Graham Dewyea: Lightworkers and Wayshowers – The Final Stretch

Steve Beckow: The problem with working with Graham Dewyea is that, if I were to say that I really am enjoying the commentary that he’s putting forth, I’d be suspected of puffing a colleague. But I do think that Graham has a tremendous contribution to make and a wonderfully-easeful way of expressing his message  I hope he does more videos on the issues that are confronting us. BZ Riger assisted Graham to produce the video.

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2 comments on “Graham Dewyea: Lightworkers and Wayshowers – The Final Stretch

  1. Lucia Villaveces says:

    What a lovely person you are, Graham! You have the wonderful ability to transmit Peace, love and light with your presence and the honest, simple words you employ to get your message through. I hope to see many more videos like this one. I loved it! Thank you Steve and Graham.

  2. Lyle says:

    I am curious about the “replicator” technology that will enable us to “create basically anything we want,” as Graham said in a post over at the 2012 Scenario blog. Given the population of the planet, what happens if each of the billions of the human beings who are now considered “working class” or poor or impoverished decides they want to live in a home that would be considered an “upper class” American home, or even a mansion? I suppose that replicator technology gets us around the problem of the earth’s “carrying capacity” with regard to natural resources (wood, metal, etc.) but what about the question of the WHERE all these homes will fit? Particularly given that we’ve already destroyed 95 percent of the virgin forest in the United States alone. To put it another way, doesn’t this open up the way for “sprawl” that makes Los Angeles look like a small rural town? How do we know that this won’t make Earth look like Coruscant (a completely urbanized planet) from the “Star Wars” films? What happens to the natural world on a planet where billions of people, notwithstanding their love of the outdoors, want to live in a nice, spacious home with the comforts afforded by technology?

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