Rusty: Response to Latest GFL Message through Greg Giles

Note from Wes: I am posting this from a purely detached perspective, and allowing you all to feel your own ways about messages via dear Greg. As many know, we have recently made the decision to stop posting Greg here on this site. 

Dear GFL,

I have some issue with your recent messages. In [your latest message] you state our goals are not achieved threw defeatist attitudes but threw positive thought. Next you state not everyone will ascend during this next opportunity. This is a passive aggressive psychological pattern which engages fear & negativity.

Also stated [in such message] is that this is our choice. For this moment I am going to give you some advice because you asked for it and then give you my conclusion and move forward…

Under this current control system the Earth’s human population does not have much ability to conceive a total positive outlook to lead to a qualified mass ascension as you are purposing here. There seems to be a great fault in your logic that I can not quite identify specifically.

Earth’s humans do not have the ability to choose as you are stating here because the current control system is very overly oppressive. The average person does not have the time and information to make these kind of decisive decisions. These people who engage in technologies like the one we are using here are not the norm. If you are depending upon this medium as your source for decision making for mankind you are making a fundamentally flawed case for yourself. It is obvious to me after reviewing the content of these comments posted here (and other information) that the majority of mankind is not truly aware enough to facilitate a massive ascension of the kind we need.

If you are really serious about assisting for a complete mass ascension you need to stop wasting energy in this limited format and facilitate a global disclosure so the human population can witness a credible format with which to convene a public mass contemplation and decision to ascend properly and thoroughly as a whole threw a collective educational process.

I am not saying there is no benefit from what you are doing here because many people are benefiting from this format. But, when you subject this population to certain tactics that are questionable I can not continue to respond with seemingly baseless positive comments.

Please move forward in a clear and decisive pattern of credibility if you are for real.’

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28 comments on “Rusty: Response to Latest GFL Message through Greg Giles

  1. Bet says:

    Dear Wes and others…
    I must say that I did not find Greg’s message offensive in any way, nor even negative. I felt a sincere interest in sharing information which was intended to lessen concerns over any right or wrong… in that the universe, our Creator, has many ways in which to support each and every soul in their path of evolution.

    I will miss Greg posts via the 2012 blogsite.

    Wishing everyone blessings with hope we can truly listen/feel with our hearts in unity conciousness… the vail is thinning and with it comes more information much of which may be even more confusing–discernment is our greatest “lesson” now as we are our own judge in taking what resonnates and letting what does not… GO. Criticizing one anther is really unproductive energy and if something does not jive (with me), I try to look at just “sending love and light”… and ask for personalguidance in understanding what I think I am confused about. Trust yourself… and bless all… as this brings peace… we can choose unity conciouness and honor the right to every voice…speaking… let go of need to judge right or wrong… as right and wrong is always different to each, depending upon where their own heart is at any given moment. May we ALL strive to allow… freedom in sharing~

    Blessings… Peace and Love… with love, kindness matters~

  2. Bora says:

    Trying to protect people from fear and negativity by restricting the flow of information is most certainly not “of the light” in my opinion. In fact, it’s the beginning of a slippery slope that leads to the complete opposite. All information must flow freely–people will make their own decisions. And really, is it so bad to say everyone will not ascend? For this is the truth. We don’t need babysitting, not by Wes or anyone else. We need information–good, bad, and everything in-between. This is the growth process of humanity and it cannot be stopped. The light does not fear–it shines upon and penetrates everything, eventually. It is very interesting to see the little disagreements and squabbles amongst those who are ascending–more learning!

    • pocahontasbrandy says:

      Great comment dear friend, thank you for providing this perspective.

      Luckily, the free flowing of Greg’s messages is still ongoing on his website and on others, and all are free to view them. Even I resonate partially with the messages given through Greg, there is simply much energy and information that does not quite resonate. I do not wish to ‘babysit’ or anything of the sort – it simply comes down to the information that we wish to give on our site. We certainly have no obligation to post Greg’s messages and again, they can be found on a plethora of other websites.

