Channeling Dilemma; What Do You Readers Think?

Friends, I’m undergoing a bit of a self-instated dilemma in relation to the channeled communications given through me. As anybody may notice or point out, the messages given through myself tend to be, well, long. Once a message is usually scribed, my word document will tell me that the pages number up to 6 or 7 most of the time, with numerous paragraphs on each page.

As one may imagine, this is a lot of material to edit [spelling, grammar errors and jumbled letters] for the giving of one message from one individual or collective source. Ego has attempted to pride myself on the giving of long-winded messages as I have wished to give as much information as possible in preparation for events to come. Lately, doing so has began to take a bit of a toll on when I am able to actually publish a message.

For me, scribing a message and not getting it posted for as long as a week later because of the edits that need to be made on such a long message, is unacceptable. Our ascended brethren like to keep current with our fading time as much as they can, and I do not wish to inhibit their ability to do so. 

I have wondered what I could do to be able to bring the scribed messages forth in a more timely manner, as I do not quite wish to stop scribing the longer messages because for me, it seems that the longer I am within the energies of our Guides when scribing messages from them, the purer or more potent information is able to be brought through [within reason of course; eventually the tired and 'burned out' feeling descends].

Even with that subject, I must express that in the future, messages may not always be as long-winded as they usually are as sometimes, while I do enjoy giving the longer messages, a shorter message can contain much purity in itself simply because of the nature of such a message. [I am led to thinking of Aisha North's channelings and how pure they always are, and as well how short they can be on some days while still retaining the same purity].

From counseling with PocahontasBrandy, I have been led to a couple of different possible actions:

1. I may start posting the longer messages in parts [probably only 2 parts] so that I can publish what is edited for spelling and jumbled letters and work on the rest for publishing later, and so you dear readers can absorb a communication through myself without feeling burned out and tired as a result.

2. I could start scribing shorter messages in general. Whether I actually do this will depend entirely on my energy and the potency of my ability to bring through a message at any given time of scribing one. It may well become that at times I give shorter messages, at times I give messages broken up into parts and at times I simply post an entire, long message, in the format that I have been doing thus far. So, messages through myself may fluctuate in quantity of information. But hey, the purity of the information is always what is most important.

These are the two options I have given myself and may employ both of them. I very strongly want to know how you readers feel on this subject, so feel free to post a comment below with your beautiful opinions.

Do you find messages via Yours Truly difficult to read at times because of their length? Is the length something that you appreciate about the messages? I want to hear from you dear readers and determine a course of action based on your responses.

Either way, you can continue to expect a plethora of channeled communications and writings from Yours Truly. So, let’s hear those opinions!

Much Love all,



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26 comments on “Channeling Dilemma; What Do You Readers Think?

  1. Cheryl W. says:

    I think you should not limit yourself to one solution, but incorporate all as the need arises. If one day it’s too long and you’re too tired, simply put “Part 2 to be continued,”, if you’re too tired to do a long one, do a short one, but if you feel lots of energy and have the time then do a longer one. :)

  2. I always enjoy your posts but, yes I do find some of them long-winded. I think shorter messages overall is a good choice and on occasion, a two-parter when necessary as decided by you and your team

  3. Paul M says:

    Hi Wes, before I found your site, I always looked forward to seeing your channelings being posted on the2012scenario, both because they always resonate well with me, and definitely due to their length as well. There are so many short reads out there that it was nice seeing a good, detailed message that took more than 3-5 minutes go through!

    Now that I browse your site more, I’ll admit that sometimes the length can get overwhelming, but the reality is that (as I see it anyway) you are one of the few channels who posts long messages that still retain their depth and clarity throughout. Perhaps you might consider posting a mixture of both long and short messages? You have been an inspiration for myself to the point that I am now gaining the ability to channel in several sentences at a time (on a good day haha,) because what you describe in such detail has somehow helped me in connecting with my own higher self. I can’t explain it, but whatever you are putting in these long-winded messages has helped me along in my own journey back to reality (perhaps we’re Pleiadian brothers from another life?? :D)

    At any rate, do what you feel is achievable without burning out or losing clarity. If you need to break a long message into parts, then I personally think that is a respectable direction to take, because the detail will remain, and you will have your necessary rest. Just don’t cut off something that might be important because you don’t think it is making it’s way to the readers- it is!

