An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael and Commander Ashtar

In this upcoming Hour with an Angel, I’ll be dividing the hour down between Archangel Michael and Ashtar.  Archangel Michael I’ll be asking to go over the events we can expect in the next five months culminating in Ascension.

How will our bodies change and how will we experience those changes?  Will there be a smooth and gradual rise in our experience of love and bliss or will there be definite steps and plateaus? Are we still on target for a Dec. 21 Ascension or might it happen earlier? If it happened earlier, would it happen for all or just those who are somehow deemed “ready”? And what does it mean to be ready?

In the second half with Ashtar, I will be asking him to go over the history of Disclosure since Oct. 14, 2008 and tell us what happened to postpone Disclosure on so many occasions? Were the galactics sincerely wanting and attempting to disclose or were they simply raising our energy levels around the matter? How does the cabal operate to postpone Disclosure? How does an event like the Denver shootings move the date back? Did the divine deadline pass in early July or early August? And what does it mean that the divine deadline passed?

Come join us Monday at 5:00 pm Pacific time, 8:00 Eastern.


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