Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/14/12 ‘The Perfect Destination’

Note from Wes: Dear friends, I have tried to give Greg Giles the benefit of the doubt in the face of so many other blogsites  turning away from his messages, but I’m afraid that much of what is being said by or through him can be a bit off-putting and, at least in my opinion, misrepresentative of the Galactic Federation. 

It is nothing personal toward Greg, but many examples of this have been apparent more recently. For example, the following message seems to put down the idea of a mass, collective ascension and while it is known that there are some who will not yet ascend, the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’ seem to call a mass ascension of all on our world ‘impossible’ and seem to put down the very idea while alluding to limitation with such a word. 

I strongly do not feel that an enlightened Organization would ever allow ‘impossible’ into their vocabulary. This is not the only thing I have noticed and felt from messages given through Greg, so I’m afraid that this may likely be the last post from Greg that we give on this site. It is not about me wishing to attack a fellow scribe or anything of the sort, it simply comes down to the light that the sources given through Greg are casting themselves and the entire Galactic Federation as a whole in, and it may not be the most flattering light.

My sincere apologies to all who have flocked here for Greg’s messages but you can find the link to his website,, below this message. 

In all this time that you have been working on and preparing for all that it is you wish for yourselves you have made great strides, you have made grand accomplishments, for you have all come so far in so many different ways and areas of your development. Not one day has been a waste of time or effort for any of you, as much has been achieved through your efforts and through your working cooperation with us, your family of the higher realms of this universe. Try to see this all in this way. Do your best to remain in a positive flow at all times, as it is this positive flow that will continue to carry you towards the goals and the futures that you have in mind and in heart, for this is how it is done.

