Who Am I? Full Report

This is a completely restructured and rewritten version of my original article about my Pleiadian Walk-In origins. The information given here about myself is a result of much inner searching as well as questions to my Guides about my own origins, as we can discover much about ourselves if we make the effort to seek.

After having discussed the worst of what the walk-out of this body has went through, I am now ready and confident to share my story. You don’t have to believe these musings about my origins as chronicled here, but I should say that the story of all of us is every bit as wonderful as I feel my own story has been.

Written by Wes Annac

The greatest question we can ask ourselves when looking outside of ourselves in this grand context of Life, is who really are we? We are at present perceiving within the confines of a limited body and mind structure but deep within, behind our conscious third dimensionality, lay the memories of a plethora of past Lives and experiences and for many, we have taken on Lives and incarnations beyond our wildest dreams.

Upon doing my own inner searching, I have now become aware of my origins and just why and how I am here at this time.

In what seemed like an instant, I found my entire perception and personality shifted into that of a different one. I am not going to say it is a better, more evolved or more Lighted perception because there is no Divinity in taking to a ‘holier than thou’ mindset. But I cannot deny the clear fact that who I am now and who I used to be are in reality, two different yet linked individuals.

At this time, there is a planetary evolutionary event unfolding that we can all now utilize to regain contact and familiarization with our higher selves; with those aspects of us existing in realms beyond our perception, whose overall consciousness and spirit-construct has been funneled down to lower realms of Creation to exist within and inhabit such lower realms.

We could recognize ourselves as the Godsparks of our ultimate, infinite Oversoul – our higher selves. Some of us are Godsparks of evolved souls within the fifth dimension, who are themselves Godsparks of an even mightier, more evolved being who is linked with those who are sparks of their own Supremacy and Infinity.

Through much inner work and searching, I have discovered my own roots within so many different collectives, inhabiting so many different levels and states of consciousness and in the time ahead, I am fairly confident that all will begin to remember and feel their own roots in the Divine and in the realms of Creation so pure, in which we all ultimately came from and will be returning and retuning ourselves to upon our evolution away from the limited states of consciousness we have enticed ourselves in whilst on this Earth.

There are many who along with myself, have discovered their higher dimensional roots and the Galactic and Angelic-sanctioned mission that they are here to perform. One will perhaps recognize many of such souls as putting themselves out there with much Lighted truth and material, and one can recognize any starseed who is making themselves ‘known’ for the assistance they are giving humanity at this time.

There are a lot of us and unfortunately, the majority of us don’t yet realize where we come from. So many people, even many who could find themselves reading this right now, do not  yet realize their roots and the truth that many, many people are now on this world as a part of a direct mission of the Divine, as decreed by our Mother and Father Creator to progress.

Many do not yet realize that they are here on a Lighted mission, the importance and difficulty of which makes all who are on this Earth right now, dealing with the densities that Earth has to offer every single day, nothing less than heroes.

In the past, I have worked with others to help them find their own roots and many have discovered such roots and the means in which they have entered this Earth experience, as there are indeed different ways to find oneself on this world besides incarnating directly. The majority have chosen to incarnate directly on this world for various different reasons but in the period ahead, we are going to find many coming out with unique stories of how they made their way to this Earth, ultimately to assist in Gaia’s ascension.

My own story is one that I am still discovering and working to discover, and has involved many elements which to me are quite unique. The manner in which I have found myself on this world has seemed quite stunning when looking back upon it all, and it is here that I would like to recount just who I am, why I am here and how I specifically found myself on this world.

When first writing about the subject of my walk-in, I was just discovering these specific origins and methods of my being here on Earth, and I wrote the account with quite little knowledge of the specific nature of my walk-in, and the elements which brought me into the fore of the perception of this body and the previous soul inhabiting this body, away from such perception.

It should be expressed that I am still searching and still discovering new and old alike, things about myself and about this world around me every day.

How I came into contact with the soul who used to previously inhabit this body is still a bit of a mystery to me, and I have only a few impressionistic elements which connect and link me with the soul who used to inhabit this body. Much of these impressions have to do with past Life interactions and Guidance that I had given many souls in what I am guessing was the final Life of mine before first ascending from the surface of this Earth.

Perhaps I should explain my roots which led me up to the final Earthly Life in which I met the soul whose body I have now taken. From what I can remember and receive as impressions of past interactions with this Earth, I have spent a plethora of Lives on the surface of Gaia having witnessed and unfortunately, been a part of the destruction of Atlantis.