      I don’t see much ‘squabble’ here either – simply the giving of opinions which differ from each others. Nobody is arguing, insulting or taking to any negative means to prove their point, and we are happy for all viewpoints. :)

      Thank you for your viewpoint, dear friend. :) :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

      • Bora says:

        Upon further review my initial post may have been a bit hasty; valid points are raised here. I guess I’m just a bit too used to the warrior energies down here and overreact at times.

      • Wes Annac says:

        Your viewpoint was and is very greatly appreciated, dear friend. :) :) :)

        Much Love,

        Wes :)

  3. Bet says:

    Friends… I have some other thoughts/feelings to offer in sharing… thinking about critical comments in any form–are these not a form of “control” or attempted control? …wanting to influence others to think as you do? In my lessons of love, and some of life’s hardest experiences (a marriage and divorce)… there was a time when my Ex said to me “Betty, NOT everyone understands all the things you do”… IT took me years to fully understand this–as I knew in my heart that he, himself held the godspark (even though I lived being challenged by horrendous darkness in our 17 years together). In the five years of divorcing, I embarked upon tremendous soul searching attempting to understand, and deal with “all” on many levels–I did in fact finally realize that not everyone feels comfortable in the presence of true/pure Light/Love… and they cannot explain it to themselves or others because they just have not yet reached a point of understanding themselves. Loving others, we naturally want to “hold on”… keep them with us… see them ascend likewise as this is just a natural part of “loving”… yet, more love shows us even greater freedom in accepting and allowing each and everyone to choose their own way…and honor them in that choosing.

    For me, Greg’s message spoke to this… added clarity to some things I’ve been thinking about for a while too. Stepping more fully into “not judging”… to “allowing”… to reach inside ourselves in knowing/realizing that there is no “separation” as ALL are a part of the ONE… our Creator’s love… and there is nothing to fear in allowing all to be where they need to be.

    If I may suggest… in reading messages… if something does not feel right to you–if you are feeling yourself being “triggered” by it–consider the possibility that it may be doing so to HELP you reach deeper within yourself for your own personal soul growth. ASK for guidance, or clarity or direction in just “letting go”. Our Angels and Guides are with us always, and are eager to help us, yet they will not interfere with our freewill choices… but gladly offer assistance upon our sincere asking… ASK… and trust your Own heart in guiding you upon your path to love.

    With sincere blessings with easing upon and along this path of ascension… we make it what it will be for us, personally.


  4. Arvel says:

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to post Greg’s messages any longer. I have pretty much felt the same way for some time now, but I also didn’t want to bad mouth anyone.

    I sure would like to get Greg’s take on all of this because you’re right, his writings just aren’t making alot of sense. Do you and Brandy know how to get ahold of him?

    • pocahontasbrandy says:

      Thank you for your comment dear friend. :)

      Unfortunately, I do not know how to get ahold of Greg Giles and have never spoken with him. I actually don’t know anyone who has! Though I know he has some interaction with others, because there is a team of translators who are translating every message that he gives out.

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

  5. Ish says:

    Dear Betty, Wes and readers…

    I had read most messages from Greg looking for patterns, and I can see a downward in their content which goes in a way that seems not fit in the whole.

    When he talk about free energy zones, others mentioned the energy grid on earth is available on all surface, and can be used to power up all your needs. When he mentioned floods and assistance, others channeled messages mentioned that the floodgate of ligth/love was opened. When he posted about permissions for mind readings, others channelers mentioned that telapathy is natural, but not wanting to force read anyone´s mind.

    I do think he has good intentions, but need to cleanse himself of old information that is not from this timeline.

    That is my opinion based in the info and messages I read in a daily basis.

    Have a good day,


  6. Annie says:

    I have been reading with interest the comments regarding Greg Giles that have been circiling the net. I stopped listening to him when one of his messages was about how the GFL knew how much we humans loved trying to stay youthful and as soon as they could – they were going to give us the technology to keep us young. I don’t know – maybe it was me – but I sensed that as a desperate attempt to keep things going. And again – this is only my pov – but has anyone taken a good look at his pic on his site? I do not go there so maybe it has changed – but he looks like a rockstar. I don’t know – maybe he is and the channeling is a side job – or vice versa. The other thing I noticed about his site was the lack of personal interaction. Most of these other folks that have similar blogs have interacted within the blog – have normal looking pics. Something just feels off about him.

