Laura – What i Recall from Birth Planning on Ascension | 2012 Indy Info



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  • What i recall from birth planning is:

  • 1- there was not going 2 be a guarantee for the planet 2 ascend back 38 years ago, when i was born

  • 2- we all had 2 work super hard 2 made d shift happen

  • 3- otherwise, EARTH WOULD be destroyed on d surface

  • but a few of us were 2 take refuge in Inner Earth if we were going 2 fail.. all hundereds of thousands of us… or more

  • 4- also i was told Mars also has water and inhabitants under the surface, and they could jump in and help us if our vibs were not going 2 be strong enough 2 help momma Earth ascend

  • 5- it was forseen that very likely we would succeed 2 make Earth ascend

  • 6- in which case, full success would mean the lifting of the veil for all life on earth, while in our bodies and human lives, which has never or almost never happened in d universe before.

  • 7- we were all supposed to work very hard for Earth to ascend and take her population with her into the higher realms

  • 8- if success, we would meet our ultra-dimensional ET family and friends, reunions were going 2 happens and much hugging

  • 9- then it is up 2 each individul, depending on circumstances to remain here for a few more years, or return home

  • either way, in case of ascension, we would no longer know physical death, unless we decide we want to move on and consciously leave our human bodies for higher realms yet

  • 10- when we all ascend, we will see all the air and sky full of golden light… hence golden age i guess, and expressin such as light


    • that is all : HELP EARTH ASCEND BY QUALITY, CONSCIOUS VIBRATIONS added into the general human melting post

    • staying centreed is another way of saying conscious vibrations

    • i was also given a few hints on my relationship with my family, my spiritual work,

    • and i was told that i would not be alone this time around

    • and i was also shown d various locations on earth where i would live during my life

    • and the not alone part is my spiritual groups work journey…

    • and of course having my twin flame incarnated at this time on Earth also

    • and the aim for us was to find one another! lol

  • hope this helped?

    See you onboard Aurora tonight for some of you. Hugs, Laura

Laura – What i Recall from Birth Planning on Ascension | 2012 Indy Info.

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