Much of the karmic retribution I was to undergo after having been involved in the destruction of Atlantis along with a few others who I have now come to know again in this Life, would have to do with undergoing the lower dimensional experience and keeping close to those who had tricked and deceived myself and the other teams of scientists and engineers whom they had convinced that war with Lemuria was inevitable. I recognize that I’m getting off track here, but the explanation of this necessary karmic retribution is essential to the story.

I spent Lives in the various incarnations of the Illuminati families, having been subjected to the will of their Annunaki overlords during the fall of Atlantis. In such Lives, I grew close with entities who themselves had much trouble breaking through the lower dimensional spell of fourth density-negative, and some of these entities now regularly make appearances to me within my emotions, as lower and negative influences who unless asked to have their influence taken away from, will still attempt to seduce me into falling back into old habits and ways of being.

It is unfortunate to have seen them fall behind in their growth in such ways, but their own natural evolution away from such realms will be found by them eventually.

During the Lives within the Illuminati and other types of lower, occult families, I was a part of the lower dimensional experience in the dense ways that had been planned for, and did things that we have all done within the Earth’s lower dimensional matrix and have since experienced karmic retributions for and grown away from.

I cannot and do not wish to remember the specifics of actions that I had committed, but I can remember impressions of plenty of karmic retribution-based Lives, wherein I was a slave working and toiling away in sweat shops. I can feel very strong connections to Asia and specifically China, and many who know me have noted the fact that while being as Caucasian as they come in this current Life of mine, I tend to look Asian at times and my facial hair grows in a manner that only confirms this notion.

It is in many of these Lives that I can remember working away, likely miserably, in sweat shops to experience karmic retribution for the acts I had committed within the families and various incarnations of the Illuminati.

After such Lives and after growing away from the extreme negativity accompanying such Lives to continue on in my ultimate journey back to the higher realms I had descended down from, the trail runs cold as far as my remembrance of what happened.

I likely found myself broken away significantly from the influence of the Annunaki, of lower astral beings and their heart sets to an extent, and from those people of the occult families who I had kept close to me, who had likely yet not devolved fully to the realms of fourth density-negative where they make themselves known to me from in this current day.

I am beginning lately to remember a specific couple of Lives after those of the incredible karmic retribution of toiling and slaving away, which seemed to be calm and easy enough but in which I was clearly not yet evolved to the state of nearly ascending or giving Loving counsel about the higher realms to any around me.

I can remember and feel the impressions of the end of a Life which seemed to be very calm. I can remember myself as an old man, with a wife with whom I had been with for a long time. My musings tell me that this wife was my twin flame who I am with in this Life, but we have all played different roles in different Lives. We led a calm and quiet Life, never getting out of our notably small house until the final end came and we were together, ready to depart and see what the other side had for us.

I remember nothing of our personalities, of our mannerisms or how we acted toward and treated each other. At present, I can only remember this calm, quiet end of our Lives. Something strongly tells me that this time period was around the 1950s-70s but who knows, it could have been within any time period.

To digress a bit, something that is interesting to note is that along our growths on this world, we can take Lives within any time period for the specific growing that such a time has to offer. One can take a Life within the prime of the roaring twenties, and then choose a Life in the times of Christ. We are not limited to a linear experiencing of time when choosing specific Lives, and we can incarnate within any time period experiencing only our own personal growth as seemingly linear.

I can remember impressions of another Life wherein I was in my prime, with a wife, a lot of children and a lot of good friends. Myself, my wife and our friends liked to play music, drink and use cannabis. The environment was never unstable but we did not conform to the limits that society had pushed onto us, and we used music as a way to both rebel and make extra money, playing local shows and what not.

Something tells me that I may have unfortunately left such a Life earlier than originally intended, and I say that is unfortunate because of the wife and children of the ‘me’ of that time. Perhaps one way or another for the growth of all of us, it was best that my early departure be so. I cannot remember enough to say for sure.

Beyond those two specific Lives, I remember very little and I expect myself to remember much more in the immediate period ahead and as my personal evolution sees my own memory expanded enough to be able to remember all of the details.

One way or another, I found myself in the final Lives of mine before ascending from this world the first time. I would rather not get into the specifics of these past few, more considerably awakened Lives as my Guides have told me things about myself in these Lives that I would likely sound egotistical or like I possess a pumped-up God complex sprinkled with illusions of grandeur, were I to express such details publicly.

To give the general view, in my past few Lives I began to counsel a soul who found himself quite lost, but who was determined to see out the Earth experience that he was so excited to undergo and evolve from with a newer, purer perception upon his doing so.

