NSA Contaminates Channeled Messages

NSA contaminates channelled messages

Posted on August 13, 2012
Note from Wes: False, disinformation-based channelings have become quite easy to spot, and as long as one makes it one’s intent to ONLY connect with beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness before each and every channeling session, the lower vibes of the cabals will not make their way into your channels. 
Newer and beginning channels, do not be dismayed by the effort of the cabal to corrupt your channels. You are much too powerful to let this happen, and can make decrees to such a truth. 
The cabals are only this desperate to attempt to corrupt channels because channels ARE genuine, as is the information given by ascended sources. The NSA clearly knows this, and are increasingly apprehensive of the truth we are bringing through. 
GFP: Given that all that have been following this and other sites already know that we’re watched, infiltrated and that some are being intentionally manipulated to disguise, confuse and let down, we also all know how and where to find the Truth. As Truth cannot be manipulated in any way, as it is our True Essence, as it is Love. And Love gives a feeling that cannot be manipulated in any artificial way. As Love is our Home, and when we go inside and listen to it… we simply Know if we care to discern.
And Love are also those trying to manipulate us in order to “forget to remember”. Thus we will not forget this. We will not forget that even those unaware and even those on the “other side” are One with Love and thus One with Us=All=God. They will eventually re-member too… and we can help them by sending them Pure Love for their TrueSelf.

Thanks to fellow traveler Joan Bird for the pointer to this post. Are we surprised? Hardly. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I presume this means that channelled messages are being viewed, increasingly, as a threat to the cabal.

This post also reminds everybody to stay on our toes. Just because a message is “channelled” doesn’t mean it’s “true” (in 3D or any other D) or that it’s sourced from an extra- or inter-dimensional intelligence. It could just be subconscious wishful thinking on the part of the channeler; or parts of it could be. Or it could be deliberate fear porn. For example, from the NSA — and who knows what other alphabet agency and/or black ops — twisting info into disinfo, even (especially?) from “channelled” sources.

BTW: Just who are the “Bearers of Light”? 


(L) NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland (R) The world’s biggest spy center is being built for the NSA
in Bluffdale, Utah. Other large and well-known NSA facilities are in Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii and Texas.

NSA creates bogus channeled messages

August 5, 2012


Battles for control can be fought on many fronts.  Specifically, we would like to shine light on a little known battlefield within the vastness of Internet communications.

In an effort to exert maximum control over the flow of information regarding government involvement with extraterrestrial beings, there is an ongoing disinformation effort which needs to be exposed.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and its mighty fingers of control are fully aware of the plethora of channeled messages being posted on the Internet.  NSA data show that such channelings are being read by ever-growing numbers of people.  Therefore, the NSA has been responsible for distributing disinformation through channeled messages.

In some cases, distorted information is being beamed into the minds of established or well-recognized channels.  In other cases, illusions of newer channelers have been created and promoted throughout the vast network of the World Wide Web. Through these efforts, fear is magnified.

Seemingly contradictory information also is being disseminated.  Because of this, many channelers’ prophesies fail to come to fruition.  In this way, it is hoped that the influence of channelers will be undermined and therefore truth from true channelers will be dismissed.

True channelers are unflinchingly aligned with the Divine Energy of Creation and daily ask for that protection so that only truth comes through their messages.

It is a challenge today for the readers of channeled messages to distinguish nuggets of gold from fool’s gold.  This requires that the readers of channeled messages ask for Divine protection and discernment so they may distinguish truth from the deliberate barrage of disinformation.

This is a joint communique from the Bearers of Light
who have come to Earth on a rescue mission.

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Wired Magazine as well as other sources, the new NSA facility in Utah will be connected with established listening posts throughout the world.  The facility will essentially be a bottomless storage of everyone’s personal data since birth including content from private emails, phone calls, Internet searches and purchases.  This information quickly can be pulled up, as accurately demonstrated by Tim McGee the computer guru on the popular television show “NCIS.”

by http://exopermaculture.com/2012/08/13/nsa-contaminates-channelled-messages/

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  4. Yessica says:

    Benjamin Fulford, one of the front line man of light workers, reported recently his website was also attacked and paypal has cut off all subscribers. Read his blog below.

    Ethel Quiram here, in Hot California, central valley. I received an email from Paypal that you have discontinued my private membership. OK, Question here, does that mean I’m no longer a part of the reading fan club for Benjamin Fulford, if not then what has happened?
    Your site is the first I click on when logging onto my computer Monday or Tuesday mornings, I read and devour them all, even have my computer translate some in Japanese to English and read them also. Don’t want to miss you information.
    Please take care, and stay alive…… most important.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply.

    Thanks for caring. Our website is under attack by people who are trying to cut off our finances. Paypal has unilaterally cut off payments from our subscribers. We have complained to Paypal repeatedly and have provided them with all the documentation they have asked for but they continue to freeze payments. We are working on solving the problem.

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