Lighted Peacemaking

Dear Grand child,

We are here again to overlight the scribing of this message to you and all BELOVED of you upon Earth, which is ALL and everyone and everything.

LIGHT is a power which simply does not discriminate.

LIGHT, when purposely and with pure intent is drawn within the human being through prayer and or meditation and visualization, this LIGHT beams and overflows outward in ever increasing pools, and configurations as you learn more about directing it in the meditation and visualization process.

LIGHT spills out, beams out, in waves in rivulets similar to water. Only at a much faster rate.

Peacemaking is an endeavor. It is not warmaking. Or warmongering.

There are infinite ways to wage and make and preserve PEACE. Lightening UP where you are in this journey upon this Earth is a good way. On yourself, on those around you.
Creating is another way. Writing stories, telling them, drawing, illustrating, painting, making a costume, dancing, singing a soothing lullabye…

Making PEACE within radiates PEACE without which is why there are many messages channeled from various sources now to encourage the inward examination of all that does NOT feel peaceful on the inside, and to repeat affirmations of the I AM nature.

There is no one way or one correct way to process these messages anymore than there is one right way to meditate or pray or visualize.

Simply continue with those endeavors and practices which enlarge your own personal pool of PEACE, as this indeed does help ALL when you do.

And when you simply ARE; BEing and BEAMING.

We love you sooo much to infinity and beyond. The Grandmothers

Join the Healing effort;
Google INEDA Healing Places on the Web

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