In my past few Lives on this Earth before ascending and coming back again, I grew very close with this soul as I gave him counsel in every final Life of mine that found us drawn together and upon ascending, I instated myself as a spiritually and energetically-connected Guide of this dear soul, which was possible due to our closeness and the common roots we both shared.

I found myself as an ascended aspect of the oversoul that is his and my higher self, who is that of the collective consciousness of RA. The collective consciousness of RA exists currently within the fifth dimension to assist in the ascension of Earth, having karmically binded themselves to the fifth realm as a result of improper mindsets and heart sets gained from teachings they gave to the ancient Egyptians.

RA is on a set course to evolve to the realms of the seventh density upon seeing the fruition of the ascension of Earth and all on Her surface who are ready and before being binded to the realms of the fifth dimension, this collective soul existed and exists within the sixth dimension, from which they will again, be evolving to the seventh as Earth and Her collective subsequently ascend to the realms of the fifth.

RA is a collective consciousness of an infinite amount of souls, of Godsparks, and many of these souls have taken to existing within and Creating entire races of souls on different, fifth dimensional planets. Many of the Godsparks making up RA have chosen incarnations on Pleiadian and Andromedan worlds, and they have likely incarnated within every Galactic, ascended race who is directly assisting our world at this time, and they have likely been a part of the Councils of such races who work with the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command, among other Organizations.

Upon ascending from Earth after having experienced the karmic retribution for my actions during the fall of Atlantis, I rediscovered my roots within the collective consciousness of RA.

And I would imagine that all was well.

There was likely much celebration over a soul of RA having went through the Earth experience while doing the soul’s best to bring Light to such a planet but one way or another, something must’ve not been sitting right with my freshly-fifth dimensional self.

Perhaps it was the reality of mind and heart sets that I did not fully grow away from but that were rather deleted by the Law of Grace as I made my choices to finally be done with the Earth experience. Perhaps for these reasons or others, the Earth experience was just not quite complete for me. Perhaps I had grown concerned over the soul whom I had begun to give counsel to before ascending.

Whatever the reason [and it was likely all of these] I made the decision to come back to Earth and assist in the end times during the final two years of the lower dimensional Earth experience.

As I had given the aforementioned Earthly soul much counsel and Guidance while on Earth, I found myself very close to this soul as I evolved and realized as well that we were drawn together in the first place for a purpose. This soul is a fellow inhabitant of RA and upon my full realization of this, I found myself as one of this souls most prominent, front-and-center Guides whilst he underwent his various Earthly experiences.

I likely spent much ‘time’ devoting myself to giving this soul Guidance from beyond the veil via intuition, dreams or any and every other means that I could reach him. He was still unevolved and as a result, forgot all about me and the Guidance I had given him in past Lives and could go only by the innate Guidance of intuition and of Self, of which his ultimate Self I am a part of.

Along the way of assisting this soul in very feverous ways, I likely realized my own attachment and devotion to the Earthly experience and to helping all along the Earthly experience to evolve to the states of consciousness that I had just recently re-attained.

From the comfortable, fifth dimensional collective of RA, I made the choice to incarnate back on Earth for one final mission which would be the culmination of all of the work I had brought forth during my previous Lives in which I wasn’t undergoing intense karma, as I had ascended without making allowances for a final incarnation during these last few years of the Earth experience, likely due to my willingness to experience the higher realms again.

I find myself in this current moment, as a Godspark of not only the collective of RA, but of the fifth dimensional Pleiadian soul who is SanJAsKa as well. I have met others who have discovered similar origins existing within the fifth dimensional collective soul of SanJAsKa, and it is very interesting as this reality makes allowance for the fact that even many fifth dimensional souls are not always individual fifth dimensional souls, and rather some choose to express themselves as a collective made up of individual Godsparks.

This seems to be so with SanJAsKa and it is interesting as well because whenever this soul is speaking to or through me, (s)he is representing usually the Pleiadian High Council or the Pleiadian Council of Nine as a collective, as a whole.

This soul is as well a collective-Godspark of the sixth dimensional collective of RA [RA is naturally of the sixth dimension] and it was with this Godspark-collective that I decided to funnel myself down from the realms of the fifth dimension wherein RA is temporarily existing, to the realms of the third and fourth on Earth.

