SanJAsKa on the Number and Colors of Galactic Ships in our Skies

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

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We are now stationing our ships all around your atmosphere, as while there have been many of us stationing ourselves in your skies for a long time, we have been given the authority to increase the number of us prevalent in your skies in the days and weeks ahead. We will be able to make ourselves known in more bold ways via Cloud Ships and other types of phenomenon that many awakening souls will notice and be able to understand is a sign of our presence in your skies.

At present, we are preparing ourselves to land on your world and make diplomatic contacts and efforts with all of your nations, many of whom are quite aware of our presence and our immediate wish to be on the ground with you. Time has now run out and our options have waned down to be in line with the final merging timelines and scenarios that are being brought forth and brought together on your world.

You are experiencing the upheavals and the surfacing of trauma that has been discussed numerous times, and you are feeling as well the departure of the old as your world readies Herself for our full presence upon Her surface. You are readying yourselves as well for our imminent arrival by going through the surfacing of former emotions and traumas, which will see you a better vessel to absorb the Lighted energies we will be giving you, which you will note are quite strong from our simple presence around you.

This is because we come from realities wherein this energy is quite normal and all are used to the flowing, radiant auras and colors that some of us choose to take form as. These colors are the pure energy of Love, of Source, and these are the colors which construct your very souls and bodies.

These colors are very prevalent among our many Motherships and Star Ships, and you will see whenever we are able to become openly known on your world that our ships themselves possess auras which fly around with us as we make our ventures throughout your world. Despite the density that has been fed and adhered to on your surface for so very long, special admissions are being made allowed so that we can express our full Light and radiance without it becoming too much for your dear Earth souls.

We ask you now to continue on in your process of readying yourselves for the disclosures and impending revelations which have been waiting for so very long to burst forth, as they are just beginning to make themselves known.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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6 comments on “SanJAsKa on the Number and Colors of Galactic Ships in our Skies

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  2. Waverider1 says:

    Thanks, Wes and SanJAsKa. Yes, I’ve been seeing the ships more, and how they are being way more obviously NOT ‘stars’. Stars don’t emit three different colors simultaneously, and the colors don’t change several times per second (nor does one stay the same while other points of light change rapidly). To sum up, I can personally confirm this expansion of both ‘visibility’ and numbers.
    Wes, I really appreciated your ‘telling it all’ in that post the other day (your childhood as a braided walk-in, etc.). That took serious guts, dude. Eternal kudos. Also, SanJAsKa is on my personal ‘Oval Table’ (it’s not quite round), sits directly to my right. He showed up around two months ago — both in my head, in my bedroom, and then on my council — as a liason from the GalFed. I believe that he will be my first direct contact on the physical plane, my debriefing rep, and my temporary host as I get reacquainted with old friends, cohorts and family. Thanks for channeling him for others. He’s an upstanding, solid individual.

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