Prototype Upheavals

Written by Wes Annac

Boy, have the months of July and August been quite the energetic and emotional rollercoasters! All of you have likely been going through the intense uprooting, processing and transmuting of former pains and traumas and as I personally have gone through the worst of the transmutation work set out for me and then some, I am feeling a brand new energy and state of mind and heart, which has been turning things upside down and at the same time helping me to see the walk-out of this body out in preparation for the times ahead.

While we have been preoccupying ourselves with disclosure dates, the Olympics, Galactic technological discussions and so on, our ascended brethren have been working full time to help us see ourselves ready for the immediate period ahead on this world and for all of the uprooting it is going to bring on a collective, mass level.

The uprooting and transmutation that the Lightworker collective has been undergoing is a precursor to the mass collective upheaval that is going to naturally be caused upon the bringing-forth of disclosure and the giving of truths that are going to break the carefully-crafted and instilled paradigms within so many who are unfortunately, still unawakened.

We as Lightworkers are experiencing the prototype upheavals in accordance with our own pre-planned growth, and the unawakened collective is to experience such upheavals and be better-able to adjust to an accept the new paradigm due to the pre-disclosure dense energy and Life Path work that the beautiful Lightworker collective has been working through and performing.

Many people have noted the staggering percentage of conscious Lightworkers who have experienced traumatic pains and abuses throughout their Lives, and I think that this has been no accident. We’ve been told that numerous higher dimensional souls have incarnated on our world, some for the very purposes of healing mass collective pain and density by going through extremely difficult, painful and limiting experiences and Lives on this world.

An energy transfer takes place between a soul of the higher realms who is able to absorb and transmute much more energy than the general unawakened collective, and between such a collective who then sees much negative energy wiped away by the soul of the Light who had personally experienced the collective density. This has happened in any given time period that was meant to see the collective initiated into purer states of consciousness.

We happen to be reaching such a time right now, and the difference between now and our past is that the strides we are reaching along our growth at this time are to call for a full-on collective ascension, first of Gaia and then of all realms throughout Her structure including our physical, third dimensional realm, who are ready to experience a purer state of consciousness and perception.

There is still a lot of collective density that needs healed and that is willingly fed and manifested every single day, and this is why we have thousands upon millions of conscious Lightworkers who have agreed to exist in extremely difficult and for some, quite abusive, circumstances for the ultimate purposes of working through the pains and general struggles garnered from such circumstances, which will in turn see such a soul able to absorb much more and much purer Light as they subsequently heal a massive amount of dense energy from within themselves, which is matched and in many cases, exceeded with the collective dense energy and as a result, such energy is itself transmuted.

It is a very real, mass effort of Lightworkers and Light holders and as most if not all of you dear readers know, I have recently went through the most difficult of this clearing process by writing out the traumas that occurred in the Life of this body and in doing so, I have seen this temple quite hollowed-out and ready to receive the continually pure energies we are being given.

Ever since performing such surfacing and since exploring my roots beyond this body and beyond the traumas as well, I am now dealing with the energetic fallout from such an important and potent surfacing while working every day in one way or another and adjusting this temple to receiving the pure and intense energies mentioned above, and despite the pains and difficulties that can still tend to be garnered, I say that I have been Loving every minute of this Earth experience.

Since performing my personal surfacing, I have noticed a general initiation into a purer state of consciousness and perception.

Duality is much more turned up than it ever has been, indicating its inevitable and now, very near, collapse from within my personal perceptions. As we begin to ascend away from outdated and dualistic mindsets, we find the two perceived polarities pumped-up in intensity and we find eventually that the best thing to do in relation to the worst of the final dualistic lessons, is to simply stay balanced and detached.

I’m happy to admit that I’m not perfect. Who on this Earth is? I knew whenever coming to this wonderful place that I would be existing within a limited temple with limited and predetermined mindsets, heart sets and perceptions of reality, and I knew as well that I would have angers, fears, and much general subconscious nervousness to work through.

One such nervousness has taken the form of stage fright, which the walk-out of this temple had long suffered from for his own reasons. I knew that while existing within the structure of this mind and body before transmuting the walk-outs energies, I would as well perceive in such a limited and frightful manner. It took me quite a while to become comfortable with recording myself playing the acoustic music I have written because of such stage fright.

But the stage fright is not all. Even the worst of the traumas were not all that I have to transmute from within myself and from within this body, as I am beginning to realize. A part of me quite naively thought and assumed that upon surfacing the worst of traumas the walk-out of this body has went through, I would suddenly find myself with no more issues to work through. Boy was I mistaken!