I had been doing much work with the Pleiadians and their Councils of the Galactic Federation, and even chose to take many Lives on their planets, notably Erra, wherein I experienced much Peace and Harmony to sustain and ready myself for the intense Earth experience to come. I became a full-fledged, flesh and blood devoted Pleiadian, and temporarily shifted my roots and my personal definition of where ‘Home’ is, from that of the collective of RA to those of the Pleiadian worlds and customs.

I feel very close to the Pleiades and the Plejarens as a result and will likely continue my closeness with the Pleiades after this final Life, taking many Lives and experiences on Erra again. At this current moment, I consider myself a Pleiadian soul by nature and am now and will happily be Representing them and their Councils of the Galactic Federation in the time ahead, when their existence is finally disclosed on our world and they feel comfortable and unthreatened in being with us.

The mission that I was to take in my final incarnation on Earth during the end times, seemed simple enough and yet, having went through the Earth experience before, I knew that it was in no way going to be easy.

I was to keep a steady and sustained energetic connection and resulting communication with my Pleiadian brethren within their respected Councils, and I was as well to find contact with the souls farther along their paths than the majority of the Pleiadians, who assist the Galactic Federation in the decisions that they make. These would be best known as the Angelics, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Any other ascended soul or collective assisting in the ascension of Earth could as well try to connect with me while I found myself an open and willing conduit of the energies of the ascended collective, and different types of collectives have indeed come to and through me routinely to offer the opportunity to communicate, publicly or privately.

Do know that this Life Plan and general path of incarnating on Earth for the purposes of communicating with ascended beings, has not been limited to myself as there are many, many here now on this world who have taken to the path of ‘channeling’ the Guidance and advice of the ascended collective and of various different facets of the ascended collective.

The only potentially threatening obstacle would be that of how I would choose to take my incarnation on Earth. I did not want to become lost within the Earth experience as I very easily could have been, and a plethora of years being forced to undergo and adhere to the Earth collective’s customs and definitions of reality would have likely taken its toll to the point of me fully absorbing myself in the Earth experience as a result of the sheer weight of the entire, continual and seemingly never-ending experience.

It was with these ponderings that I was made aware of the soul who I had been counseling and his complete distaste with the Earth experience as he was experiencing and undergoing it. As I was looking for a suitable way to exist on the Earth without becoming an instrument of the collective will, this lost soul seemed to have subconsciously made his proclamations that he was sick and tired of his Earth experience.

In his last Life; that of the temple in which I now find myself, this soul had taken to acting out and feeling much anger, frustration and general tenseness and angst in a plethora of different instances and scenarios, as a result of his subconscious longing to find himself somewhere else and as a result of intense sexual, physical and emotional abuse that this soul had went through as a mere child, while within the temple of his that I was to walk-into.

This soul wished to find himself in an easier situation without the near-suffocating difficulty of his own karmically-Created experiences weighing him down in a manner such as can be given with the Earth experience. Arrangements were made for me to undergo a braided walk-in with this soul, wherein I would begin to slowly integrate myself in measured doses into his temple on important dates as he subsequently left, slowly and steadily.

My twin flame had found herself still experiencing the Earth and becoming stuck within the Earth densities, so it was arranged that her and the soul whose temple I would be taking would meet and become close, and that she would bring a close Guide and ally of mine and hers into Life by birthing this Guide. This Guide is now my child, and has brought so very much pure Light to myself, my twin flame and the family around us.

A walk-in is a soul of the higher realms who arranges to come to the surface of the Earth without incarnating and taking a number of years on Her surface, and the arrangements that are usually made are those of a walk-in soul coming through and becoming the ‘captain’ of an Earthly body that the original host had become tired of.

The only way that a walk-in is allowed is if the soul already inhabiting the body wants to leave, and the opportunity is seen to let such a soul leave without wasting what, in many cases is a perfectly good Earthly temple, capable of evolving and absorbing much pure Light if only the ‘captain of the ship’ is properly aligned in will and intent to do so. There are plenty of different types of walk-ins and the specific walk-in that has occurred within this temple is again, that of a braided walk-in.

The surfacing of subconscious buried memories of traumas that were stashed within this body acted quite in accordance with the clearing-away of final karmic debts that the Law of Grace had allowed me to cleanse myself of in order to ascend after a plethora of Lives on the surface of this world, and it was arranged that as I would help this temple to ascend into a crystalline-based fifth dimensional form, I would experience the surfacing of the buried traumas and I would be able to clear such traumas in order to reach the final vestiges of ascension while within this temple, accordingly.

