Jesus: Something of Enormous Significance Is Shortly to Come into View

Jesus: Something of Enormous Significance Is Shortly to Come into View

Note from Wes: I have never seen such a profound example of channels coming together and agreeing with each other than I have as of late with the discussion of the needed manifestation of an ‘event’ as Sierra Neblina, Jesus via John and the Hathors via Yours Truly have called it, of ‘enormous significance’ as Jesus explains. 

It seems that the dear Ascended Masters, of whom Jesus is certainly apart of, are drawing-up and finalizing their plans to the extent that they are becoming quite comfortable with expressing the manifestation of this ‘event’ through many different channels. 

As channelled by John Smallman – August 1, 2012

Excitement mounts as the most pivotal moment in all of human history draws ever closer.

Examples of previous pivotal moments in your more recent history have been: the telephone; the establishment of an electricity grid; the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria leading to the first world war; radio broadcasting; the nuclear bomb; worldwide travel for all; computers; the Internet. And all of these are as nothing compared to what is about to occur.

Many of you are spending a lot of time attempting to imagine what will happen to humanity and the planet as you all awaken from the illusion. If it excites and encourages your optimism about your future, then that is very appropriate because optimism is an essential frame of mind with which to embrace and move forwards towards awakening. Your most creative imaginings of what is about to come into being are but the palest shadows of what is actually to occur.

Optimism is a very powerful energy that includes enthusiasm, cooperation, and harmony, and which brings with it happiness as an added benefit. You all have every reason to be extremely optimistic as the changes and developments leading to awakening unfold all across the planet.

Make a point of focusing on the marvelous events that are bringing people together in friendship and love on a scale never before been seen on Earth. It is most definitely going to be a defining moment in humanity’s ongoing evolution as you awaken into the boundless Reality that is your eternal Home.

As you get ever closer to this exhilarating event, your momentum is increasing. No longer is there the least chance of you arresting your progress, let alone of turning back. Your arrival is inevitable, as divinely promised ever since the separation from God apparently occurred. Your intent to awaken continues to intensify as more and more of the human inhabitants of Planet Earth start getting intuitive feelings, telling them that something of enormous importance and significance is shortly to come into view, beyond the horizon that presently encloses the world that you see and in which all your activities currently take place.

Many are feeling on edge, unsettled, unsure, as the energies that are carrying you forwards strengthen and intensify even further in order to whisk you firmly and directly on your way. There will be no more deviations or detours as you follow the divine super-highway to your heavenly destination – your tanks are full and will remain so – and there is no need to stop en route for provisions of any kind.

It is as though you had been catapulted into space with your ship fully victualed for the journey, and your course precisely calculated to ensure that you capture the added impetus to your trajectory that is available as you pass through the orbits of various other planets to speed you securely on your way.

You have been doing extremely well in your efforts to let go of attitudes and behaviors that restrain or restrict you from being open and honest in your dealings and communications with others. Now is the time for you to engage fully with the divine energies that are enveloping the planet, and to release whatever else is holding you back from doing so – any beliefs that are in any way unloving, and the grievances, resentments, lack of ability to forgive, or judgments that are entangled with them.

You are being offered limitless assistance with your closing tasks so that your Light may burn ever more brightly, demonstrating to all that Love is the answer to every issue, problem, disagreement, or conflict that is engaging the minds and hearts of humanity.

The upswell in Love enveloping the planet is quite astounding as the meditative intents of enormous numbers of you combine together to further assist you all in releasing the remaining chains of chaos and confusion that are still binding you to the illusion.

You are most definitely firmly established on your way, and nothing can prevent your arrival at your heavenly destination.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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4 comments on “Jesus: Something of Enormous Significance Is Shortly to Come into View

  1. enyiah says:

    At long last….an understatement. I am so glad and thankful and I look forward with accelerated anticipation for our reunion!!

  2. lilium789 says:

    Hello dear Wes,thank uuuuuuuuuu!!!much love and blessings!shared.

  3. Jane says:

    What drives me forward, is the thought, that I might just be able to see and talk to a person I love who passed to spirit in the year of 2011, i hope this may happen, that would be amazing , to talk to them as a healed person, I say person, because I do not know if they are a ball of energy , that would ‘feel’ l ike my loved one, I hope that they may still have a body that looks like my love. everthing else is icing on a lovely new cosmic cake:)

  4. florecita says:

    It’s wonderful to know that in living in these times of great changes and that life is meaningless without loving oneself and being appreciated for all which im very greatful to the divine power in all,and await patiently for this most greatful event ever to occur upon the ignorant of human race. i believe in that divine power that the truth will occur to the naked eyes of many

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