  7. shifro says:

    Well I have too been feeling particularly frustrated by conflicting messages like ‘you will all ascend if you choose to’ and ‘many will not because they have not prepared themselves’
    Or that we are ascending to the 4th dimension and then that we are ascending to the 5th dimension. Then that we have grown our light quotient to the point of no return but at the same time we are too fearful to know the truth or commune with our galactic family.

  8. Spanish Dancer says:

    Wes, I apologize if you already have, but can you let me/us know the reason that you stopped posting Greg´s messages?

    I ask this is as recently I have felt jolts of fear when reading his posts which more and more leave me feeling uneasy rather than inspired. There is a heavy, almost manipulative energy that comes from some of the statements he puts forward and I am now reading them less, and when I do, it is with my guard raised. This of course is my personal discernment, but I trust it.

    In conclusion, I have to say that I agree with most of what this reader posted here (Rusty?) and I thank him for his honest evaluation and you for airing it.

    Spanish Dancer.

    • pocahontasbrandy says:

      Hello dear friend! This is Wes. :)

      The reason I have made the decision to stop posting Greg’s messages is the very reason you outlined in your question. The energy has felt a bit ‘off’ and mind-centered to me, but I have tried to stay neutral and give the benefit of the doubt, as I have long read and enjoyed the messages from Greg before they began to seem ‘off’ and have long considered him a genuine source.

      Despite our no longer posting Greg’s messages, I still feel that while the messages may seem a bit strange and to some, manipulative, Greg is making a genuine effort for the Light and he should be commended for it. It is simply that the energy of his messages and much of the information alike, seems a bit misrepresentative of the Galactic Federation and I do not wish to support a potential collective confusion about the Galactic Federation.

      It is always wonderful to hear from you, dear friend. :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

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  10. Chris McDermott says:

    Dear Wes

    I stopped reading the GFL a week ago because oftentimes I was truly angered by their comments. For Beings that are not supposed to be judgemental, I found them anything but! We are informed that we are not doing our job, breaking promises we made, etc. and made to feel unworthy. I simmered for days. For me, who only has blind faith to go on, not having ‘connected’ in the slightest way, not once, I truly did feel useless. Understanding all the profound messages, and spiritual guidance, is, for me, a monumental undertaking. Still way over my head, but I keep plugging away. The GFL criticised us for skipping over paragraphs and heading straight to the comments! I skipped the last post entirely and went straight to the comments. 80% were hopping mad! I will no longer even read the comments. Your decision not to post is correct, imho. Keep up the great work. I send you my Love and Light everday. Namaste. Chris

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  14. Will I am says:

    If their truly is One Source…..and all are one within that Source, then at some point
    there will be One Truth that All will resonate with. IMO, that realization is what we here
    in 3d are striving to attain. All of the issues expressed here are signposts of our personal
    progress in attaining the consciousness of Universal Truth. Onward thru the fog.
    Will Iam

  15. Cass says:

    Greg Giles is off, I can feel they are not right.

  16. Joan says:

    I have read a few of Giles’ messages and stopped reding them because I believe that he is
    a source of disinformation. As sincere as he may be, I believe that his messages are interfered with at the very least, if not dictated to by negative energies. Luckily not many
    people read channeled messages.

  17. george says:

    you can contact greg giles by commenting on his youtube vids.he will not answer however if you say anything asking him why his messages are contradictory.i believe greg to be a full on fraud.i used to read his messages but they are always bland and lack true understanding of what he is sayng.always contradicting themselves.its like the dont know what to believe with him

  18. k9 says:

    There are a few ideas about ascension that are different. First there’s the idea that everyone will ascend at their own time, through love and wisdom, and that light workers and star seeds are on the front line. There is also this 144,000 that will physically ascend on Dec 21… And all the talk about how some souls should not physically live with all the “others” because of incompatibility issues.

