Love – The Lighted Ones

With these few days ahead we bring you the utmost appreciation and respect for the decisions you will be making as others may seem them one way and you may see them another. It is because their eyes are just opening to all the “really” is. In the your heart you know the “truth”. In your heart you know you come from a place of “love” a place of “understanding”. In your heart is your soul, is your “god source” the light. This is who you truly are. Live each day with the love of your heart, the love of your soul, the love of your true being…. as this is who YOU truly ARE. Be not afraid dear children to live your truth as you are the LIGHT, you are the consciousness of love that has been brought here to resurrect this world into the next. Into the light of LOVE. Yes you may know all this, buy when you put it into play do to speak the world around you may not. It may frown apron your actions, thoughts, and behaviors. Please my children of light, do not let this discourage you from your purpose here on earth. You and only can make the changes you so wish to see. Much love…. for now… the lighted ones.

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