Bringing the Light Back ~ The Lighted Ones

My dearest children of love and light I come to share an utmost important message with you on this day. Today my dear children is the day where most of you will ask your selves, why am I here? What am I doing? What Is my purpose? We tell you this you are here because you chose to be here, you chose this life, this moment in “time” to show love be love and share love, nothing more nothing less for as love is of the highest vibration of light. As you share love you are sharing the light, bringing the light back to our dearest mother “planet earth” and all her inhabitants. This is what you are here for thIs IS your purpose this is what you came “here” to do. Can you see that the “dark” Is only the absence of light. And so it is that we come to you to spread ThE message oF love and light….. the lighted one s

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