    It seems like Greg Giles is all about physical ascension vs the love and collective ascension. Through his messages, I feel as if the GFL wants to physically have many of us join them to perform all the “work” that needs to be done in cleaning our planet, etc…

  19. k9 says:

    A test? What if this is a test for all the light workers and star seeds (for the GFL) to gather the higher collective energies (data) in response to only believing love and collective ascension or both including physical ascension. I feel the ones that believe in Greg’s messages want physical ascension more, but most don’t yet feel enough love and collective energy to rise to the occasion…

  20. Hank II says:

    Wes, You hit the nail on the head!!! I used to really resonate with his messages and then I noticed a shift and my partner and I discussed and then the next day he was removed from another web-site because of the same felings I had that something has changed drastically. I decided to go to his website and thought that I would give him a chance to see if there was a change because maybe he was being influenced by life troubles (a break up or illness or you know something emotional) which aloud for the entrance of negativity. Not long afterwards there was an apology for some of his channeled messages were given by a rouge GFL member who gave him bad information. It said they were thrown out ofthe GFL blah blah blah!!! I was so happy for him that the issue was resolved and then i read this last post and once again my partner and I were discussing this message, and I said I think that Greg is having some problems again because this post is so off to be coming from a spiritually evolved entity. I decided I best be done with it because this last post in discussion was passive aggressive to say the least. As a matter of fact I was depressed for a hot minute after reading it. I am extremely psychic and I can feel negativity from a mile and around the corner.
    Wes, thank you for being brave and conscientious to say what you have said. It just confirmed my thought! I have love for all for we are all one Greg Giles included but there are so many people who are waking up and when they begin to search out guidance from lightworkers with huge reputations like Greg then someone needs to give a heads up. We all have free will and I have no desire to thwart anyones will but someone needs to look out for the naive and easily influenced. We are not in our perfected state yet but soon we will be and all of this will work out for the best and we will all know what was really going on. So until then I’m with you my brother has a problem and I send him love and light but I am not listening to another word. That’s just me and I can tell by your response to some of the other here that you are in a good place and not offended. I do believe the negativity in these responses are from you know where… they truly have no desire for our unity.

    Love and Light,

  21. Waverider1 says:

    Thanks for this post, Wes. It has helped bring out many people’s emotional ‘stuff’ on this critical issue.

    I myself stopped reading Greg’s messages a while ago, as I began to FEEL the lack of . . . . . ‘real emotional content’, to put it objectively. His posts have felt non-living-being generated to me for a few months, like an AI would generate perhaps (assuming that AI machines and computers are not considered ‘living beings’, of course). I do not ‘blame’ Greg Giles for this at all, though — he just writes and publishes what he receives (at least I still believe that). I still subscribe to his feed — just in case his messages once again begin to FEEL like they are coming from a truly living — and loving — fellow sentient Being.

    As has been stated many times by many compassionate entities who most people still DO follow, each individual must discern for themselves what is ‘true’ for them, and what is not. This is a ‘thesis’ exercise in discernment I feel, the last phase of our ‘training’. The BEST strategy of course, again as stated by almost every single channeled entity out there, is to GO WITHIN for the ultimate ‘truth’ and Guidance. This is, after all, what the whole program is about, is it not? I’ve been doing this, have direct contact with my own Guides and Mentors, and so have not felt any angst or anger or fear or confusion about these issues for quite some time. (However, this does NOT mean that I know exactly what’s really going on with everything either, of course — I just choose not to ‘need to know’ every detail of most issues. ‘Faith’ I think it’s called.). Regardless, if I feel ‘weird’ or ‘uncomfortable’ with something I read (that I would like to know of course) I just ASK! It’s really THAT simple. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask — the answer/info just comes into my receptive mind the moment I read the words on my computer screen. VERY convenient!

    In La ‘Kesh, you valiant and exceptionally wise young Lightwarrior! I look forward to thanking you for all your deeply challenging work here in person some fine day. ‘Soon’ (LOL!).

    • george says:

      i as well stopped listening to gregs messages.i asked him via youtube if he could explain to me why his messages mimic other messages so perfectly.i also asked why he has no videos of himself during the channeling.and i saw him repond to someone that the spelling was poor because he had to keep connection.everyone knows you cant type and chanel.i feel greg iwants money or attention or favorite is mike quincy.his messages resonate with me

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