Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, 4th Issue

This is a preview of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly paid Newsletter. This is an entirely new facet of the work that I give, which we are offering for $11.11 a month. If the material given resonates and is of service and you find yourself in a good financial situation – every subscription helps us to continue performing the free work that we happily give. 

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fourth issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will discuss updates from SanJAsKa and Solara, a being who exists within the Seventh Ray of our Sun. We will also begin to explore collectively blessing and giving Light during our astral travels, and I will answer questions about the experience of ascension for those who are mentally and physically handicapped.

To begin, SanJAsKa draws the link between our collective and individual awakening, and the physical technologies and revelations we are to be given in the immediate period ahead.

“Along with the innovations which are being reached and will continue to be reached in your growth as a collective, you will find innovations made and given in the area of your technologies that you all have vastly earned at this time. While there are many on your world who are still a bit stuck within the old, fabricated mindsets, heart sets and limited notions of what reality is and what is and isn’t possible within your sphere of reality, brave and courageous souls all around your beautiful world have stepped up and offered the answers to your world’s biggest pollution-based problems.” –SanJAsKa


SanJAsKa tells us that part of the plans of the dark included covering up any remembrances of the free energy-points on our world, so as to instate gasoline and electricity [much more profitable means for those who are the ‘givers’ of such things] and keep us feeding dense and outdated lifestyles.

“A part of this plan has been to destroy any remembrance and knowledge of the grid points of energy on your world that have been utilized in your past to feed clean and free energy-based devices and methods of transport. The dark instead wished to build quite literally over many of such spiritual centers and energy points, much more pollution-based and dense methods of finding energy and of powering your Lives.

Electricity and gasoline have been the most dense methods of powering transport and a modern lifestyle that have been established on your world, and the clean and free energy that is to be rightfully reinstated in the time ahead will see you all much more free and uninhibited in your travel and in your manifestations.”

I personally look forward to being able to fly around in my starship [which we will all be given in the time ahead if we so choose] or using a replicator device with built-in free energy-based stargate technology, to find that ‘uninhibited travel’ mentioned by dear SanJAsKa.

We are asked to prepare ourselves for the very idea of instantaneous travel, and to imagine being able to vacation when and where we want among other things.


Rather than hearing this week from the Ascended Masters or the Hathors, I would like to introduce an ascended soul existing within the realms of our Sun, who has been helping to funnel down the energies which Create our reality and which help us and our world to ascend. Solara has come through Yours Truly a few times to issue energy updates and provide us with information about our Sun, and this dear soul shares some knowledge and information with us this week.

To begin the communiqué, Solara discusses the strength of the energy being sent to our world.

“How our Sun has been brimming with the energy in which we are helping to send to your world! Many sources have been issuing energy updates as of late and we say that the energy being given by and through the realms of our Sun at this point are revolutionary in magnitude, strength and in the amount of positive change they are going to render on your world.” –Solara

Our absorbing of these energies is what is most important and through Kundalini methods and other methods of finding and feeling these energies, we are beginning to do just that.

“Of course, it is up to you dear beautiful souls to utilize this energy and many of you are beginning to do so quite wonderfully. Along with the energies of the higher realms of the Sun, with the higher realms of your world and with your own personal energies which you are breeding and Creating through yourselves, many of you are utilizing healing and Kundalini energies that are seeing your very Lives and perceptions shifted in bold ways.

We say that your ascension processes have always been meant to help you to reach incredible strides along your evolutions, and we note happily as these strides are reached and surpassed entirely by each and every one of you dear awakening Lightworkers and Light holders.” 


To finish the communication, Solara assures us that decrees [to give much purer Light to this world] have indeed been recently made, and this has happened in accordance with our Cosmic Calendar and with the recent dates and strides passed and reached along such a Calendar.

“Recently, these souls [within the higher Earthly realms] have been given the Divine authority to release this pure Love in even stronger increments than has been attained recently, in accordance with long-decreed growth cycles and in strong accordance with recently-passed dates along your Calendar which are to call for the manifestation of this Logos energy that you have been given for a very long time, in strong, powerful and uprooting ways.

You are all Loved infinitely and beyond measure by each and every one of us within these realms, and we delightfully depart this communication giving you all specific, encoded impressions of this Love.”

Thank you to Solara. To summarize, the energy being sent to us from the realms of our Sun has long been increasing in purity. (…)

It is hoped that this preview has been of service. Again, every subscription to this Newsletter (which contains much, much more than what is given here) is greatly appreciated and helps us to happily continue our free work.

If you subscribe, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! :) 



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