As I have expressed before, my first conscious memories of this current Life that I am experiencing were those of floating above my family, viewing all of us from a bird’s eye view. The walk-out of this body was three at the time of my readying myself to integrate my spirit in measured doses, into his body. The plan was that at around the time the walk-out’s body was three years old, I was to slowly and steadily begin integrating segments of my auric energy into his as we merged such energies.

This auric merging started with my perception of finding myself above this soul at all times and as this merging continued, my perception zoomed in more and more and I began to find a perception of existing directly in front of this soul at all times, as our auric fields were becoming increasingly attracted toward each other’s on an energetic level. As a bit of an Earthly perception began to be garnered in myself that I can recognize as being so because it is a part of my ‘first’ memories, I started to think that viewing oneself from an outward point of view was how everybody perceived themselves, and that it was perfectly normal.

I had no idea that I perceived in this way was because I was perceiving outwardly of an entirely different body, that I was increasingly becoming a part of.

Somewhere along the way there was that needed ‘pop’ point wherein I found myself perceiving within this body, from the standard and limited point of view that we see as normal today. This was when the soul-merging truly began, and I existed within this temple all throughout the walk-out’s Life plan, experiencing every last trauma and abuse that the walk-out suffered through so as to remember such pains even after they were buried away, so that I could surface them and work through them.

This very important, needed and recent surfacing has actually served to help the walk-out quite a bit along his journey of leaving this temple more and more, and it is shared with me that with the final releasing and public expressing of the worst of the traumas he experienced, he is now much more ready to ‘rest in peace’ so to speak and leave behind the Nirvana planes of this Earth [as well as this body] to see what the next Cosmic third dimensional adventure will have for him.

While I was existing within this temple silently for the majority of the walk-out’s Life, it was arranged that I would begin making myself prominently known to this temple at around the time this body was seventeen years of age. The birthing of my child, my Guide, would aide supremely in not only delivering much Love and Light-healing energy to my temple and my twin flame’s temple, but to the immediate family around us that very much needed this Light, which has been delivered in abundance to all of us.

Any dad and especially any mom who witnesses the birth of their child and who actually sees that moment when the child is born, will note a metaphysical, uplifting, heavenly high of a feeling whenever witnessing this. Even mothers giving birth will note that despite the pain and agony, upon seeing their precious bounty of Joy for the first time, the pain seems to temporarily melt away and they exist on a high of Love that just cannot be matched.

The walk-out [who the child was not quite meant for as it was known he would be leaving] and myself as well got to experience the birth of my child, and the natural uplifting high that resulted from this was utilized as an ultimate shifting-point of who the perception of this body was to belong to. To lay much subconscious foundation for the ultimate giving of control of this temple to me, the walk-out was just barely beginning to learn of meditation and expanding concepts.

I can look back and note not only the shifting, transformative moment of witnessing my dear child-Guide being born, but I can note as well the rapid growth of Self that took place within this temple shortly after the birth of my child. This dear Guide served to give much pure, potent and needed Light to this temple for the ultimate purposes of seeing it better-oriented and aligned with my energy; energy that I had spent over a decade prepping it to be able to house.

I began becoming exposed to channeled messages and the energies behind channeled messages, and the growth of Self was even more rapidly accelerated upon discovering the communications and energies of dear SaLuSa. There was as well a discussion group of dear friends that I had joined and found a Loving, supporting community with. The majority of my friends within this group are still very close to me to this day, and always have been.

As I became more and more interested in the delivering of channeled communications and the energies that underlie such communications, naturally I became interested in attempting to channel. This mere interest was meant to segway into the work which I happily perform now and when looking back, it seems that the ‘cards were all aligned’ and everything fell in place quite perfectly to see me begin the work that I am performing at this time.

The most transformative and profound experience which served to show me the reality of channeling and the very real Guidance we are given from ascended entities, took place in the aforementioned discussion group. A dear soul who I still feel very close to was himself beginning to open up to the experience of channeling, and was happily channeling Guidance and advice for others.

I as well had privately attempted to channel some information about myself for the first time, and found an interesting message whenever doing so. I simply wished to ask about my origins and who I found myself as in Atlantis, because I could and can still feel very strong ties to this great city. I still remember the message like it was yesterday.

You were an engineer. You built the finest of wood cravings and polish carvings.