    Keep up the good work :)

    • Cheryl W. says:

      I agree with Paul. Yours is the one channeling I most look forward to and trust. there are other channels I read, but the one that speaks to my heart is yours. And I, too, get so much more out of your long Channelings.

      Maybe you could cut out the summaries in your newsletter, since we have already read your Channelings, it seems like maybe a waste of your precious time?

      Just a thought…

  4. Maureen says:

    It is not for us to place any limitation on your work. As it is received so shall you give. Thank you for all you do Dear one. love and light peace balance and harmony is our way.


  5. Dear Wes,

    I must admit to being really impressed by the high level of your channeling and the amount of information you manage to transmit. Personally I love having a really long channeling to read from someone who is accessing a lot of high level information.

    I expect you will find a way to be flexible about how you do it so that you don’t find yourself getting burnt out. Many of us are grateful to read whatever you are able to post.

    If you ever want to post a long channeling that you do not have time to edit, may I offer myself as an editor? I have edited very long pieces and grammar and spelling is not a problem for me.

    Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide. :)

  6. sandi says:

    I am sorry to say that the Long windedness? has put me off at times. Sometimes seeming repetltive? But I do keep coming back!
    I have come to appreciate you and your efforts!
    It took awhile, but here I am—still!
    Love and kisses*(?)

  7. Spanish Dancer says:

    Wes, the way Kauilapele highlights the most important points of his posts (above the full post) ensures that if it is too long for all his readers to handle, this way all are able to be up to speed with what is really important.

    I´m thinking that because you want us to receive the information asap, and time is definitely accelerating even more, maybe you could start out with the highlights and then catch up with the full details over a few days or so.

    I know you will do a great job whichever way you decide to handle it.

  8. jbouwer says:

    Why not both? When you feel up to it, give a longer message, perhaps once a week or so. For the remainder a shorter (less tiring) message will suffice.

    At the end of the day you are the one channeling and you know best.

    Light and love,


  9. the dave says:

    Thanks for your efforts in bringing us the info. I don’t think grammar and spelling are that important as long as you get the gist of the info across. What if you just posted what you wrote down the first time and left it at that?

  10. Mike says:

    I actually like the long messages :D

  11. k9 says:

    Wes, I love your messages. Long or short, I’ll read them all. Do what you think is best to keep down the stress. I personally read so many channeled messages that it takes a significant amount of my free time. I’ve been here since I was lead to find your site soon after its conception and will be here till… I do sence some stress from you regarding bringing these loving messages forth and trying to make a living, money, etc… May abundance be with you. Peace…

  12. Shiela says:

    Wes, I am often amazed at the quality of your grammer and punctuation. It far exceeds most other channels and I wondered how much time you spend editing. I spend about 6 hours a day reading posts, so often I have to skip the long ones or scan for the important parts, so I can get through everything. There is so much info right now that we can’t get behind or we’ll never catch up. I think you can shorten your posts without risking the information/content because you, obviously, are extremely intelligent and can find a way to use fewer words. The same goes for the newsletters. You are working yourself to death in your effort to be true to your calling. You won’t last long if you try to keep up the pace you’re at. We want you to stick around because you are REALLY the REAL DEAL. And, you do a family, too. Love you so much.

  13. Kalna Yamski says:

    Less is more as long as it is to the point and doesent go all fluffy bunnny new agey or to spiritual churchy. Which actually your scribings dont do.So do as ya heart feels at the time.

  14. Pat Sullivan says:

    Wes – I believe that your channels and your personal messages are pertinent to where we are and to where we are going, those on the light trail. The length of the messages to me is irrelevant as it is the message you share that is most important. This decison is truly up to you as I know without a doubt that your heart is within each channel and each message you post and you are one of those on the forefront that has created the circumstances that give each one of us, myself included , a sense of hope that everything will eventually be Okay and I mean here in this moment of the now.

