It’s Your Turn to Ask Sierra those Intriguing Questions on “Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond”

Sierra Neblina was the Guest last week on “The Light Agenda” and was Recently Interviewed by Steve Beckow.  Now it’s Your Turn to ask Sierra Your Questions on “Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond”

Tuesday, live at 9pm ET, 6pm PT

Call-in Number:   323-784-9697

OR click here for the Internet connection:

Sierra Neblina’s life has been one extraordinary path.  From Dream Walking as a child, working as a professional Medium with various police departments, to now assisting the Galatics in the containment process and being involved in Disclosure negotiations.  What an amazing life.  So now it’s your turn to ask Sierra those intriguing questions.

Join Dave Schmidt and Sierra as they open the phone lines and receive your thoughts, ideas and questions.

To join the radio program click on the link above or in the right hand column under InLight Radio.

Intro music is by Frederic Delarue, “Dance of Love” from the album Dolphins……A Message of Love

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