“Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond” Aug. 7th Radio Program Summary


This Week the Program was Opened to Callers as They Asked Sierra Intriguing Questions.

Each week we post a summary of the radio program with the minute and second mark of the discussion.  This allows you to go the specific discussion spot in the program.  Thanks to Janice for writing the summary.  You may click on the link below to go straight to the program.  Enjoy!


InLight Radio – LET’S TALK 2012 AND BEYOND – August 7, 2012:  Dave Schmidt with guest, Sierra Neblina

3:00 – Dave’s introduced guest, Sierra Neblina, and gave biographical information about her including her traumatic childhood experiences, her mother, and men in black.

09:44 – Sierra began by talking about some posting by other sites following her comments on last week’s program when she spoke about being an observer at a meeting of the galactics and earth government representatives.  Sierra wanted to clear up some confusion that was generated.   Sierra described her experiences and background. She corrected the misunderstanding regarding possible disclosure on August 4th.  She never said disclosure would happen on this date.  The galactics gave the government representatives a deadline of August 4 to do what they had agreed regarding disclosure,  and if they didn’t, the galactics  would begin actions on disclosure themselves.

19:23 – Sierra was asked if she had seen any changes regarding disclosure since August 4th.  Sierra mentioned the increase in UFO sightings, the release of information that has accelerated, and the people of influence and power who are changing and coming forward.  Dave mentioned several examples. Sierra advised people to be patient and to watch.   The galactics would prefer disclosure to come from the governments themselves to prepare the people.    Dave read from an inspiring article about how disclosure comes from inside-out through the law of attraction.  As we focus on the level of vibration within, we can all accelerate disclosure as a collective.

28:22 – Caller, Ann, noted Sierra’s past speculation that Obama may be a walk- in and asked how this is  working for Obama and if it was making a difference. Sierra said the galactics told her Obama was working with an attachment walk- in and was receiving guidance.   She spoke about meeting Obama recently in Denver when it became clear to her that Obama was involved with the galactics so that he can assist in the shift.  She noted how genuinely concerned he was about the suffering of the people there.

33:05 – Caller, Julian, asked Sierra how she incorporates being gay in her life and work.  Sierra spoke about the uniqueness of the earth in dividing the masculine and feminine and how other civilizations in the cosmos are more omnisexual.  She said everyone must be who they are.   As long as one lives with love and compassion, one can live with integrity.   She spoke about her upbringing and how difficult it was for a long time until she came into acceptance.

40:30 – Caller, Samara, asked Sierra how to connect with the galactics.   Sierra said that anyone on the planet could have contact.   First we must begin to work on our bodies. This would include eating well and doing practices (meditating, yoga, being in nature, etc).   We should ask the galactics for contact and give them parameters on when and how to contact us.   Some are having contact at night and just not remembering.   She gave suggestions on how to remember.

49:00 – Caller, William, spoke about the 1984 Olympics closing ceremony in which a UFO was projected as a hologram and asked Sierra if the 2012 closing ceremony would feature an actual UFO de-cloaking.  Sierra mentioned again the increase in sightings and said she has no definitive information about what would happen at the current Olympics.

52:22 – Caller, Cindy, told Sierra she was doing some missions for the galactics at night but could not remember. Sierra spoke again about foods and water that are especially unhelpful for activating the third eye and vibration.  She spoke of the daily discipline needed in order to develop a one-on-one communication with Source.

59:30-6:00 – Technical interruption.   60:20 – Dave described his new eating plan, weight loss and increased energy.

62:29 – Caller Francesca, asked Sierra what would happen with the children who will ascend but whose parents will stay in 3D and if babies will be born in 5D and higher.     Sierra mentioned that any children without their parents in the higher dimensions will have care by special beings. She also spoke about the “claiming” process whereby a being ascending to 5D or above, could “claim” a loved one and bring them along.   In our planet, there are 12 dimensions and we can still be in bodies in these dimension. Until we evolve away from separate male and female bodies, children will be born in these higher dimensions as they are now.