While clearly the last sentence of that is a bit of mental babbelry [I was testing the ability for the first time] the interesting ‘admission’ was that of my apparently being an engineer in Atlantis. It was an interesting attempt at channeling and if the information was genuine, I could have been quite happy knowing that I had, for the first time, scribed genuine information. The problem was, I just had no way of knowing that the information was genuine, no way to verify it…

This brings us back to the dear friend channeling information for the rest of our aforementioned discussion group. I found myself quite shy at the time and was reluctant to ask for assistance with this venture, but this soul was and is completely kind and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and happily agreed to assist me in this endeavor by himself channeling some information, with the same question of my origins in Atlantis.

Not knowing anything of the message I had scribed privately, this dear friend posted his message for the group to see, which went along the lines of:

Rawanderer [my name on the discussion group] is hiding something of his abilities. He was an engineer, and helped to build many of the crystal buildings in Atlantis. Of course, back then this process was just as much a Creative and spiritual one as it was mathematic and scientific…

I was astonished, jaw dropped. A very accurate match-up, channeled through two different temples who at the time, besides knowing each other on the discussion group, had nothing in common or no way of receiving the same information due to having already known it. This soul knew nothing about me or the message I had received, and yet was able to bring through the same truth that I had been given privately, with some detail added in as well.

The ‘hiding something of his abilities’ was likely a reference to the fact that I had not posted the message that I scribed, effectively ‘hiding’ the perceived engineering ‘abilities’ in a way. From that point on, my own rapid evolution and the assistance that I had always planned to give to humanity was and is on a full, set course. I am here for this ascension, and can say that I have successfully been through and cleared the worst of the trauma that the walk-out of this body and the body itself suffered through.

I’ve been given innumerable, bountiful validating experiences that have not only validated for me the reality of channeling, but the reality of ascended, benevolent and Loving Galactic humans assisting us in our planetary evolution, as well as the existence of Angelic souls such as Archangel Michael, and souls who head Grand Galactic Organizations, such as Ashtar of the Ashtar Galactic Command.

One such validating experience was seeing the materialized face of Ashtar in my third eye one night, as I laid down for bed. The beautiful particles, colors and specks of colored energy that most of us are now beginning to notice existing within our field of vision, seemed to all come together spectacularly in an amazing act of unity, to form the smiling and very happy face of dear Ashtar, whom I had once lost confidence in due to being exposed to a channeling claiming to come from him, which was in actuality written by a dark cabal entity.

He was more than happy to show me that he is Lighted and benevolent, and the mere image of his happy, widely smiling face [not to mention the energies that accompanied it] and the sheer intense and real nature in which he had appeared before me, were all enough to validate for me the reality of contact with ascended souls, as well as the Light signature of dear Ashtar.

This experience along with the one discussed above and many others, have served to build me up to where I am right now. I have, along the way met much criticism, doubt, disbelief and general dislike of the Galactic subject and those who represent it or try to bring it forth, and every last bit of it has served to make me much stronger.

The Life of this temple has been anything but ordinary, with the walk-out experiencing much sickening abuse as a child and in these days, with the mass absorbing of Light that I make my intent every single day to absorb and radiate out to this beautiful world, in any way that I can; any predefined perceptions of normalcy have long been torn down!

I have also maintained a steady link of communication and energy with the Pleiadian Councils of the Galactic Federation as has always been intended, and the quite successful mission of integrating myself into this body could not have been possible without all of the support I’ve been given, or without all of the catalytic criticism alike.

So, who I am? Well, for starters, underneath the identities, the personalities and for many of us, even the walk-ins, we are all the pure energy of Source, plain and simple. We will always be this energy at our root, at our core, and no matter the missions or temporary identities we will take on throughout various Lives and incarnations, we will always be this pure energy which is indestructible and most of all, strong, by nature.

As far as a specific, finite Earth identity, if you wish to know who I am behind all of the discussion and Life-path recounting, I can tell you this:

I am Wes Annac, and I am a Pleiadian Walk-In.

I possess origins with the collective of RA and am here to assist this world in ascending by anchoring pure and potent Love to the surface and core of dear Gaia, and in bringing through as much information as I possibly can while I am here, from the ascended collective and from various different facets of the ascended collective, notably the Pleiadian High Council of the Galactic Federation. It is with these souls that I feel a strong and pure, unbreakable sense of family and of home.

To learn a little something about walk-ins, simply follow this link.

Wes Annac- Walk-in and Incarnate Representative for the Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian High Council.

Wes Annac.com


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2 comments on “Who Am I? Full Report

  1. babajij says:

    It is Good to see Growth…Much Regards

  2. Ewen says:

    I think you should have a serious look at the Greg Giles message of 9-11-12. Forewarned is forearmed.

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