Dearly Beloveds,

I come today to speak of the importance of having faith and belief and letting go of hope and doubt. Yes dear ones, I said let go of hope. While residing in the third dimension one may have had hope, but moving into 4D and 5D there is no doubt, no fear, and only Love. I see many Lightworkers still using words such as possibly and hopefully. It may not be known to many but these words are only a sugar coating of fear. If One has hope then they do not believe 110% in themselves to manifest their own reality.

Remember beloveds we are most powerful Beings when we live from the heart and have no doubts. Do not downplay your gifts, yout gifts to hear things telepathically, your gifts to see into the higher dimensions, your gift of knowing. All is possible nothing is impossible.

Believe in yourself and have faith. The divine blueprint is well underway, Archangel Michael, and We, his Legions will not stop until the Divine Blueprint has been completed. So fear no more the dark and walk forward with your head held high and illuminate the darkness.

For Archangel Michael’s Legion numbers in the 100 of millions and there are already a number of us on Earth who were born here or have came in as walk ins. So, live by the light and love yourself unconditionally until it overflows, allowing you to love all others unconditionally.

I Am Yesu and I send my Love and Light to all of you.


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