70:57 – Caller, Sarah, spoke about her personal relationship and Sierra suggested they have a private chat.

73:05 – Caller Sheila, asked Sierra if containment acts on the person at a physical level as well as a spiritual level.  Do the persons remember or know they are in containment?  Sierra said that most people will remember.  When a person is in containment, a bubble of energy is around them in 3D; and if that person violates their containment agreement, they will feel  a physical jolt of energy, followed by a powerful energy of love.  Sierra reminded everyone that containment is a process of rehabilitation.

78:25 – Caller, Lynn, asked how ascension relates to the Book of Revelations in the Bible.  Dave took the question as he is a former Christian pastor.  Dave pointed out the difference that separates the philosophy of the 2012 Scenario group and some of the Christian teachings in the Bible. The difference is the concept of duality as expressed in the Bible versus the belief in oneness.  He spoke of the politics behind the decisions as to what was to be included or excluded from the Bible.  These decisions were based on control, fear and exclusion.  Regarding the “rapture” Dave said he still believes in it, but not as represented by the Bible.  The rapture, he said, relates to ascension which will be available to everyone, not just a select few.  Dave suggested she look at his articles on the website for more information.

90:01-90:18   Technical difficulties    90:19 – Sierra spoke about her experiences with Sasquatch (big foot) when she was younger and had telepathic communication with the being.  Caller, Thomas, described his meetings with Sasquatch clans, who taught him many spiritual truths.    Dave spoke of reading that Sasquatch beings are of high intelligence and can become visible or invisible at will.  William said they can raise their vibration up and down to do this.

106:46 – Caller, Dale, asked Sierra if we will all ascend at once or in stages.  Sierra said her understanding was that ascension will be in phases – groups ascending at different times.   We will be taking our physical bodies with us and there will be healing chambers available to repair our bodies.

109:35 – Caller Mary Beth, asked Sierra if, at ascension, people will actually choose to leave loved ones and will they feel differently about this then.   Sierra spoke again about the concept of “claiming” and some of the concerns about the density these people will still need to release while in the higher dimensions.  Sierra said that if critical mass is reached, these people could be pulled into ascension.  There would still be choice.

118:28 – Caller, Cynthia, asked Sierra about the difference between reincarnation and  the walk-in experience, especially with respect to Obama, who she heard was the reincarnation of President Lincoln.  Sierra explained reincarnation and the walk-in experience. She repeated that Obama has an attachment walk-in who is guiding and coaching him.

121.54 – Caller, Ray, spoke about his recent physical symptoms, including a low pitch sound in his ear, tunnel vision, and seeing colors.  Sierra confirmed these were typical ascension symptoms.  The toning in ears is a downloading of higher energy vibration that helps prepare for ascension.  Sierra suggested that he consider chakra balancing work which could also help.  Ray spoke of his beliefs about Obama’s past lives.

129:01 – Caller, Michael, asked Sierra how to prepare for ascension while also dealing with financial difficulties.  Sierra said we still have to operate in 3D, and when the problems arise, we can stay focused on positive things such as being grateful for what we have and the people we love.  Continue to try to find integrity in life.

124:10 -135:47 Technical difficulties

135:58 – Caller, Dee, asked Sierra how to prepare for ascension regarding practical things like homes and possessions.  Sierra advised that we should get our affairs in order such as having a will in place.

138:52 – Caller, Brenda, asked Sierra if we will have a chance to give others notice we will ascend and a chance to say good-bye. Sierra advised that we should be attempting to share with people now what we believe and broach the topics we discuss here in as loving a way as possible.  This will help prepare them for what will be happening.

141.41 – Caller, Claudia, asked about those who stay in the third dimension. Will they know about others’ ascension? Will they know they are gone?  Sierra said yes, they would know that others are no longer around.  There will be teachers and way-showers that will remain in 3D to help them.  Dave talked about the massive portal of light that will draw many into the higher dimensions while some will resist.

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