings to you all,


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