Don’t get me wrong, I have found myself undergoing an initiatory process into a state of consciousness and perception that I have not yet experienced since making my way to this world, but this process includes working through the very last, just-a-little-bit-more, almost-there,-home-stretch mindsets in myself that have been distorted. But I am realizing with the surfacing of every seemingly-difficult and troubling event that is meant to see me work away from and transmute the distorted mind or heart set that brought such a catalytic event to me in the first place; I am noticing an accompanying Lightened state of consciousness that used to come in flashes, but that is now increasingly becoming a part of my reality.

I have begun to notice myself performing Lighted work one way or another, every single day. Whether it is updating the blog, channeling, writing, blessing, astral traveling or a plethora of other things; I am noticing my continued willingness and pure wish to serve humanity in any way I can, which is signaling for me a developing fifth dimensional consciousness.

Be assured that I am by no means the only one who is experiencing this at present. We’ve been hearing from a plethora of people about the process of surfacing and working through what have been called ‘vasanas’ and I can foresee that very quickly we are to begin hearing of the positive effects of such processing that are now being garnered.

New, expanded perceptions and views on Life and reality are to begin opening up, not just in the few of us who have been on the main cuffs of performing this transmutation-work in ourselves for quite some time, but in every single soul on this world as it is found that the most intense of density-clearing events have been ongoing for some time, within nearly every Lightworker incarnate on the surface of this dear world.

The entire collective, even those perceived at this time to be unawakened, are going to be able to access the energies of the fifth dimension in much easier and more flowing ways, because of the actions of the Lightworker collective in undergoing some of the worst of the collectively-fed density that would otherwise inhibit the unawakened collective in experiencing such Lightened states of consciousness and the resulting unity.

Many have wondered how an unawakened and violence-feeding collective of souls are going to be able to ascend in such a small timeframe as has been given, while density is still fed every single day.

It should be said that the Divine has a plan and has always had a plan, which has taken the form of many Divine souls funneling themselves down to incarnate on this world for the purposes of experiencing the worst of collectively-fed dense energies, while working to bring through energies of much more purity in an effort to assist this world and the unawakened collective to absorb and integrate Universally pure energies that the collective would otherwise not resonate with.

The entire collective and especially many Lightworkers who are and have been processing the worst of the dense energies and residue, are to find abilities and perceptions opened up and expanded as a result  of this potent energy work.

Telepathic abilities are going to begin to be noticed by everybody, as will the ability to connect with and feel the specific energy of another. Many channelers are beginning to feel the specific signatures of the ascended entities they are connecting with, solidifying and making sure of the fact that one is communicating with the Angelic or Galactic Guide they are meant to, rather than communicating with an entity of darker intent or simply communicating with a more enlightened aspect of one’s mind.

The specific signatures and behavioral patterns of specific Angelic and Galactic guides are beginning to become picked-up on, and even many souls who assume all channeled communications to simply come from an aspect of mind or of one’s higher self will realize and feel for themselves, the very real feeling of specific energetic signatures of specific Guides as well as the very real interaction with such Guides.

I think that the moment it is realized we can interact telepathically with Divine technologies such as starships among doing a plethora of other things and interacting with a plethora of specific ascended beings or collectives via telepathy and heart-centeredness; the assumptions of our telepathic abilities and our communications with ascended entities being anything less than what they are will be blown right away as we fully realize the reality of such interactions.

Along with such realizations on a grand, collective level, we will begin to perceive of and realize the infinity of the eternal and everlasting Self. We will realize that while we have looked to a Creator or a Divine source for enlightenment throughout our history, we are this Creator and we will realize that there have been a vast plethora of Guides, both Angelic and Galactic in nature, who have been trying to help us realize this but who have stepped aside and allowed our experiences as we wished to Create them.

They do not wish to be worshipped or followed as deities; rather they want us to realize our nature as a Divine entity of pure Creative and Loving consciousness.

At this current moment, many brave and courageous Lightworkers are continuing to go through the prototype upheavals that are to not only determine the proper course of action for our Divine brethren whenever helping to initiate such upheavals on a grand scale on this world; such upheavals are as well clearing away all energy bred out of hate, fear and the lower vibrations, to see the collective able to assimilate the potent truth and energy alike that we will be and are being given.

In essence, we are ascending. Enjoy it!

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

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3 comments on “Prototype Upheavals

  1. vendo4151 says:

    A really fine piece Wes. It seamlessly highlights the cogent elements so many of the New Age community have been and are experiencing with the concept of taking one for the team. Not a new idea but a much clearer take on it than most attempts. ….. Nice job! … And so glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    PS … I understand stage fright, shy, and such things. It can have a lot to do with the experience of getting shot down a lot. You know what I mean. And confidence comes from the experience of having performed well at whatever. But to require approval and appreciation from others for this confidence is a trap. Some of the most open and talented people around are also very vulnerable, … like little children.

  2. Grace says:

    Thank you for this, Wes. Yes, August has been especially…”interesting”. Sigh. Take care and blessings.

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