It is not done through doubt, through fear, through suspicion, by quitting or through a defeatist attitude. Your goals are only achieved through the power of positive thought and action. This is how things get done, and we wish you to always keep this in mind, our dear loved ones, for the power of positive thought is boundless, is limitless and can take you to the farthest reaches of this universe and even back here, if that is what you wish for yourselves.
As we have discussed, not everyone will ascend into the higher realms during this next opportunity.
Instead, some individuals will have to wait and will have to work on themselves, but this is also their choice. Their choice is to stay within the lower realms and use this wonderful learning tool to hone and sharpen their skills and their abilities, to further their education, to gain the necessary knowledge and wisdom required before they ride the escalating winds into the higher stretches of this multidimensional universe. No one is a loser and no one is ‘missing out’, as it were, for those of you who will remain here will receive just what it is that you need and just what it is that you desire for yourselves, for a choice is being made and we wish you to always keep this in mind; you never receive what it is you do not truly wish for yourselves, although on the surface it may appear this way at times.
There are mechanisms within this universe that allow you to keep perfect time with yourself so you are always where you need to be and thus, where you want to be and where you are at every single moment throughout your journey. You never find yourself where it is you do not wish to be, you need to be aware of this, that you will gain the best education, the most perfect education, the most suitable education and experiences for what it is you need to experience at any given time.
Can you see this in this way? Can you see that there are not any of you that will not be ascending who would benefit greater by doing so, for there are still some lessons and some experiences left for you here in this dimension? This is what we wish you to see clearer today. We wish you to see that there is still something for you here, something for you to learn from, something for you to gain from.
You may very much enjoy just what it is that awaits you here in this dimension before your journey takes you beyond this realm. Try to see it this way. Try to see that if you moved on now you may be missing something so wonderful, so enjoyable, something that may take your breath away, something that you may regret missing out on for a very long time, maybe even an eternity if you turned your back on this experience now and moved on.
That is all we have to say about this for now, although we may return to this subject in the future, for we know many of you feel wounded and defeated by learning that not all of you will be ascending into the higher realms in the days ahead. We do not wish to see this, though it is an impossibility for all of you to ascend, as it is just not the time for everyone at this juncture. Try to understand that this is how ascension works in every world and in every realm throughout this universe. An entire planet and population does not ascend all at the same time.
What do you think would be the mathematical odds that every being on a planet, sometimes totaling in the many billions, would all reach a suitable stage in their development for ascension, all in the same timeframe? The odds of this would be astronomical, and we feel that many of you would understand this better if you looked at this statistically.
Statistically, there are billions of you on this planet, and it is safe to say that there have been billions of different levels of your development reached at this moment in time. Billions. Think of how staggeringly different some of the points that some of you have reached are compared to the points where others have reached. Some of you have reached such dramatic different points of your journey that your ‘grades’, so to speak, the levels of education that you have achieved is so vastly different than the levels that some others have achieved that it is actually quite remarkable that you inhabit the same planet.
This will change. This must change, as it is not a conducive, or suitable, or appropriate, or proper, or beneficial, or safe, or secure, or rewarding or fair living environment for all of these different individuals to exist in one world in the same timeframe. This helps not the more advanced soul and this helps not the less advanced soul. This helps no one.
What this does, as we have learned from this as well as other experiences like this, is that this mixing of vastly different levels of individual experience does not work, is not beneficial and is not productive for any of the parties involved.
This has been one of the larger social experiments conducted here in this world and clear and conclusive results have been garnered from this experiment, and now it is time this experiment has ended. It is time that this mixing of so many souls on so many different levels is ended and all of the souls here in this world at this time are now relocated through their choice, even if this choice is not consciously understood or acknowledged by the individual soul at this time.
Each and every soul on this planet will find themselves in the perfect living environment for them, for what is best for their continued education, growth and development. There can be no other way. This is the way, this is the proper way, the most suitable way, the perfect way for souls to gain the greatest potential from their experiences.
We hope that all of you can find a way to understand this even though your perspectives are understandably limited here in this dimension. If you could see this from another point of view, perhaps a higher point of view with a grander perspective, you would understand this more and accept this more easily and more readily. We are confident that all of you, no matter where it is you shall continue your journey, shall find your place in a setting that is absolutely the perfect setting for you.
This is our promise to you. There is not one of you who will find yourself in a place that you do not belong, that is not tailor-made for you, that is not the most appropriate place for you to be able to garner the lessons and the experiences, the friends and the family that you will need and can utilize to reach the greatest potentials in yourself, and that is the goal at the heart of your existence and your eternal journey through this beautiful and everlasting multidimensional universe.
We are your mentors and your students alike. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles English – Spanish – Brazil – Bulgarian – Croatian – Dutch -German – Greek – Hebrew – Polish – Japanese Portugal – Romanian – Russian – Slovenian -Swedish – Traditional Chinese – Hungarian French Turkish

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3 comments on “Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/14/12 ‘The Perfect Destination’

  1. Dear Wes,

    Though I share some of your discomfort with some of the messages that have come through Greg of late, this is not one of them. It seems to me that they are reiterating what many have expressed through other channels. That the collective of souls on this planet will not all ascend to the 5D and higher. Some are not ready and will move to planets where their souls can continue their growth in a manner that is the most appropriate for them.

  2. Catherine says:

    I completely agree and I’m happy that you will not be posting his messages anymore. The last message I read from him was ‘Fulfilling Your Assignments’ posted 8/7/12, and it was so insulting and negative. I doubt that any lightbeings would express themselves in that manner. It just provoked a lot of people, and instead of lifting our spirits or being positive, it just drags you down. I never liked the energy of his messages or him (he’s got a big ego, it seems!) and his messages are not pure, like yours for example. So just thought I’d offer my support, as I think it is great and I am so happy that you will not post his negative, big-ego messages anymore =) Of course anyone can change, and it’s good if anyone enjoys his messages and can learn and/or get inspired from them, but I don’t like the energy of them, or him for that matter, at all. Thank you Aquarius Channelings and Wes Annac for a great page of information and updates!! Be at peace. Namaste

  3. yessica says:

    Dear Wes,
    I have no problem with Greg’s messages. The previous false flag message was a bit stopper, but the GFL rectified the error immediately. It proves Gre’s messages are such that dark ones wish to annihilate completely because they speak TRUTH and quite often against dark cabal. SaLusa by Mike Quinsey, GFL and Ashtar Command by Greg and yours are three main sources of messages I read with great attention.

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