Unfortunate Day Off

Friends, as much as it pains me I will have to take the day off today. I’ve had an ear infection for quite a few days and it has worsened today, making posting just too much of a chore. I truly don’t like to take two days out of the week off as I have this week, but I must allow myself to simply be for now, in hopes that this ailment will heal soon.

No matter what, I will be back tomorrow. Tune in then, dear friends. :)

Much Love,

Wes :)

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11 comments on “Unfortunate Day Off

  1. lilium789 says:

    much love to you,dear Wes!

  2. lilium789 says:

    love to you,dear Wes.

  3. Cheryl W. says:

    Wes, I think it’s important tha, as part of preparing for a new world, we learn to take time off regularly to just relax, do nothing, and have fun. Even without an ear infection. Take as much time as you need, with one caveat…NO GUILT! :)

  4. Johnny Posey says:

    Be well Wes : )

  5. antoniatailor says:

    Dear Wes, get well and don’t worry! Love, Antonia

  6. Janina Giedraitiene says:

    Colloidal silver drops into the ear should be very effective.

  7. Dear Wes,sending love and healing vibes.

  8. C says:

    You deserve some time off, I wish you to get well soon and renew your strengths. Much love.

  9. lesleehare says:

    Best wishes for swift and lasting healing, Wes! Love you!

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