Ann Albers ~ Messages From Ann And The Angels ~ 4 August 2012

Message from the Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much.


When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! You’ve all heard the saying and truly we espouse this principle in the heavens because we know that every adventure you experience there upon your planet earth is an opportunity to bring more love, more light, more truth, and greater inspiration into your lives. Every challenge has its blessings. Every trial gives you greater strength. Every fearful situation is an opportunity to embrace greater faith.


When you don’t like where you are at in life, embrace where you are at. Say, “Ok, I’m here!” How do I treat myself with kindness. You have a tendency as human beings to try to assign blame to yourself or others when you are not happy with your present condition. Instead of worrying about what you did wrong, or what someone else did to you, it is far more productive to say, “Here I am. What can I learn? How can I grow? What is the greater truth I can embrace here and now?”


You cannot move forward in your life by looking backwards. You cannot change your reality by beating yourself up for past decisions. You cannot find your God given power if you blame others for your situations. Instead dear ones, own the power that God gave you right here, and right now. Say to yourself, “I am loved beyond reason. I just forgot.” “I am blessed with all that I will ever need. I just tried to manage life on my own.” “I am connected to everything and everyone that exists. I simply perceive loneliness.” “My soul is whole and healthy. I choose to embrace that reality.” Little by little as you embrace these eternal truths, inside of your very being, your outer reality will begin to conform as well.

Dear ones, you are powerful beyond measure. You can create amazing grace in your life or you can create incredible challenges. No matter where you find yourself you always have opportunities to create more love, to bring more of God’s light and truth into any given situation, and to love the beautiful and amazing being that God created you to be. Choose love dear ones… no matter what. It will transform your entire existence.


God bless you. We love you so very much.
–– The Angels
Message from Ann

Hi All,

I’m doing much better after last week’s adventures in health and home. The body is healing and although it might take some time to get back to normal, I’m eating so nutritiously I should be glowing. Within a month or so my house should be squeaky clean as well, as the insurance folks get the contractors in to remove the smoky smell. All in all, there is a silver lining even though the adventures were extremely challenging.


I realize looking back that I got myself in such a mess by internalizing emotions again. That is a big “no no” for someone whose body is so sensitive that I can feel a bee flying through my aura three feet away. I should have known better. Nonetheless, I chose not to beat myself up because that wouldn’t have helped at all.


The angels have really taught me over the years that there is no point to worrying about the future, and no point to looking back at the past. In fact, there is no point to doing anything really but being present with yourself right here and right now and acknowledging your own feelings in the moment. So when I made a mess of my health, rather than worrying about what could happen, or beating myself up for what I could have done better, I just got present with the fact that I needed both help and comfort.


I called my friend James Walker who is a wonderful meditation instructor, massage therapist, and healer. He not only ran errands for me but was a life saver as he did hours of energy work to get my system back in balance. The angels suggested I contact a client who has this wonderful energy machine as well. Cherie Landgraf started running a program on her equipment that detects and balances stresses in the body and somehow magically is mitigating the smoke smell in my house as well until the real cleaners arrive. It is really helping. Other clients and friends graciously added me to their prayer lists and offered help as well.


When you find yourself with challenges try not to waste time looking back, or worrying forward. Try to say, “Ok, here I am now. What do I need? What can I do? What do I know to do and what must I give to God?” Affirm truth. Choose love. It is indeed the quickest way out of a tough situation. I should know… I’ve inadvertently created quite a few in my life and thankfully, have learned to get out of them just as quickly! As I face a lot of work on my home to clean it out from the fire smell, I have no idea how I’m going to manage rescheduling clients, taking time off without pay, etc. It doesn’t matter. God does. I’m not going to worry, nor will I look back. I just trust that God’s grace is and always will be at work in my life… and so it will be!


Try it this week. See if you can pick a challenge in your life and refuse to look back or refuse to worry. Be with what is now… and see how it starts to transform. In the words of “Star Trek” … “Resistance is futile!”

Hugs and love!
Ann link to original article

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