    I have seen that you follow your heart and please continue to do that. I want to thank you for being here in these times we are in as there can be uncertainty and you certainly shine bright.

  15. Raynelle says:

    My Dear Brother Wes,

    I love, love, love your beautiful vibration and I appreciate greatly the love instilled messages that you channel. I do gently state however, that I have found the channelings long-winded (to use your term) and I tend to lose attention after a bit (maybe it’s me ADHD, entirely possible :-)). I tend to resonate with the medium to medium-long messages such as Saul, Salusa, Aisha and WhiteCloud. I trust that you will make your heart decision to shorten or multi-part the messages as your soul guides, yet, either way my brother I will continue to appreciate your channelings of service. Thank you so very much.

    Love to You.!!

  16. ksense says:

    I don’t have issue with your posts but if it would help you, maybe a “bullet points” or highlights posting would work. Only you can decide what, if anything, should be omitted.

  17. 1susie1 says:

    Dearest Wes… I have a solution. Software called DRAGON Naturally Speaking. It is speech recognition software and will type as you speak. Once the transcript is done; you go back and tweak words out of the ordinary like SanJasKa. MS Word software will do a check on punctuation. I purchased the DRAGON software for $34.99 and sent in the bar code for a $20.00 rebate. When you channel, the recording of speech can be moved via the software into a text transcript by an administrative assistant. (I may be able to lend a hand and a heart…) Please ALLOW the length of the messages, for we all are in such an intense place of holding the Love and Light for Dear Gaia and all of Humanity. Our actions ripple out to the entire Multiverse, so please let this issue you have raised stay open for resolution with Synchronicity and Bliss. So Be It ~ Be It So and It Is Done! Much Love with Joy… Susie

  18. Geoff says:

    I never noticed they were long. If you have a feel for the message, you should feel free to make it more concise and eloquent. Channeling today is a partnership.

  19. Chris McDermott says:

    Dear Wes. First, many thanks for your tireless, selfless, work. Absolutely wonderful. I KNOW how time consuming, and tiring, editing one’s own writing can be. I know from absolutely nothing when it comes to editing a channeled message. It must be exhausting. I’m with ‘the Dave’. Forget speling! forget tpyos! nobody cares. Trust me. You will save immense energy. On a personal note, I love all messages, the longer, the better. I send you my Love and Light, eveyday. Chris

  20. Stephen Jackson says:

    Wes…I for one enjoy the long messages. They leave me much to consider. They are like life. There is no one event that will describe who I am or where I am going…only constant clues that ‘drop’ into my understanding and enhance my knowing. The more life events there are, the more clues I have to consider. Some of your channellings are like this for me. Some will find this tedious but few have found a better way.

  21. Pamela says:

    How about letting someone (maybe me for now) help you edit your information? typo’s spelling….are things I could certainly help with while I’m still in a lull period of inner transformation…just a thought.

  22. Hi Wes..
    It is incredible work you do. Thank you very much for your time and energy, you gift us all.
    I would welcome if you could include some shorter (1-2 pages) messages (or “hilited” versions of longer messages) from time to time.
    Every Blessing and Much Love

  23. devapriya says:

    wes, i so much cherish your messages, in whatever form they come <3…

    why not just go with the energy? what comes easily, is right. what drains, has some metal concepts inbedded with it.

    our capacity to plug into the pool of consciousness accelerates by the day. which might make messages shorter and more punctuated in the course of aligning.

    with my own work on the inner planes i experience, that during the time i used to need before for busying myself with one issue, by now 3-5 are floating into my consciousness and are easily worked on.

    i suspect the same with the work of our beloved channelers. the love-and-light-information of a message comes instantly, the longest part is to translate it into words. and i sense, by watching how this heppens more and more fluently for me, that it will ease for many of us.

    take care of yourself, dear, and keep it easy, please <3… if you need help in editing a long text, i'll happily help out…

    much love and a huge hug – devapriya

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