Jennifer Hoffman – Message From Uriel – Change Your Thought Dimension – 6 August 2012

Jennifer Hoffman – Message From Uriel – Change Your Thought Dimension – 6 August 2012

I bought a new computer last week, even though it’s Mercury retrograde and you aren’t supposed to buy electronic items at that time. But with the back to school sales and a tax free weekend, the price was perfect so I took the plunge. And I got a Mercury retro gift – I paid the same amount for my new as for my old one that I bought 5 years ago. Now I don’t like buying new computers because I get very used to my work equipment. It’s familiar, I have it all set up the way I like, and a new computer means doing that all over again. But my current computer runs so slowly that it’s impacting my productivity, its 80 GB hard drive is nearly full, it doesn’t have enough RAM to run many applications or internet pages and it’s slowing me down. So I had to change my thoughts, embrace the need for change and get a new one (moving me into a new dimension of technology).

I could have bought a new computer a few years ago but I didn’t need one as badly then and to be honest, I have gotten used to how slowly my old computer runs. Yes it impacts my productivity and it’s frustrating, but over time I have learned how to deal with it (sometimes by just shutting it down).  So I’m sure that once I see how much faster the new computer is I’ll wonder why I put up with the old one for so long. There’s a short answer to that, I don’t like change. The longer answer is I got used to the way things were. And this is what we do to resist change until the need for it becomes so overwhelming that we don’t have any other choice.  No matter how much we want change, though, the dimension and vibration we want to be in have to match our thoughts because it is our thought energy that creates our reality.

The pain and suffering we experience through life are over once we decide we’re ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’. With a single thought we can move ourselves from frustration to effortlessness, from confusion to certainty and from despair to joy. But what does it take to get us to that thought? Sometimes quite a lot. We get used to our pain and often work so hard just to get through each day that we don’t have the energy, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, to even consider change because we think it’s going to involve more hard work and suffering. All it involves, though, is a change in thought dimension.

Our thoughts exist at the dimension of our vibration and if we change that dimension, our thoughts reflect the new dimension. If you are tired of the density, fear and confusion of 3D, take your thoughts into a higher dimension and that also shifts your reality. Now you are beyond density, fear and confusion, you feel powerful, in the flow, energized and motivated. You can tackle the changes you want to make from new angles and with a different perspective. Can you handle the ripple effects of the changes? If you don’t worry about it they will become effortless too. When you consider that change can shift the dimension you live in, it may make it a little more appealing and easier to consider. So shift your thought dimension, take a situation you would like to change and imagine it in a higher vibration, a new dimension and then step into it with grace and ease.

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One comment on “Jennifer Hoffman – Message From Uriel – Change Your Thought Dimension – 6 August 2012

  1. george says:

    yea i bought one a few months ago but i dont recomend feeding the war machine.even though they can just print more money lol

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